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Monday, 09/17/2012, 08:12 am

Backing Off Of Silva Superfight Talks, GSP Eyes Bigger And Better Challenges As A Welterweight | UFC NEWS

“It’s a lot of fun. It’s like there’s a lot of new challenges and I’m very happy to be back. It’s like a new thing; it’s actually pretty cool. I feel a lot more motivation right now. It’s exciting. Look for bigger and better challenges… [Condit] can change, that’s why he’s so good. He can change the way he fights according to his opponent. That’s why he’s so good and I know that. I’m going to take that fight and fight the best I can, and give it all I can.”

UFC welterweight champion, Georges St. Pierre, tells that he is ready for all comers in the UFC’s 170 pound division.


28 Responses to “Backing Off Of Silva Superfight Talks, GSP Eyes Bigger And Better Challenges As A Welterweight | UFC NEWS”

  1. James says:

    GSP is going to smash Condit, or alteast take the Decision.

    • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

      I think its a toss up who is more boring GSP or Fitch. GSP deson’t have the stones to go toe to toe with a ny strikers. He was scared to fight hardy and resorted to “FITCHING” fro 5 rounds. Why is it a guy like GSP who is all muscled up but uses the excuse he needs to add more muscle to fight Silva who is basically skin and bones. Silva is far better p4p than GSP who ahs built his legacy on fighting much much smaller lightweights losing the Serra who is a ntiral lightweight. Go back and watch first BJ penn vs GSP and see who won that fight and did all the damage. GSP face was busted up and he was crying to his corner how he was hurt and scared. Penn did all the damage and GSP resorted to pure “FITCHING” with his 30 lb weight advanatge. BJ went to his after party without a scratch on him and GSP went to hospital with a busted up face and broken nose. GEE who really won that fight? Now GSP is scared to fight Silva who has like 10lbs on hima nd even less at fight time.

      • B-rad says:

        Dude you need to go outside or somethin. Despite the fact tht he hasnt fought in a while he is still probably the most DOMINATE fighter in MMA.. He has phenominal wrestling skills, so of course hes gonna have top position a lot. He is also one of the most technical strikers in MMA, haters are gonna hate. Just like GSP is gonna continue to dominate people and you will be there to cry about it. Unless he moves up and challenges Anderson

  2. Brend0magic says:

    Don’t be scared homie!

  3. When was the last time gsp was part of a exciting fight. Matt Serra. He is a good fighter but he still sucks!

    • TheCrippler says:

      How about when he murdered Bj? Pretty exciting stuff. And the Fitch fight is one of the biggest beat downs in the last 10 years. Don’t be ignorant. Think before you speak.

      • daddylong says:

        Read what he posted dumb ass he said last exitng fight.

        • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

          GSP hasn’t fought in almost 560 days and you idiots talk like he jsut fought last month. GSP has had plenty of tim eto get all JUICED -GREASE back up and now that all the REAL FIGHTERS in the WW divsion hvaing been beating the ehll out of each otehr GSP will come back and BORE US TO DEATH by jabbberfesting or “FITCHING: his way to a boring a’ss decision sjust like he did in bhis last 6 fights before he went on his 560 day vacation. Now GSP is making excuse why he won’t fight Silva. 4 yrs ago he said he needed 4 yrs to put on 5 lbs of muscle. What a joke GSP crys about Silva weighing at 182 lbs yet GSP walks into the cage at over 195lbs. But GSP has no problem having 28lbs on Bj penn and all the otehr 4 or 5 lightweights he has fought. No big deal for GSP to have 30lb advanatge but tall skinny no muscle silva is too big for the ripped-JUICED-HGH-EPO boy GSP. GSP doesn’t have the balls to fight Silva and is just waiting for him to retire or wait until he is 40 and washed up. Yep and I would bet anything we will never see GSP fight Hendricks, Ellenberger, and of course GSP gets a pass from fighting RORY ROIDER, Yeah both GSP and Fitch will avoid all the new breed of REAL FIGHTERS. Ellenberger IMO would KO GSP just like he did Sheilds, yep and Kampmann will never get a shot at GSP. I even think somehow GSP will weasil out of fightingCondit as SLEAZEBAG Greg’NO ACTION” jackson the “sports killer” prob has it all planned to say GSP can’t fight an dhad a set back just like he did last year to get out of fighting Diaz. GSP dropped out on a weeks notice and his knee wasn’t even hurt so then a week or 2 later bad karma set in and he did blow his knee. Nop GSP wants to “FITCH” a win over Diaz and avoid Condit and kampamnn and all the REAL TOP CONTENDERS that actaully fight to win instead of GSP who fights to not lose like in that boring a’ss fight with Sheilds. WE all saw what Ellenbergr was able to do to Sheilds in 10 seconds GSP couldn’t do in 25 minutes. Time to FORCE GSP to fight all the REAL fighters instead of manuevering around all them just like Bisping has been able to avoid all the best strikers in MW division.

      • diek says:

        And this is a bit of aconflict for me because BJ is one of my favorite fighters of all time.

  4. Not You says:

    GSP is setting himself up in case of a loss. Smart move.

  5. ya herd says:

    GSP u ugly pussy

  6. salem says:

    GSP you absolutely suck.
    We all want to see you fight against Silva.

  7. Sean says:

    lol really? there is no “bigger and better” challenges then anderson


    gsp is pissing me off !

