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Tuesday, 04/17/2012, 12:10 pm

Based On The Odds Smart Money Is On Evans, Says Liddell

By Jamie McAllister:
“I think that’s ridiculous. 5 to 1, and 6 to 1, I mean, Jon’s been great, he’s doing great, and he’s going to keep getting better, but this is a fight styles wise that’s a tougher fight for him than the ones he’s had,”

“He likes to control the distance, control where the fight was, whether it was standing or on the ground, and I think he’ll have a harder time doing that with Rashad.”

“When you can shoot in and take a guy down, you can change the distance whenever you want, you can be pressed to do something else, and it’s a lot easier to follow your game plan,”

“I think Rashad plans on pressing him. He’s got speed and power and he’s a good wrestler, so he’s able to mix it up, and mix it together.”

“If I was a betting man, with the odds, absolutely no question you have to go with Rashad. That’s for sure. It should be a pick em’ but I want to see if Rashad can do it. I really want to see how Jon reacts, I want to see him get pushed and see how he reacts.”

Chuck Liddell has his say on who he thinks is the true favorite in the UFC 145 main event in a recent interview with MMAweekly.

Liddell who has previously faced Evans feels his former opponent has all the tools to beat Jon Jones. He also sees the current betting scale as ridiculous. currently has Jones listed as a whopping -505 favorite while Evans comes back at an underdog rate of +405.

Do you agree with Liddell’s comments on how Rashad holds the advantage ? Or do you feel Jones will beat Rashad and continue his dominance over the Light Heavyweight division ?


27 Responses to “Based On The Odds Smart Money Is On Evans, Says Liddell”

  1. Frank says:

    He makes some good points but think Jones still wins

  2. Cl says:

    Hes just saying that because Rashad ended him ! Jones continues dominance all day !

  3. TheCrippler says:

    I bet once Rashad gets Jones down, Jones will break mentally and then Evans will break him physically. Jones doesn’t seem like the type that can fight through the adversity Rashad will bring. Evans allll day baby!

    • Grizzly B says:

      Finger crossed YEAW!
      love to evans make a highlight reel of jones..

    • Charles U. Farley says:

      yes, with his most superior wrestling… just like Bader did to J- … oh.
      hm…let’s see…

      Rashad v Rampage= 3 rounds of rashad playing lay and pray wrestler v wrestler style. wins a debatable decision.
      Jones v Rampage= rampage gets owned with leg kicks and superior movement, then jones takes him down and is the ONLY man to make Rampage tap.

      Machita v Rashad= stand up slug fest in which Rashas ends up KTFO slumping limply against the cage…
      Machita v Jones= short stand up encounter ending with Machita getting choked the F out slumping limply against the cage.

      Come on buuuudy. We all know exactly what Rashad can do. He’s good at what he does. But that is everything he can do. Jones gets better every fight, continues to EVOLVE as a fighter.

      The only way I can honestly see Rashad making it past round 2 (without a TE ratio of 20:1) is if Jones feels like giving him a big brother style beat down which ends in round 4 or 5 as Jones has him mounted and forcing him to hit his own face while asking “why you hitting yourself, bro?”

      • Joey Grecko says:

        Machida’s standup scared Jones you could see it at the end of round 1. Jones mentallity was slipping since he realized that was a round he might of lost. Had to have a huge peptalk in the corner by jackson

      • SlimCharles says:

        You’re comparing the gameplan for a 3 round fight against a gameplan for a 5 round fight.

        Against Machida, Rashad got overconfident and that’s what did him in. It happens to all fighters and it will happen to Jones, if not this upcoming title defense.

        I hope Jones comes out with a solid gameplan and some solid wrestling defense, because he’s going to be taken down and beat on by Rashad. I won’t say Rashad will highlight film win this, but I do think that Rashad knows what he needs to do to beat Jones.

      • Tim Whited says:

        I just wanted to point out that Rampage had tapped before Jones and him fought, Sakuraba made him tap with a rear-naked choke in Rampage’s debut to Pride.

      • Tyler says:

        You are 100% correct. The Evans fans are really grasping on this one.

  4. Grizzly B says:

    I dunno as the day gets closer im becoming more impartial, i want evans to win i think evans will win buttttt i also saw baders wrestling to be a bit better then jones andddd it wasnt. but hey im still gunna try and throw some money on rashad easy winnings if it happens and if not well, sheeet just got hectic for 185 hahah

    • Gomay says:

      Yea man but you can’t compare Rashad to Bader.. Bader is wayyyyy slower, and his stand up isn’t as good as well. Even though Phils stand up is shit, Rashad was able to crucifix him about 2 or 3 times and the only way PHil got out was due to pure strength I dont see Jones being able to sit up out of those positions. I haven’t really seen him get hit yet… length will mean nothing if someone has that inside clinch on you.

