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Wednesday, 08/01/2012, 08:42 am

Bader Will Not Show Machida The Same Respect As Past Opponents | UFC NEWS

“We definitely were excited about the opportunity. It gets me one step closer to where I wanna be. I’m getting these guys coming off of title shots, so if I beat a couple of them, hopefully I’ll get my shot. For us, it’s a huge fight. It’s on FOX. It doesn’t get any bigger… Like I said, these guys just fight for the title. They’re both top guys, and if I beat those two, I’m definitely right up there. We’ll see what happens with Jon Jones and Dan Henderson. I have already fought Jones, but Henderson goes in there, and if he wins, I’ve never fought Henderson, so we’ll see what happens. Don’t let him get comfortable. If he gets comfortable, then he starts opening up. Obviously, some takedowns would be nice. Really, not respecting him as much as everybody else has in the past. Watch out for his tricky stuff and be prepared, know what’s coming. Know how to counter it or what to do with it.”

This weekend’s UFC on FOX co-main event fighter, Ryan Bader, told InsideMMA that he will not respect Machida as much as his other opponents in the past.

Does the TUF Winner have a chance against the former champ?


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