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Monday, 02/03/2014, 05:02 pm

Belcher Disappoints In Brazil, Gets Tapped Three-Times, Comes Up Winless At Copa Podio

UFC middleweight Alan Belcher recently competed in a BJJ tournament in Brazil and flopped it big time.

After announcing his temporary leave from Mixed Martial Arts, the top middleweight fighter, has set his sights on the world of competitive BJJ.

He’s called on Metamoris to set up a matchup against Rousimar Palhares and took to Brazil’s Copa Podio event to show off his skills. But it didn’t go well.

Belcher, went winless last weekend after four-fights, he got submitted 75% of the time.

Here’s the results:

First round:
Tim Spriggs def. Luiz Panza by points (3-2)
Travis Stevens def. Rico Bastos by submission (arm-lock)
Rodolfo Vieira def. Alexandre Souza by submission (arm-lock)
Faisal Alkitbe def. Alan Belcher by points (2-0)

Second round:
Luiz Panza def. finalizou Rico Bastos by submission (triangle)
Leo Nogueira def. Tim Spriggs by points (5-0)
Rodolfo Vieira def. Faisal Alkitbe by submission (choke)
Leandro Lo def. Alexandre Souza by points (4-0)

Third round:
Leo Nogueira def. Rico Bastos by points (2-0)
Luiz Panza def. Travis Stevens by submission (heel hook)
Leandro Lo def. Faisal Alkitbe by advantages (1-0)
Rodolfo Vieira def. Alan Belcher by submission (choke)

Fourth round:
Travis Stevens vs. Leo Nogueira – draw
Tim Spriggs def. Rico Bastos by points (2-0)
Leandro Lo def. Alan Belcher by submission (choke)
Alexandre Souza def. Faisal Alkitbe by submission (arm-lock)

Fifth round:
Travis Stevens def. Tim Spriggs by points (7-0)
Luiz Panza vs. Leo Nogueira – draw
Alexandre Souza def. Alan Belcher by submission (arm-lock)
Rodolfo Vieira vs. Leandro Lo – draw

Leandro Lo def. Luiz Panza by points (6-4)
Rodolfo Vieira def. Travis Stevens by submission (choke)

Third place match:
Luiz Panza def. Travis Stevens by submission (ankle lock)

Rodolfo Vieira def. Leandro Lo by submission (choke)

Franco Marini def. Magid Hage (ankle lock)
Felipe Preguiça def. Guto Campos by points (12-10) at overtime


0 Responses to “Belcher Disappoints In Brazil, Gets Tapped Three-Times, Comes Up Winless At Copa Podio”

  1. Gargoyle Wrestling says:

    Lol…. Belcher is a Muay Thai retard calling out bjj retards??? maybe he is just a retard???

    • ThinkB4UType says:

      Your comment is low-class. Critique the fighter for his game, not for his being. I met Alan and his wife. Nice people. I doubt you would say that to his face. If you can’t say something to someone’s face, don’t type it.

      • allmightysandman says:

        this is a typical comment for gargoyle…troll that thinks he’s funny. you typically must read a lot of crap to see if he really has a useful comment and usually there isn’t one.

        • Gargoyle Wrestling says:

          You’re just too stupid to understand the underlying humor and genius of my comments…Perhaps it could be you dude. Have you ever thought about that? Can you look in the mirror and ask yourself why you get your panties in a wad so easily?…Could also mean that I am just a prick??!!

        • allmightysandman says:

          no I’m not stupid actually. you’re a douche, that’s all, and not nearly as funny as you think you are.
          you talk a lot of shit and the odd relevant or thoughtful post you make…and I’ll admit you seem to have a fair bit of knowledge once in a while…are not worth reading because there is so much juvenile crap to wade through first. it’s a waste that you don’t add much to any conversations, you mostly troll.
          …and I’d suggest that yes, you are a prick.

        • Moneymoneymoney says:


      • Gargoyle Wrestling says:

        I know Alan…and I have said it to his face…and you are right he is a nice guy. That is main problem as a fighter.

  2. JC says:

    Good on Alan for having a go. Though that tattoo of Kim Jong Il still confuses me haha

  3. SaulTheGiant says:

    And that’s awkward because he is a muay thai guy but he is trained in BJJ by the great Helio Soneca, who is also my professor. And Soneca is no joke in the BJJ game! Maybe Belcher needs some more BJJ training and competitions in the US before venturing in Brazil again. I support Soneca and Belcher 100%.

  4. Jay Turner says:

    Hey guys he went and fought some of the best bjj fighters in the world. He did not lose anything he learned a lot. My hats off to you. Keep on rolling

  5. alan says:

    Seems to me he got submitted by a few bjj world champs, and there is definitely nothing dishonoable or embarrassing about that. Much respect for Belcher for putting it on the line against the best of the best in bjj, remember he is an MMa fighter not a sports bjj competitor.

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