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Wednesday, 04/11/2012, 12:39 pm

Exclusive | Baroni Just Wants A Win Streak And A Chance To Fight In NY For The UFC

The New York Bad Ass will be back in action on June 2nd, headlining ROF 43: Bad Blood in Broomfield, Colorado. His opponent will be welterweight Chris “The Hammer” Holland (4-3 in MMA, 1-1 in ROF). Phil had this to say about his upcoming opponent and his plans for the 2012 year:

Chris: Hey Phil, I heard you have a new fight scheduled? What’s up?

Phil: Yeah in Ring of Fire! There is a poster and stuff. Guys name is Chris “The Hammer” Holland. He likes to bang, so the fight is pretty much going to go like this, BANG BANG he’s dead!

Chris: Haha that’s awesome. So where is this fight happening?

Phil: Denver, so it’s going to be really good for my cardio, thin air is easier to breathe.

I owe the Montreal show Instinct a fight and One FC two more fights.

Chris: Ok, so you have big plans and a busy schedule for 2012

Yeah, I plan on fighting as often as possible, staying in shape and training hard. I don’t have a lot of time left so I’m going to make the most of it . I’ve been a pro over 11 years and I only have 26 fights, so its time to get off the couch put the beer down, throw out the cigs and get busy!

Then its UFC in NY or Hawaii, my home away from home. I live on the 9th island right now, so I’d like to fight in my home states in the UFC.

Chris: I’m sure there would be a large outcry of support for NYBA to be on the 1st New York UFC card. Is this something you’ve talked to Dana White about doing?

Phil: Nah, he is super busy. I don’t see Uncle Dana anymore these days. I’m now a red headed step child.

I just want to fuck shit up in One FC and fight tough guys so I have a win streak! Show that I’m worthy of a UFC fight when it’s all said and done, in time for Madison Square Garden!

LOL! (red headed step child) Are you still training out of AKA for the fight?

Yeah I’m headed there tonight! I’m going to put a good camp in there, smash this hammer busta and stay busy! Keep training and bang all these fights out!

That a boy! I’m routing for ya! Baroni = exciting fights! Well I appreciate the time, any last words from NYBA?

Na. I want to thank all my fans for all the support over the years. The old bad ass is going to kick some ass this year! Follow me on twitter if you want @philbaroni or get on my fan page on face book. My web site is the I’m going to start blogging on that again, one of these days.


7 Responses to “Exclusive | Baroni Just Wants A Win Streak And A Chance To Fight In NY For The UFC”

  1. alistair overeem says:

    The person in the picture is clearly on PED:s.

  2. mr.tetra says:

    make a run at it,,WAR BARONI,,,u always went out with intent to smash some faces in and thats what the fans like,,

  3. luke says:

    Thin air easier to breathe… Sounds right

  4. Yaleufc says:

    Watch this guy is for real when he wants to be

  5. GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

    EVERYONE knows baroni has always been a ROIDER since long before he got into MMA

  6. He will never set foot in the UFC octagon again…Nor should he

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