  5. steven palmer says:

    I agree as well.. He can change levels so fast, thats what I like about Rashad. He has evolved, you can see it in the Phil fight, I just hope that he finishes fights. Unfortunately even though rashad has evolved, his chin hasn’t. And maybe thats why he didn’t really wanna go in for the kill against Phil. It really eats away at a fighter when people say “oh he doesn’t have a chin” My opinion is that Jon jones will finish Rashad. Im a Jones and Rashad supporter, After the Rampage fight of course 😉 because I’m a huge Page fan. I just hope its a good fight. Jon Jones cannot lose this one, if he does then it would really hurt his appearance to fight fans in my opinion, the one hit wonder, he just needs to fight smart. Opinions?

    • Team buffalo says:

      Your a douche. Rashad’s chin is fine he was talking shit when lyoto clipped him. If his mouth wasn’t open then he would have walked right through that. Even when rashad beats jones , bones won’t be considered a one hit wonder. Dudes got talent beat some quality cats he just needs to humble himself and continue to train. Jon jones will be around for awhile, just nor with the belt. War rashad!!!!

  6. The Diaz bros like it in the butt says:

    Evans also got dropped against a gassed Rampage! He hasn’t finished anyone since glass jaw Forrest and old man river. Evans is a fraud and will be destroyed in the first rounded

    • JP says:

      First of all, I guarantee that a gassed Rampage hits twice as hard as a fresh Jon Jones. Second,why does it matter that Rashad hasn’t finished anyone since his fight with Forrest? Are you forgetting that he has only ONE loss under his professional belt? Styles are what make fights. Jones has never been tested by anyone that can press him like Evans can. Unless he’s got some knockout power that we’ve yet to see then you can rest assured that his long reach isn’t going to help him much in this fight unless Evans decides to just strike with him,which is highly doubtful. Jones better come prepared to work off from his back or it’s going to be a long night for him.

    • dougie says:

      He finshed tito who finished bader. rashad’s win over phil is dominate. i dont think anyone else could have finished phil. he’s tough.

  7. Ryan says:

    The Evans glass chin talk is shit and he’s gonna smash JJ

  8. dicksplash says:

    chuck is right, jones has never fought someone like rashad.

    • Charles U. Farley says:

      that’s true in the fact that Jones has crushed fighters Better than Rashad, and has easily (relatively) beat down fighters that Rashad could barely pull a decision against.
      see above comment about getting dropped by a gassed Rampage…
      not to mention that he used to train with a fighter just like rashad, named… Rashad. I just can’t see Jones being surprised by anything that Rash can or will do.

  9. dicksplash says:

    rashad wins this one by decision

  10. Jon says:

    It’s a tough one for me to call. No doubt Jones is incredibly talented, otherwise he wouldn’t be able to take out guys like Shogun, Page and Machida, but that’s not to say he’s unbeatable. He’s fought and dominated guys like Bader, Hammill and Matyushenko, all decent wrestlers, but not much else. Rashad has much better wrestling than those three, as well as being much faster, along with KO power. Interesting to see how this pans out. Of course, Jones could do what he’s done to all the other top guys and surprise me, but I see this going down as a lesson in how to Fitch where Evans lays on him for five rounds and frustrates him for the decision. Looking forward to it.

  11. jeremy says:

    Definitely good point. The thing that makes Jon so tuff to beat is his reach. Plain and simple. If he did not have that reach advantage he would not be the fighter that he is today. His striking is really not that great its very diverse but its not what makes him so good. Not technically, effectiveness, or power. When is the last time that he has really ko’d somebody. it all has to do with his range. And the more that he fights and fighters watch him fight the more he’s going to get figured out. Rashad has the tools he just needs to use them. He has to come out controlled but very aggressive. There’s no question. Just like Anderson Silva, Nobody on the planet will beat him in a striking match. If your a striker by trade and you try and strike with him your going to loose. Same thing with Jon if you play the outside distance game you have no chance. Rashad should take the fight to the cage in the first round sometime and attempt takedowns, if not at-least keep the fight there. Hit him with lots of body punches and dirty boxing. Tire him out , make him work, put him in a real fight. Avoid the range game at all cost. I honestly believe thats the only way to have a legitimate chance to beat him at this weight class. Rashad has the to tools unlike most of Jones’s past opponents. Shogun was old and looked very out of shape. Ryan Bader to 1 dementional . Rampage to slow and flat footed. Rashad has fast foot work, fast hands, Power, Wrestling, and most of all belief and motivation. If anybody in this division other than Machida has a chance to beat Jones it’s Evans. He just has to be aggressive and close the distance for sure. But I believe he has a great chance to take him out if he plays his cards right.

  12. BobO says:

    Machida put Evans to sleep. Jones ran through Machida, not to mention Shogun. This fight went as expected. ~BobO

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