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Saturday, 04/13/2013, 11:18 am

Belcher: Belfort Cannot Win Big Fights Without TRT Use

“The Talent” Alan Belcher has been making waves in the media while leading up to his showdown with Michael Bisping at UFC 159.

In his latest interview he not only does his best to promote his fight, but he also takes some jabs at a legend of the sport, Vitor Belfort.

Belfort was forced to recently reveal his use of TRT following his most recent victory over Michael Bisping in Brazil. With a history of PED use, this revelation has brought Belfort’s performances into question as well as his choice of ‘nutritional supplements’.

While speaking with YahooSports, Alan Belcher went on record with the following…

“In my mind, this is a fight to get a No. 1 contender fight. Bisping didn’t lose to Vitor Belfort in January. When someone cheats with substances, like Belfort has done, it doesn’t count as a win. Belfort hasn’t proved he can win a big fight without taking steroids or TRT, so I think when I KO Bisping I should get all the recognition for being the first guy to do so since Dan Henderson did at UFC 100.”


12 Responses to “Belcher: Belfort Cannot Win Big Fights Without TRT Use”

  1. Broman says:

    But what’s Belcher’s excuse?

  2. 757 says:

    I’m getting tired of him also. He looked like shit his last fight. Really one could make a case for this being a battle of losers. Belcher probably lost as many big fights as Bisping so who cares about either one. TRT or no Vitior has fought some of the best people in the world. Won some . Lost some. Held a belt etc. Neither on of these clowns can get past the next big fights so who cares.

  3. Dza says:

    Battle of losers…….lmao

  4. Head stomps in pride says:

    Didnt dan Henderson take trt as well though?
    Was it before or after ufc 100 he started to use trt?
    His arguement could be invalid just yet!

  5. Ddddddd says:

    It’s clever to start shit with Belfort because if he secures the victory I’m sure Belfort would like to try to shut him up.

  6. Gargoyle Wrestling says:

    Man all this whining over TRT. You think Vitor kickedKO’d Bisping because of TRT? Fukc no, it was because Vitor has been training for 20 years to kick someone in the head. For instance we could give pea balls grt TRT and that lazy ass couldn’t kick a 1st grader in the head. TRT doesn’t make someone superman.

  7. 123 says:

    well youre going to be hearing alot more about TRT when vitor belfort knocks luke rockhold out.

  8. magoo says:

    man i hope alan brutaly knocks bisping the fukc out!! as far as Vitor goes hes got his hands full with Luke and i personally think luke takes this.

  9. 757 says:

    Should be a great fight. As for the TRT I too wish all these dudes would quit busting balls about it. Bisping got knocked out by a kick. Bisping admitted after the fight it was a good stoppage. TRT doesn’t do anything for a shin across the face. PLease shut up about the TRT crap. There are allot of fighters out there that use it that people don’t even know about….shut up already. Bitchping got knocked out, and judging by how Belcher gassed in his last fight he should think about TRT. Like I said battle of losers

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