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Monday, 09/24/2012, 10:39 am

Belfort Admits He Eased Up On Armbar After Feeling It Pop | UFC NEWS

“I’ve always had great respect for Jon Jones and know he is a great champion. When I felt his arm snap, I decreased the pressure, and he got out. Simple as that. During the bout, he managed to work his elbows well (from the top), but I was never afraid. But he was very good in the fight.”

During UFC 152’s main event Vitor Belfort slapped on an armbar to Jones in the very first round that momentarily looked like the fight was over. The arm extended, it popped, but the champion escaped and later finished the fight int he fourth round.

Vitor Belfort told Brazil’s Globo TV after the fight that he released the pressure thinking the fight would be concluded any moment.

A rookie mistake for such a seasoned veteran of the sport!


62 Responses to “Belfort Admits He Eased Up On Armbar After Feeling It Pop | UFC NEWS”

  1. macheetah says:

    Big mistake Belfort! He could have been the UFC Light heavyweight champ right now! I was hoping he would snap that arm

  2. America says:

    So many Brazilians that lose had an injury,didn’t train correctly or let go.
    Give me a break,you lost and when I say break I mean break.

    • riDICKulous says:

      belfort took it on short notice. besides there is a reason why JBJ din wanna fight Chael. Chael has balls equivalent to 16-18 men (frm his testosterone count) and also the way he fights

  3. Xaninho says:

    Stupid! He should have snapped it, it’s Jones’ resonsibility to tap before the snap. This missplaced kindness cost him the belt. Jones tried to split his skull with elbows after that and didn’t show him the same mercy, as he shouldn’t.

    I can understand if a fighter doesn’t want to inflict any unnecessary damage and stops hitting his opponent once he’s already knocked out on the canvas, but with the submission game the fight isn’t over before the ref stops it, the opponent taps or the bone breaks.

    • riDICKulous says:

      cause he’s a gentleman. and he’s got heart. just like how GSP refused to break Hardy’s arm. only happens to ppl who value life above everything else.

      • sackperson says:

        If GSP had been fighting someone as good Jon Jones, he wudve broken the arm. When fighting the champ it doesn’t matter how much “heart” you have, you break the damn arm, this is MMA not a tea party. And that’s why Vitor will never be the champ again

      • Demi God says:

        Exactly right! He’s a God fearing man & he didn’t want to end a young champions career. He’ll have to live with that but so will Bones.

  4. Nick says:

    That’s bullshit. Things like this are why I hate Vitor. He always has something to say. Some kind of excuse. Just say you lost and got beat. Nothing more.

    • Shadleigh says:

      How the fukk do u know buddy? exactly u don’t! So don’t hate on someone who has more balls than u ever will!!!!

      • Nick says:

        I’m not hating on him. I’m saying he needs to stop making fucking excuses. Why would I hate on him? All he ever does is make excuses. If he really did that and was that sort of person I honestly felt like he would of kept that to himself. It sounds like an excuse because he said it. All he needed to say was I lost.

    • Jerry Alex says:

      dude Jones thanked him in the press conference for doing it! Even he knows that Belfort did it. Jones said it was “awesome” that he did that.

      • Nick says:

        You really think Jones is gonna go and say “That’s bullshit” after all that happened? I’m hear to say it is, I think Belfort was applying the same pressure because he couldn’t torque his hips back anymore because Jones was stacking him. I think Jones got out of it because he just did.

        • Mike says:

          Jones wasn’t stacking him at first you moron Vitor slapped on the perfect armbar and shows sympathy thats why he didn’t break it did you see how perfect his form was? Stop talking

    • steve says:

      dude wtf are u talking about, he said he naturally eased up once he heard the pop. Hes not making excuses, he even said jones fought better

  5. danielrchargers says:

    i would have broken that shit, and watched him cry like that mommas bitch that he is.

  6. Whatever says:

    I know it’s an excuse but it makes sence. If he had it deep enough to pop or crack it then he had it deep enough to break it and tap him. My first jiu jitsu tourney I poped the guys shoulder and stopped to ask if he was ok it’s just human nature. I mean not everyone is Rousimar Palhares.

  7. Bitch ass Greg J says:

    Why couldn’t it be Frank Mir with that arm? I doubt he’d let that sh!it go.

