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Wednesday, 07/25/2012, 07:23 am

Belcher vs. Belfort at UFC 153? Reports hinting yes | UFC News

Alan Belcher has become vocal recently about wanting a fight with UFC legend and middleweight contender Vitor Belfort. A recent Twitter war between the two may have sparked a tentative booking for UFC 153 in Rio.

Belcher first hinted at the bout with a cryptic tweet.

“My next fight will be the biggest of my career! I may be taking a trip down south, very south. #UFC #belcher4champ“.

That Tweet was followed by a more pointed one.

“I will fight anyone.although I want to fight someone who will challenge me!I want to fight @vitorbelfort in his home country in October #UFC“

Vitor fired back with an acceptance of the challenge.

“#belcher lets make this fight #ufcrio in oct 13″

There is no official announcement, but this exchange leads many to believe a bout between the two is indeed on the table. Whether or not it would be the main event remains to be seen.

Belcher posted another Tweet almost confirming it,

“@vitorbelfort I will be prepared..much respect”


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