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Monday, 01/06/2014, 09:42 am

Australia’s Victorian Government’s “Cage Ban” Could Cost Them Millions


It seems that some areas of the world still don’t understand the sport of mixed martial arts.

The UFC is planning an event at Melbourne’s Etihad Stadium, but it seems that the Napthine Government is refusing to drop their state-wide “cage ban”. Tom Wright, UFC Director of Operations in Australia, Canada and New Zealand, spoke with News Ltd. and said that – if the cage ban isn’t overturned in the next four to eight weeks – the UFC will find somewhere else to go.

If the state of Victoria doesn’t make a decision in the next four to eight weeks, we will have to move on,” Wright told News Ltd.

It’s a global sport. We could be taking it to 50 other cities around the world. So if we can’t go to Melbourne, we will just have to say sorry and take it to one of the other places lining up.
There is a possibility that the ban could be overturned in November after the state elections, but that could be too little, too late. The UFC already has a show booked in a few months for Etihad Stadium, and if the Coalition Government decides to uphold the ban, it looks like the UFC will be heading out of the area. A fairly foolish thing to let happen, considering the influx of revenue – typically tens of millions of dollars – that they would be missing out on.




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  1. Joe says:

    Don’t label the whole state as being so ignorant. There’s a huge MMA fan base down here with a lot of knowledge on the sport, it’s just the government that are being bull-headed about the whole thing.

  2. Brizy says:

    Bible bashing liberals arr killing! Napthine and his mothers groups are killing! Funny they claim this on moral standing! Have they read the bible prob the most violent book I’ve ever read! Serious Napthine Neck up and F#$K OFF!

    • Brizveganite says:

      Leave the Bible out of it ignoramus – you’d be surprised how many UFC believe in it! including Mark Hunt, Benson Henderson, Fedor Emilianenko, Matt Hughes, Anderson Silva & the majority of Brazilians, just to name a few

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