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Monday, 01/07/2013, 05:10 am

Barboza Coins Frankie Edgar As Real Champ And Mentor | UFC NEWS

“For me, it’s Frankie Edgar. He’s the champ, he’s been the champ for a long time, that’s a big difference. Now I know I have good training partners and good coaches. Frankie he won the last fight with Ben Henderson, he’s the best… I need to prove everything. I’ve been working for this fight, I’m working with really professional guys. I’ve trained in Florida, I’ve trained in Brazil before, but here in Jersey the coaches are a big difference. I’m learning everything. I think the big difference from my last fight is I’m learning everything, every day. I’m training in everything – jiu-jitsu, wrestling, boxing – I think I’ve improved everything… I train with him every day. Every day he picks me up at my house for training. Training in the morning, training in the afternoon, training at night, helping me with everything. He’s helped me; I’ve helped him. We’ve stuck together… That’s a big difference from my last camp. I’m very happy here because I train with the best guys, and I train with good friends. I think that makes a big difference training with good friends.”

– Edson Barboza has switched things up and now trains with former champion, Frankie Edgar. In this recent interview with MMAWeekly he explains the importance of his new team and camp.


12 Responses to “Barboza Coins Frankie Edgar As Real Champ And Mentor | UFC NEWS”

  1. Magoo says:

    100% correct Edson…. Frankie did beat Benson and should be the LW champ. Unfortunately business politics came into play… If u know what I’m sayin. Can’t wait to see what u n Frankie took from each other. Frankie will be champ again real soon.

    • jose says:

      in that case frankie was never champ, BJ never lost it and there wouldnt have been a rematch

      • danielrchargers says:

        hahahah BJ obviously lost both fights.
        Only reason why people said they where close was becuase no one really new who Frankie was and could not believe they where out speeding BJ our Pointing Bj Taking and Holding BJ down.

        yeah i dont see how BJ won anyof those fights.
        Benson.. those fights where actually close, but in the end you could tell who the winner was.
        its just Bogus that Frank has more scar tissue and it causes quicker bleeding, reguardless of what power he was hit with.
        Frank dropped Ben twice. and still lost.

        • OBVIOUSLY, you are says:

          …new to MMA and didn’t actually see the first BJ/Edgar fight in Abu Dhabi. Where does it say that you “outpoint” your opponent by dancing and avoiding your opponent? You have to outstrike or control the fight considerably to outpoint your opponent. Edgar did neither in that first fight. Because the judges give you a decision doesn’t mean you won the fight (all fighters know this!). So, yes, what went around, came around with Edgar. Edgar is a “UFC favorite” with Dana and the Fertitas, so he will always have preferential treatment from the UFC. But he should have lost the first Penn fight and he DID lose the first Henderson fight. The universe always corrects what was intially done wrong. Sorry.

          Edgar will not beat Aldo. Dream on, Edgar fans.

        • Time To Wrestle says:

          Aldo has never faced a fighter like Edgar before. He’s used to guys standing in front of him and letting him hit them with his Brazilian bitchslap and leg kicks. Frankie will run circles around him and pound and grind him down in the late rounds. Frankie won’t stand in front of Aldo and let him kick or hit him. He’ll grab those kicks and take him down. Edgar will expose all of Aldo’s weakness’ just like Cain did to JDS. Aldo will look worse then JDS did after this fight.

  2. dogfart says:

    what goes around comes around. he got his belt in the same circumstances so karma is a bitch and tbh he didnt need the rematch. as the 1st loss was convincing

    • bjpenndotcom says:

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  3. Rogerguy says:

    Really? are you kidding me?

  4. andrew says:

    what is that workout that all the fighters do?? the one seen here with barboza and the olympic bar, i think its like to increase punching power and speed but i want to know what muscle groups and what the correct name of the exercise is, please and thank you

  5. Chris says:

    Frankie, Edson, Alvarez, Akira Corassani, Gregor, Igor and Rolles Gracie.. Renzo Gracie fight team is looking good these days

  6. Giancarlo says:

    Nice that’s cool to hear that they are training together and helping each other out. They are both great guys and great fighters

  7. john t says:

    yeah frankie “rematch king” edgar did the same thing chael did. if i never saw him fight again i wouldn’t care.

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