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Among other things, one significant facet of finding success in fighting relies on rhythm. Not…

5.3.12@5:31 PM
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  Following the introduction of female mixed martial artists into the UFC, the UFC has…

3.15.12@10:13 PM
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  A few days ago, season seventeen of UFC’s television series The Ultimate Fighter aired…

1.27.12@4:43 PM
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  At UFC 151, longtime mixed martial arts veteran Dan Henderson will look to complete…

8.17.12@5:16 PM
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  At UFC 148, Anderson Silva met Chael Sonnen in one of the most anticipated…

7.10.12@5:17 PM
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In the lead up to their first encounter, Chael Sonnen unleashed an onslaught of verbal…

7.5.12@8:21 PM
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Gray Maynard did not receive what he was expecting in his main event bout with…

7.5.12@8:18 PM
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  Earlier this week, we covered the UFC 146 conference call featuring the match-up between…

5.25.12@3:05 PM
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By Oliver Insixiengmay: Chants of “Zombie, zombie, zombie” erupted from the crowd and surrounded the octagon…

5.21.12@10:00 AM
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