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Monday, 09/24/2012, 10:39 am

Belfort Admits He Eased Up On Armbar After Feeling It Pop | UFC NEWS

“I’ve always had great respect for Jon Jones and know he is a great champion. When I felt his arm snap, I decreased the pressure, and he got out. Simple as that. During the bout, he managed to work his elbows well (from the top), but I was never afraid. But he was very good in the fight.”

During UFC 152’s main event Vitor Belfort slapped on an armbar to Jones in the very first round that momentarily looked like the fight was over. The arm extended, it popped, but the champion escaped and later finished the fight int he fourth round.

Vitor Belfort told Brazil’s Globo TV after the fight that he released the pressure thinking the fight would be concluded any moment.

A rookie mistake for such a seasoned veteran of the sport!


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