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Saturday, 02/16/2013, 10:08 am

Bas Rutten Critiques Lyoto: “Machida Doesn’t Have a Lot of Weapons” | UFC NEWS

In a recent interview with Spencer Lazara from, Bas Rutten gave his opinion on Lyoto Machida. And quite an opinion it was..

Before he begins to talk about Machida, Rutten admits “I know Machida, and I’m going to get a lot of heat now..”. He then goes on to say “Machida doesn’t have a lot of weapons, but whatever he does, he does really well”.  Bas also mentions that “[Lyoto’s] attack is always the same”.

These are bold statements that many fight fans might take issue with. Lyoto Machida has always been known as an extremely dangerous and technical striker, finishing high level fighters such as Rashad Evans and Randy Couture in devastating fashion. Machida is also known for being very elusive and hard to figure out; contradictory to Bas Rutten’s thoughts. Do you think Bas is accurate in his statements on Machida?

As it turns out, he contacted after the interview to clarify that he meant to say that Lyoto Machida uses few weapons, not has few weapons. He claimed that he was in no way trying to discredit him.


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  1. TRUTH says:

    Bas is an idiot. He was never any good, got desroyed by Coleman and still gave him a decision. Ken Shamrock made him his toy, and his title victory with Randleman was B to the F. S. Bas no one cares about you, you suck as a fighter and as a person. You’re one of the ugliest mofos and call yourself Guapo. Dont talk about Machida, he’s one of the best LHWs in UFC history. And unlike Titos run who fought bums, and your record who fought Japs who no one knows. Lyoto has always fought top guys

  2. Mike says:

    That’s actually a compliment. Using only a few weapons and being so successful is an amazing feat.

    • Caz says:

      Don’t fear the man who practices 1000 kicks 1 time, but the man who practices 1 kick 1000 times.

      • Agree says:

        @Caz What you is the real truth my friend. Bruce Lee nigga.
        But i think he meant quality over quantity, and one person can also practice a few more techniques 1000 times and have qualtiy in a variety of moves. To every move, there is a counter opportunity. Except Bas video of the keys to the face bar brawling punch, i dont see an answere to that one :p

  3. Machida Fan says:

    Bas, well, you are wrong, as usual. Machida is very well rounded with many tools at his disposal. He has always fought top level fighters and win or lose he has some of the best skills going.

  4. D says:

    Hate much? Having only 4 losses to his name in 30 mma fights isn’t that bad. Not to mention 2 of the losses were to ken and frank shamrock who were both in their prime when he lost to them. He diddnt really bad mouth machida at all.

  5. Gerardo says:

    Bas is a total idot!!! like honestly dude shut the fuk up u hella suk n ur trying to bad mouth Machida he would of mopped the floor with ur bold ass head ur a fuken idiot Bas!!!!

    • Rodriguez says:

      Obviously Gerardo your new to MMA if you think Bas sucks…He was the most well known striker and not to mention one of the most heavy handed guys to ever be in the sport. People were afraid to fight him…you can even ask BJ who he would move up in weight to fight, Lyoto or Bas…oh wait he already chose Lyoto…

  6. Nunya says:

    Bas was not talking shit. Bas would drop all you haters.that “Truth” guy needs to take machida’s penis out of his mouth & ass & shut it!

  7. Bob'O says:

    Bas is entitled to his opinion, even though I disagree with it. Mad respect for Bas though.

    Machida is most likely gonna put Hendo to sleep. This is a really Bad match up for Dan. ~Bob’O

  8. BG says:

    Well thanks for making shit site as bad as sherdog…. clowns.

    Bas is part of the old guard, to compare him to current fighters’ records is like comparing the ’46 Packers to the present team. TOO MANY VARIABLES TO BE ACCURATE.

    Also, never fought coleman, retard. Being wrong in a statement such as that gives your opinion ZERO credibility. You may think Bas is a different fighter, since you claim he fought coleman. Most likely you’re just a dipshit,

  9. Brian says:

    Bas Rutten’s an analyst. Inherent to his job, he needs to often make an analysis with criticism. Criticism is bound to ruffle a few feathers.

    I think stating that Machida “uses few tools” is fair. He is known for being an elusive counter striker. He is not known for blitzing someone right out of the gate, taking opponents down at will, dominating with ground and pound, or putting on a jujitsu clinic.

    That doesn’t necessarily mean he’s incapable of doing those things. However, it’s a safe bet that if Machida fights, then you can expect a lot of counter strikes on his part.

  10. Iron says:

    Ruten as an analyst is decent, he knows quite a lot and has a lot of times interesting in-depth technical advice…

    Ruten as a fighter sure was a pioneer, surely impressive he kinda figured a lot out himself since his coaches sucked, but the level of competition he fought in peek-a-boo-pancrase is not comparable to what other heavy weights have fought in the UFC in the same period… he fought both Shamrocks and lost and that was as good as it gets in that organization… the Couture fight never happened although I think Randy would have wiped the floor with him at that point in time… he came to the UFC got destroyed in the Randleman fight and looked like Pizzaface from Spaceballs afterwards and then quit with, quote: “This is too dangerous for me”… original quote, look it up… that’s the difference between Pride / UFC and peek-a-boo-Pancrase… so his record is not really that impressive and most improtant: he put his tail between his legs when he realized what the big league is all about…

  11. punk bz says:

    machida lost to rampage i think hendo gots good odds

  12. Rufio says:

    This is a misquote where Bas already explained what he meant. He has been saying it for years. Machida uses two combos a lot that work with his counter-heavy style. Bas even clarifies that Machida is a black belt, of course he can strike, but Machida has his bread and butter. He really does only use a few tried combinations though, but his foot work is above all.

  13. Nej says:

    For all that follow Bas on facebook you would see that he apologized for that statement and explained what he really ment in a quite long status upload. No need to get so mad over such a little thing..

  14. taylor says:

    Hendo lost to rampage too?

  15. Taylor says:

    Hendo lost to rampage too…?

  16. shawn says:

    I happen to agree with Bas. I think Lyotas main weapon is just his illusiveness. He is statistically one of the hardest if not hardest fighters to land strikes on! He does not have overwhelming power in his hands but does with his legs, however he is still very dangerous! I think Ruttens comments should be more of a compliment than an insult.

  17. Dan Jenkins says:

    I love el guapo both as a fighter and a personality but I feel his comments off the mark on this one if anything hendersons the one trick pony

  18. KIDD433 says:

    I think its a pretty can statement from Bas.Sounds like he’s insinuating he uses the same strikes or combos,which is pretty inaccurate.If he didnt have very many tools wouldnt that make him somewhat predictable.Which is even more inaccurate.His stance,style,attacks.Very differentWhich is why he’s the hardest guy for opponents to train for.As for the guy above that said he doesn’t have very powerful punches,You must have not seen his KOs over Evans and Thiago Silva…

    • you are wrong says:

      First off, he does stick to a lot of the same combos. His unpredictability comes from his footwork, speed, and countering ability. 2nd punches do not need tons of power to KO someone. Because of the way Machida throws his punches and kicks they DO have less power then boxing punches and muay thai kicks (can be explained with simple physics). What Machida does have though is excellent accuracy and timing. So even though he isn’t punching super hard, he hits his mark where he needs to, WHEN he needs to (i.e. taking advantage of an opponents forward momentum). Bas is correct that he doesn’t utilize many weapons. Its just that the ones he does utilize are very very good.

  19. KIDD433 says:

    I agree Jenkins…

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