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Last year, Ylvis asked us ‘What does the fox say?’ Now, the Fighters Only World…

2.12.12@11:59 AM
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UFC President Dana White doesn’t see any issues with getting Vitor Belfort a license to…

2.12.12@11:54 AM
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UFC fighter Mark Munoz sings his own version of Miley Cyrus’ hit song, ‘Wrecking Ball’….

2.12.12@11:33 AM
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“I’m not going to give out what she’s going to do, but I’ll be honest:…

2.12.12@10:35 AM
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The UFC’s Fight Motion Cam captures the biggest hits of UFC 169 in super slow-mo.

2.12.12@10:20 AM
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With himself and the UFC officially on the outs, Randy Couture keeps his name relevant…

2.12.12@10:16 AM
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“Shayna totally converted our new house into a super pro wrestling house. Me and Shayna…

2.12.12@10:01 AM
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“I’m fine. I don’t think about doing TRT, but this is something to my team…

2.12.12@9:42 AM
Full Story », the MMA world’s #1 resource for injury, training and health information, is joining forces…

2.12.12@9:39 AM
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“Oh yeah, there’s no doubt about it (That a fighter has threatened to beat Dana’s…

2.11.12@7:01 PM
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Following a spectacular middleweight debut in which he knocked out longtime contender Mark Munoz, former…

2.11.12@6:36 AM
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The battle to combat on-line piracy is still being wagered between the UFC and random…

2.11.12@6:29 AM
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TUF Nations Team Australia standout, Tyler Manawaroa (pictured), has made too much noise following the…

2.11.12@6:24 AM
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In a recent interview, Alan ‘The Talent’ Belcher, stated that he is done with MMA,…

2.11.12@6:00 AM
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“A UFC title doesn’t really compare to the Olympics because they have new title fights…

2.11.12@5:00 AM
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UFC Lightweight Champion Anthony Pettis talks about potentially moving weight classes in order to fight…

2.11.12@4:55 AM
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In just a few short weeks, Daniel Cormier makes his way down a division to…

2.11.12@4:50 AM
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With his fight against Tim Kennedy still off a ways, Michael Bisping is testing out…

2.11.12@4:30 AM
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UFC light-heavyweight champion, Jon Jones, has officially started his training camp for his upcoming title…

2.10.12@7:38 PM
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While we wait for Gegard Mousasi to fight Lyoto Machida this weekend, catch up on…

2.10.12@6:31 PM
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