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Wednesday, 01/08/2014, 06:28 am

‘Badboy’ Russian Rapper Signed To UFC Roster

On Tuesday, the UFC signed 29- year- old Alexander Yakovlev. Yet another Russian contender added to the UFC roster. Yakovlev’s most recent win coming by way of a very one sided decision victory over former (and permanently expelled) UFC Welterweight Paul Daley at Legends 2 back in November of 2013.

It may sound like Yakovlev is just another young fighter joining the “Russian Invasion” of the UFC that has been happening recently. However, there is something that sets him a part from all others. Alexander Yakovlev is a also rather successful Russian hip-hop artist.

Here is Alexander Yakovlev’s music video for his single “Money Power”:

So, let’s be thankful that he is a better martial artist than he is hip-hop artist! Granted, I don’t speak Russian, I’m just making an observation.

But hey! He is a damn good fighter and proved it in his three round battle with former UFC Welterweight Paul Daley in this video.

It is not yet scheduled on when we will get a chance to see what the 29 year old Russian has to offer. Who knows, if he wins his debut maybe we’ll get a live musical performance in the Octagon!


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  1. Xaninho says:

    That fight was boring as shit. He never went for any submissions or fight ending GnP. If that fight against Daley is how he usually fights I’m not interested to see him fight.

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