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Tuesday, 05/21/2013, 11:13 am

Belfort Asks For Forgiveness Following Request To Have MMAJunkie Reporter Beaten Up

“To all my fans and to all the reporters that was there on the after press conference I would like to ask for forgiveness the way I answer about TRT I RECOGNIZE THAT I ANWSER IN A IMMATURE WAY BUT WAS THE 10 th time that that reporter ask the same question. No excuse!! I made a WORNG call and I am here to ask for forgiveness God bless all you guys love to do what I do and I am keeping moving UP SEEKING GROW AS A MEN OF GOD AND AS A FIGHTER “DONT DOUT ME I WILL PROUVE U WORNG” PEACE”

Following his first round victory over Luke Rockhold at UFC on FX 8, Vitor Belfort playfully lashed out at one of the reporters at the post-fight media conference for asking about his use of TRT.

After the majority of the MMA Media ran with the statements of Belfort, the Brazilian took to twitter to make nice and apologize publicly.


26 Responses to “Belfort Asks For Forgiveness Following Request To Have MMAJunkie Reporter Beaten Up”

  1. 757 says:

    Some of these comments that people make about Vitor and God are really ignorant. Don’t hate on the guy because he believes in something and is trying to improve.Maybe you should try it too. Cut the guy some slack. He is human also. Don’t be so ignorant because he has a belief. Some people also better realize that the guy is not from America. He speaks broken English because it’s not his first language or even second(Portugese, Spanish) it’s his third. You dumb asses can only speak one or two if your lucky. Quit being such an ignorant group of asses.

  2. The Juicer is apologizing says:

    …apologize for juicing then!!!!

  3. 757 says:

    Currently legal… shut the fuck up about it you boring idiot

  4. calabama says:

    That’s right 757, can any of you fuckers reply perfectly in portuguese? I speak two languages not perfectly. And if you realise how hard it is you’d calm the fuck down.

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