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Tuesday, 04/02/2013, 04:56 pm

UFC on FUEL TV 9: Latifi tabbed as opponent for Mousasi in main event

After days of speculation – and possibly the cruelest April Fool’s Day Joke in MMA history – Gregard Mousasi finally has an opponent.

Sweden’s Ilir ‘The Sledgehammer’ Latifi got the nod to replace an injured Alexander Gustafsson and will face Mousasi in the main event of Saturday’s UFC on Fuel 9 in Sweden.

UFC president Dana White tweeted just minutes ago:

“Mousasi will face Iliir Latifa this Saturday live on @FUELTV Latifa is from Sweden and training partner of Gustafsson.”

The Swedish Mixed Martial Arts Federation determined today that Gustafsson is medically unfit to fight Saturday after sustaining a cut above his eye. The organization had until Friday to reveal its decision but instead issued a statement to

The Gustafsson/Mousasi match was felt by many to be for the next contender for the UFC light heavyweight title.
Mousasi will make his UFC debut on Saturday and is 33-3-2.

It is a Rocky-esque opportunity for Latifi, who is 7-2, and has won three straight. According to, Latifi is just 5-foot-8 and last fought in October. Latifi has three submission and two KO victories to his credit.

The internet was ablaze yesterday when UFC veteran Wanderlei Silva tweeted yesterday that the UFC had approached him about filling in for the fight. Today he revealed that, he will not be fighting this Saturday and that it was all a prank:

Today, Silva took to Twitter, saying, “I catch you wand the best April first ever!! But I would like this to be true!!!”


11 Responses to “UFC on FUEL TV 9: Latifi tabbed as opponent for Mousasi in main event”

  1. GET RID OF NATE "The Cheat" (forever) says:

    I don’t care what anyone says Gustaffson wanted out of the Mousasi fight. Why else would he be sparring without headgear less than a weak out. All I know is this last 2 weeks has been the most boring time ever in MMA in last 5-7 years. Why is it always the main event fighters that get hurt a week out from fight. Maybe he got a bad test result back and we know all fighters are having their own private testing done. Gustaffson for sure fits the bill of someone wanting to put some size on. MMA is losing its appeal and for sure losing its legitimacy by the day. Sonnen fighting for title coming of a loss and has no recent fights at 205. GSP picking and choosing his own fights. Edgar getting nonstop title shots when he only has one win in his last 5 fights and the draw was the biggest gift in MMA history after he was knocked down 6 times in one round and turned his back and ran away nonstop. UFC is a joke at best these days. Now its looks like Hendricks will get screwed again by GSP. I just can’t wait for GSP to retire. Between GSP and Jon Fitch they have ruined MMA for countless thousands of fans because they are so miserbly boring

  2. Mayor of Deviance says:

    … annnnnnddd disappointment sets in.

  3. Ddddddd says:

    Anything about his new opponent? I saw he got a unanimous loss against Emanuel Newton.

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