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Tuesday, 09/04/2012, 10:00 am

"Average Guy" Shane Carwin Explains Tension Between "Never Had A Real Job" Roy Nelson | UFC NEWS

“Roy’s a great fighter, don’t get me wrong, very talented, could he be more talented? I think so. If he took things more serious. I think the other tension is that I am this average guy and I’ve worked my ass off to get to where I’m at, and I started working when I was 15, my mom raised three boys on her own and we were very poor and I grew up working construction and concrete work, and threw boxes at the beef plant, I did everything just to try to survive. He plays this like he’s this average guy and honestly I don’t think the guy’s ever had a normal job.”

UFC heavyweight Shane Carwin recently told about the tensions between himself and TUF coaching opposite, Roy Nelson.



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