  9. MartelW says:

    GSP is a GREAT mixed martial artist. But, Silva vs GSP doesn’t make any sense. Silva vs Jones makes perfect sense. But Silva doesn’t want to fight a fight where he knows is a legit threat. I like all fighters, but Silva vs GSP is a mismatch fight.

  10. Ddddddd says:

    Goerges still needs time to build his legacy.
    Its kinda cheesy to call out a guy in a weight
    class below when your not willing to go up
    a weight class and fight the champ. I know
    I know Anderson has beat the brains out of
    a couple of 205rs but it’s always in his best
    interest as far as style.

  11. CombatRusse says:

    Sorry, but I don’t see where GSP says that he is backing off Silva superfight
    I’m not the biggest fan of GSP but I thing that his comeback is a good think for fans.
    At least we’ll watch a technical fight without a lot of “WWE” drama surrounding it. I’m sick of that shit

  12. maurice says:

    its doesnt matter gsp is ducking silva still. there is no chance in hell gsp is gettin past condit. gsp normal jab jab jab, inside leg kick, superman punch, jab, jab jab, left head kick will not work against a real striker like condit. and that lay n pray bullshit can literally only work for so long against condit. no body in mma is just going to lay in condits guard for 25 mins without serious repercussions. and the ppl who actually think gsp can stand with condit are crazy. condit is literally the first guy put in front of gsp that beats him everywhere. mark my words, wrestling will not save gsp from condit brutal well rounded style.

    gsp said a long time ago that condit would be tougher then diaz. then has the nerve to convince dana to let him fight flat foot diaz instead of condit. i know jackson, and gsp himself knows his style dont pose serious threats to condit. it amazes me when ppl say gsp will “destroy condit.” like really? exactly what do u guys mean by destroy? because last time i saw gsp fight he was gettin his faced destroyed by one of the worse strikers in mma today. last time i saw gsp destroy an elite opponent that wasnt (bj, serra) a natural lw with bad cardio was a one eyed koscheck. that same one eyed koscheck would have been finished by, kampmann, diaz, condit, ellenberger, SANCHEZ, etc all before round 3.

    i say take the hate from bones, and put it on one of the real “fakest” ppl in mma, gsp. when u think about p4p, u think about dominate champions that completely destroy opponents. jds, aldo, anderson, bones, gsp. someone name on that list sticks out badly, simply because while the other guys are putting number 1 contenders away like its nothing, one guy is forced to constantly apologize to the fans because he couldnt get a finish, when in reality his style doesnt even allow finishes.

    • B-rad says:

      How is the jab not gonna work against a “real striker” i hate to tell ya but the jab is by far the MOST IMPORTANT weapon in any strikers arsenal. It sets up everything and anything. An above average striker can become a great striker almost overnight if they learn to use the jab effectivly. Yeah GSP doesnt waste contenders like Jr, Anderson, Bones and Aldo, but he is great in his own way, by completly dominating his opponents in every aspect of MMA

  13. B-rad says:

    Martin Kampmann can give GSP a good scrap, with his nasty striking, good jitz and superhuman ability to take punishment. Other than that, i dont see the “bigger and better challenges at WW” I hope he fights Condit, then Kampmann and then finally move up to challenge the boss hog

  14. maurice says:

    @ B-RAD “the jab is by far the MOST IMPORTANT weapon in any strikers arsenal. It sets up everything and anything.”

    Problem with ur statement is, GSP DOESNT SET UP SHIt off that beautiful jab. guys like anderson, bj, jds etc can set up tremendous blows from the jab. ive seen bj and jds set up uppercuts and straight right hands from the jab. ive seen anderson set up beautiful muay thai combos starting with the jab. when it comes to pure boxing, gsp best weapon by far is the jab, which is pretty bad when u consider just how basic and easy the jab is for any real striker. well rounded strikers like condit, diaz, anderson, dominick, etc all have great jabs, but they dont have to dictate everything with that single punch. u gotta be outta ur mind if you think, kampmann, diaz, or condit gameplan will be crushed by gsp jab. unlike kos, these guys are very experienced stirkers, who will gladly set up monster combos off of gsp jab.

    im not saying gsp has no chance in hell, but there is no way, shape or form u can convince me that gsp great jab is enough to OUTSTRIKE the best strikers in the ww division in diaz, kampmann and condit. not only do these guys possess the best striking in the division, but their guards are also the most dangerous in the division. gsp hasnt fought anyone remotely close to these guys. bj penn with cardio is also the only person i can see beating gsp anywhere.

    • B-rad says:

      na its not enough, you are right. I think Kampmann and Conditt are definitly better strikers, if they fought in K1 or somethin i would bet the house on a big KO from Kampmann, but its mma. I think he will dictate the range with his jab against Condit, coming in and out of range then use that movement to set up his takedowns. Dont get me wrong i wanna see GSP actually fight, he hasnt been taking many risks latley, but then again its not all on him. The peopel he is fighting need to bring the fight to him! Like what Matt Serra did, he just went for it and bout took his head off in the process. Like i said hes got 2 fights left at WW, Condit and Kampmann will both be interesting fights becuase Condit for the most part comes to fight and there is no such thing as a boring Martin Kampmann fight!

  15. mma says:

    Were you at George? Fight silva you French Canadian fag….

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