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Thursday, 07/26/2012, 09:29 am

Barao Coach: Faber Has The Heart Of A Brazilian | UFC NEWS

“The strategy we devised worked very well, from the weight cut to the fight. Everything was 100 percent. It only could have gone better if he had scored a knockout, as we planned, but he hurt his foot on Faber’s knee or shin early in the second round and he couldn’t kick with his right leg. We planned on kicking the legs a lot, and that ended up killing one thing he would have done. Today, he’ll take some tests to see how the foot is. The fight lacked a knockout, but we have to take our hats off to Faber. I had already spoken to him before and he is an American with the heart of a Brazilian fighter.’

Having gone up against “The California Kid” on two separate occasion, Andre Pederneiras, coach to Jose Aldo and Renan Barao, believes that his teams American rival has the heart of a Brazilian.



14 Responses to “Barao Coach: Faber Has The Heart Of A Brazilian | UFC NEWS”

  1. shaven maven says:


    north american and south american

    born fighters

  2. maurice says:

    yea. faber always gets love and recognition from EVERYBODY! lol. the fight was extremely close, barao literally only landed a hand full more punches and kicks then urijah. lol barao hurt his foot and urjiah hurt his rib. i would luv to see these guys fight again someday. WAR BARAO AND URIJAH!

  3. Raw, raw, Renan, raw, Renan Barao, Yeah!
    Raw, raw, Renan, raw, Renan Barao!

    Faber seems like a great guy, no games at the weigh in or touching gloves, easy going, nothing but respect. Tough too, fighting through 4 rounds with a broken rib… I can certainly see why they’d say that about him. All the best in the future. And don’t forget to pick up on your kicks. Reach is a huge advantage, especially if you can do it with speed and balance. And with a good coach you could literally learn in just a few days. Why wouldn’t you?

  4. James Spiderman Viggiano says:

    More like an American fighter with the heart of an American.

  5. Max says:

    To be honest i dont see differences between Brazilian vs. American fighters
    I see differences between American/Brazilian vs. Japanese/European

  6. Prestige says:

    Barao is a Brazillian with the heart of an American!

  7. Potlum says:

    I think Brazilians have the warrior’s heart because of the tough conditions they have to grow up with. Faber does have huge heart. He fought until the end with a broken hand, broken rib, and jacked up leg. look at Bowles, he quit when he broke his hand. Stun gun quit because he hurt his rib. Other dudes have quit due to leg kicks.

    • mj says:

      @Potlum, what part of brazil are you from? I american, been living in Natal for 2 years, know Renan and Ronny. Stupid comment about heart! Brazilians and Americans are the same.. here there are great guys like the one at Kimura and you have douche bags. Faber is American and has a fucking American heart, fact. I loved the translations at the post fight also, they say what they think Renan wants to say and not a direct translations.

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