  8. Dee says:

    Vitor is a stand up guy I believe him. He’s a different man now. He probably didn’t have the heart to do it. It happens. Even Jones said he felt the arm snapping. I have actually been in the same situation where I didn’t have the heart to snap someone’s arm and they managed to get out, especially in nogi situations.

  9. ballsackface says:

    people need to get off their high horse
    watch the post fight press conference this is taken from and you will clearly see he was not excusing it.
    he was asked whether it was deep and how he thought Jones might have been able to break from it.

    its completely viable he released pressure, most people would when you hear a pop as usually when its that hyper extended (unless you are bendo or now JBJ) you would tap or the ref calls the fight.

    he made the mistake of not waiting for a tap or the ref to stop it and so JBJ got free.
    the fight business means that people lose cos they make mistakes, he made a mistake and lost, hes admitted it.

    i think this is one fight where vitor doesnt believe hes been hard done by. he knows he lost fair and square and did better than alot of people expected.

    apart from Rashad, hes the only one to go so many rounds with jones

    chill the fuck out

  10. JP says:

    To all the “nay-sayers”; go watch the post-fight presser, and listen for yourselves JBJ saying that he, himself, felt the arm snap! In fact, he said that he believed that he was “losing like that”!!! Yes, I do believe that Belfort did ease the grip & let go! Anderson Silva almost did that, himself, in that first Chael fight, when Sonnen tried to fake-tap! Belfort is BJJ black belt, but he’s naturally a brawler, a stand-up guy! JBJ is a wrestler- and we so the difference in both men’s mindsets when it was Jones’ turn to grab hold of a limb!

  11. Shakemypecker says:

    Snap that bitches arm

  12. Ben says:

    this is an unlikely explanation. Jones was able to get his elbow almost free before it popped. belfort was positioned in a way that he could not extend jones arm much more. jones said he didnt think vitor could break it, and i agree. watch the gracie breakdown if you want a better explanation

  13. Ryan says:

    Sounds cliche, but if you watched the fight you’d realize he did. He had it locked in perfectly, was hyper-extending it as Big John was in the way, and decided to let it go with fear of breaking it, then Jones took full guard.

  14. Shawn says:

    That’s what I thought. But he’s Belfort. Sportsmanship is part of his game now. The Vitor of old would have popped his hip from the beginning, and not ease into it. Instant dislocation, referee stoppage for sure.

  15. ZSP says:


    • Guss says:

      Want some more lube for your head? Don’t think it’s far enough up Jone’s arse. lol Sure he won, there is no denying that, and well deserved. But there is also no denying, Belfort didn’t totally pull the trigger when he had the chance, had he snapped that arm when he could/should have, the fight would have been stopped and there would be a new champ. As well as a f’d up elbow for Jones’ trouble. Jones got a freebie on that one.

  16. Dylan says:

    If it would’ve been me I would have taken that arm home with me. Dammit Belfort !!!

  17. David James says:

    what an idiot!!! should of just snapped that dudes arm off!!!

  18. Nando says:

    Excuses, excuses, & more excuses. If you could have, you would have.

  19. MMA says:

    At least we know he’s susceptible to to the arm bar, makes perfect sense seeing as his arms are freakishly longer than the average human. The arm and legs would be a good target.

  20. TylerRyan says:

    I don’t think Rousey would have the same moral issue; if it even is one.

  21. DEH DERP☺☻♦•◘♣♠ says:


  22. Mike b says:

    Mir would’ve ripped his fuckin arm off and put it on his mantle.

  23. lebron wade says:

    where’s the killer instinct vitor???

  24. Nobel says:

    This is believable, Vitor’s faith made up for the referee’s savagery or incompetence, fight should be stopped, the basic idea is to protect fighters from serious injury. Vitor should get a million bucks and be awarded a peace prize, he’s the real deal.

    • rival says:

      you’re an idiot. big john is one of the best in the business. it’s either snap or tap. a ref can’t gauge a fighter’s threshold for pain. that’s the whole point of the tap. and if they’re stubborn enough to lose an arm then so be it. vitor is an idiot, end of story

  25. BlueCheese says:

    Vitor is either the real deal or he let up to let Jones scratch the itch on his nose.

  26. Irie nation says:

    Here’s the classic case of a Brazilian losing now they got an excuse…brazilians just can’t take a loss like a man

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