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Wednesday, 10/19/2011, 02:20 pm

AUDIO: UFC 137 Conference Call With Penn, Diaz, Mitrione and Kongo

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25 Responses to “AUDIO: UFC 137 Conference Call With Penn, Diaz, Mitrione and Kongo”

  1. M.Borbon says:

    bout fkn time baaahh!

  2. Duane says:

    They do this live from a public bathroom or what?

  3. Bumble Bee says:

    Dana White should go back to original fight and make BJ Penn fight Condit. Diaz simply do not care about the fan and the promotion of the fight. For what I am concern, Diaz can go fight in the street…Reward the guys like Condit and Penn that wants to fight.

    • DontBeScaredHomie says:

      Diaz wants to fight not do press? If you don’t care don’t watch the fight that simple nobody wants your opinion.

    • ryu says:

      nick diaz is a hardcore competitor tho, u cant deny that. id like to see penn fight diaz, penn fight condit and condit vs diaz. a condit vs diaz fight would be sick. on another note, diaz and penn are some of the best strikers/jiu-jitsu artists in the business, so there willingness to exchange strikes and ability to defend themselves adequately on the ground should make for a really exciting fight. im glad that penn and diaz are the main event, i wanted to see that fight more than the gsp vs condit fight more anyway. we all kno how that one wouldve gone. gsp wins decision via grappling…. not exciting as penn vs diaz. also im stoked to see the mitrione vs kongo. kongos fucking dangerous but i learned not to completely count matt out from past experience. should b a sick card

      • jacob lee says:

        Kongos trainers need to tell him to throw punches…and he will win…pat barry vs ceick kongo reminds me of chris leben vs wanderlei silva….the winner is still half knocked out….me and the guys at the gym pretend to be kongo and leben all the time…we act half knocked out and throw punches with our eyes closed haha

    • Taylor says:

      Do you really care that Diaz doesn’t show up to media events? Do you think his fans give a flying fuck if he misses half of a conference call? As an MMA fan, all I care about is watching these guys fight. I couldn’t care less about what promotional events these guys show up to! Who the fuck cares? Be a fucking fan and leave it at that….

  4. lee boi says:

    Diaz is so unprofessional.

  5. learntoread says:

    Glad to hear that Diaz continues to take his MMA training with the utmost importance & seriousness. It’s really what sets a lot of fighters apart in this sport.

  6. BobbO says:

    Congo and Mitrione were playing checkers during the interview. ~BobbO

  7. Eric says:

    i understand media has to be done for the show purposes, but does anyone else feel like there may be too much stuff they HAVE to do for media? i’m with nick about media vs training… you want to be best in the world, you train… do you want someone to think your the best through publicity and marketing? screw Dana “McMahon” White…

    • Brent says:

      Its through media promotion that attract money for events. Unfortunately fighters have to take time out of their time from training to do the media IF they want more money and bigger bonuses. Last I checked, Diaz wants some big $$$$.

    • ryu says:

      im with u on that, only the press gives a fuck about all that talk nonsense. i just like to see people get at it. i dont think nick shouldve been pulled from the gsp fight for some press conference bullshit, i heard there was more to the story on why he got replaced, nonetheless a diaz vs penn fight is just what the ufc needs right now…. a really fucking exciting fight. cant get much better

  8. ggfggf says:

    fuck diaz is annoying to hear to talk good thing he is a good fighter cause he has shitty english skills…

  9. Kalaeboi! says:

    sounds like shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. LAKS says:

    Nice sound and background noise

  11. Surfari says:

    Who the fuck are these media KOoks

  12. MAYHEM MILLER says:

    i want to fight da spida….NOW!!!

  13. Jimmy the french Canadian says:

    I’m not a MMA pro i’m a recording studio and sound man… hmmmm nothing to say…or it will be a knockout… plz fix the shit that we can understand wtf you are saying.

  14. Twayne says:

    I found out from BJPENN.COM to! Thee best MMA website. WAAAR “PRODIGY”!!!!


  15. Bulgemaster says:

    Had a dream last night that Nick Diaz knocked out BJ last night. I hope that’s the case next week!

  16. steven horgan says:

    thats why dreams are dreams and reality is different…keep your wet dreams of diaz to yourself, i hope that will be the case…………feel sorry for guys like you that will be reminded why they call bj THE PRODIGY

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