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Thursday, 05/02/2013, 09:30 am

Beflort: “I Deserve A Title Shot”

“Let me be clear, I am not looking for a rematch with anyone. What I want is the belt. It doesn’t matter who has it. I feel that I am starting my career right now. I feel young enough to keep fighting for a bunch more fights. I have been fighting and winning all the fights in my division. I think I deserve a title shot.”

In a recent interview with Bleacher Report, Vitor Belfort, stated that he deserves a title shot.

Up on his docket is a very though fight against Strikeforce import Luke Rockhold on May 18. IF “The Phenom” can best the Strikeforce champion should another shot at UFC gold be in his future?


14 Responses to “Beflort: “I Deserve A Title Shot””

  1. Jujitsu Player says:

    Juicing definitley takes away the aches and pains of old age….IMO it’s a waste of time giving him another shot against Silva or Jones…

  2. Stephen says:

    He should if he beats Luke Rockhold, he has only lost to Jon Jones and Anderson Silva in his last 5 bouts and those guys are just top notch. If he got another shot with Anderson it may go differently then the last. I think he would deserve it if he beats Luke.

  3. Batcav says:

    Silva embarrassed him, jones was the only threat ever given to bones so he shouldn’t be fuckin around at 185

  4. KIDD433 says:

    If he beats Rockhold,and im certain he will,that would more more than warrant a title shot with Anderson.Keep in mind he just finished Bisping,that would be 2 top contenders.Thats a lot more than Weidmans done

  5. repairman jack says:

    will his title fight have to be in Brazil? cause he’ll struggle to get trt exemption in USA due to his previous steroid ban in 2006

  6. Ya herd says:

    He do deserve it but he always chokes in the fights that matter

  7. Jay says:

    Who is Beflort?

  8. 757 says:

    Kidd433 you are correct I agree . He does deserve it. Instead of people always talking about Bisping, or yes what has Weidman done they should give it to Vitor. He has beaten some top flight guys. I agree.

  9. VALE TUDO 101 says:

    I agree.Weidmans had 1 descent victory against Muñoz,He looked like shit in the Maia fight,and he fought like a dry humping can in the Sakara fight.Makes no sense y hes fighting the Spider.Give it to Vitor

  10. Ddddddd says:

    I swear I hear this with every imported fighter. Did anyone ever watch WEC or Strikeforce? I think most people are partial to UFC fighters because they can’t recognize a good fight if its not against someone their familiar with. All I ever hear on here is how every import is gonna get their ass kicked and usually it’s wrong. If Vitor beats Rockhold that’s huge and I don’t see how he can be denied. The fact that his balls don’t work like they should because of what he did to them and so he’s allowed to gain an advantage through the treatment seems low down. I think Rockhold outclasses him
    and if so Anderson was correct in calling out Rockhold while he was still in Strikeforce,but I’m sure Anderson isn’t savvy enough to recognize a deserved contender. Vitors a beast but is it as real as Rockhold?

  11. Dddddd says:

    Oh ya, I think he meant to say “I deserve a TRT shot” not title.

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