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Wednesday, 08/01/2012, 08:42 am

Bader Will Not Show Machida The Same Respect As Past Opponents | UFC NEWS

“We definitely were excited about the opportunity. It gets me one step closer to where I wanna be. I’m getting these guys coming off of title shots, so if I beat a couple of them, hopefully I’ll get my shot. For us, it’s a huge fight. It’s on FOX. It doesn’t get any bigger… Like I said, these guys just fight for the title. They’re both top guys, and if I beat those two, I’m definitely right up there. We’ll see what happens with Jon Jones and Dan Henderson. I have already fought Jones, but Henderson goes in there, and if he wins, I’ve never fought Henderson, so we’ll see what happens. Don’t let him get comfortable. If he gets comfortable, then he starts opening up. Obviously, some takedowns would be nice. Really, not respecting him as much as everybody else has in the past. Watch out for his tricky stuff and be prepared, know what’s coming. Know how to counter it or what to do with it.”

This weekend’s UFC on FOX co-main event fighter, Ryan Bader, told InsideMMA that he will not respect Machida as much as his other opponents in the past.

Does the TUF Winner have a chance against the former champ?


22 Responses to “Bader Will Not Show Machida The Same Respect As Past Opponents | UFC NEWS”

  1. BRobs007 says:

    I see Machida ending this one via Seagal Kick… in about 9 seconds.

    • Nuitari X says:

      It’s no longer the flying crane kick, it’s the flying Sea Gull kick. LOL

    • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

      Yeah i agree just no way Bader will put Machida on his back and this fight will end by crane kick or some other crazy ass katate kick from outside. This is a horrible matchup for Bader. Almost get idea UFC doesn’t like Bader. I thought Bader was a disgrace in Japan. i think I would rather watch Fitch sleep than ever see Bader in cage again

  2. Leo says:

    Haha. That’s fucking great!!

  3. ganjaneer says:

    I don’t like badar, think he’s a chode, but he’s younger, faster, stronger, better wrestling/grappling, and I bet he bangs hotter chicks, and ko’ing a former champ would propel him and I’m sure he’s hungry. Just like gracie, machida had sucess w his style when no one knew wtf he was doing, now there’s tape, people can watch his fights, train for it, and know more or less what he’s going to do. This isn’t 1999 where one skill set can get you wins, young guys come in w all the skillsets and are more complete fighters. Machida can win this fight, but so can badar and I think people are writing him off wout giving him enough credit, or giving machida too much credit. Don’t get me wrong, hope machida wins, but I can easily see him going to sleep, or if he’s getting the better of ryan in standup, I can also see badar fighting this fight like he did against rampage, use wrestling to control machida and win a decision.

    • Bob says:

      You sir are a dumb ass retard.. Badar is not even close to Machidas level.. Machida is faster more technical.. Bader is stronger but that dont mean shit in the same weight class..

      Did you forget baders over rated ass loss to Tito’s weak ass??

      Machida will win with fucking ease.. I would bet my money Machida doesnt even get hit once in this fight..

      Baders style vs Machida= complete domination for Machida..

      Machidas too fast for bader to use his wrestling and even if bader gets a hold of Machida he will stuff the takedown easily.

      Machida via 1st or 2nd round TKO (MURDER)

    • King of Kings says:

      At least spell Bader right.

      • Bob says:

        It was on purpose you dumb shit…I spelled it right later..

        Also whats up with you spelling fags on here correcting obvious spelling errors?

        If someone spells “you” with a “u” dont go and correct that shit.. Only “phaggots” (that was spelled wrong on purpose idiots) that have nothing to debate about become a grammar queen..

        The English language doesnt make sense to begin with so why the fuck are you even defending a senseless language. Please someone explain the silent letter?? Tons of things in the English language that dont make sense so if this aint english class and you are not a English teacher STFU phaggots!

  4. some dude says:

    Its a good fight for both bader and machida. Who will bring there A game?

  5. Ryan kelly says:

    Bangs hotter chicks I think u forget where Machida is from brazil has the hottest chicks ever

  6. Mickey Thompson says:

    Bell sounds, Bader rushes in to push the pace, Machida evades and catches him slipping with a counter, lights out.

  7. Nick says:

    Don’t really see Bader winning this. He’s not really known for his jaw after Tito dropped him. Not saying Tito doesn’t have power, but he doesn’t have crazy power.

  8. I Never Asked For This... says:

    Isn’t Machida the guy who outwrestled Tito? Oh wait…

  9. Bob'O says:

    LMAO! Bader is gonna get his jaw kicked off by Lyoto. ~Bob’O

  10. Tapitout21 says:

    For the record have you seen the chicks that surround blackhouse annoy to mention lyoto’s wife?!?! Bader can’t come close

  11. marcus says:

    Ryan “The Master” Bader is going to get destroyed.

  12. marcus says:

    Ryan “The Master” Bader is going down.

  13. Red1bu112 says:

    Ryan “the Master” bader

  14. Bob says:

    These people on here are just not on my level.

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