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Monday, 04/22/2013, 11:20 am

Are the Diaz Brothers on the Chopping Block?

Bad conduct and not performing in The Octagon will end a career quickly these days. Name recognition is no longer a protective shield just ask Josh Neer who was released from the UFC a short time ago thanks to a 1-3 losing skid.

The Diaz brothers are as close to the chopping block as they have ever been, going a combined 0-4 in their last outings. Nick losing to Carlos Condit and current Welterweight Champion Georges St. Pierre, and Nate losing to current Lightweight Champion Benson Henderson and Josh Thomson, but are those losses enough to eject them from the UFC?

Here are some things taken in to account when looking at a fighter’s odds of being cut. Do they have the potential to be a viable contender again and who did they lose to. Both of the Diaz brothers have something in common in the fact that they lost to the current champions of their respective divisions. Nick’s other loss came to former UFC Interim Middleweight Champion Carlos Condit – and that’s what differentiates his status from his brother Nate’s.

Nate’s second loss is to a fighter not currently ranked in most top ten lists around the net. Saturday’s UFC on FOX 7 event saw Nate lose to former Strikeforce Lightweight Champion Josh Thomson by TKO. Now to be fair, Nate isn’t ranked by some sites that post opinion based rankings either and the outcome of the fight was likely to vault the winner back on to the list – and safely back in to the UFC’s good graces. Thomson finished the fight, which carries a lot more weight than a decision, and now Nate is left wondering if he will be cut or not after a second loss. There is a good chance that the youngest Diaz brother may be let go from the company should he lose his next outing.

Nick’s bad boy persona just might play a factor in the decision to keep him or not. He failed a drug test in 2012 testing positive for marijuana, and in the build up to his fight with Georges St. Pierre he missed several flights, which caused him to miss appearances for the UFC. Taking that in to account, it would make cutting Diaz less difficult to rule out. Given his star power and the simple fact that he has a very large fan base it is unlikely that he would be released just for going 0-2 against top ten opponents. It does seem that Dana White is always one incident away from dropping Nick Diaz from the roster.

Only time will tell if Dana chooses to release the popular brothers. With the current divisions as stacked with talent as they are it wouldn’t be that far of a stretch to say they may not be title contenders again. What do you think?


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  1. confoco says:

    uh what are you talking about bro??
    Nick is retired and Nate fought for the title few months ago…
    Not the first guy to cut i guess, also there never was any incident with Nathan outside the Octagon, and also the both bring a lot of viewers in or do you think all the people watched Diaz-St Pierre because of GSP’s action-packed fighting style?

  2. Gargoyle Wrestling says:

    Hope not, but the slap boxing bjj style is not good enough. I think Nick might be mentally done for now. Nate should go to a new camp and bulk up. Forget that bjj for awhile and learn how to double leg with top control would serve him better at 55 or 70. If he ever wants to be champion, he needs to change.

    • Steven Thurman says:

      I actually believe it would be good enough if they just improved their game a little more, Nate doesnt actually pressure his oppenents much, not the way Nick does, and if they learned a little from Matt Brown, they could probably start picking apart their opponents again. The way Matt traps his opponents is key, he stands back far enough that he is able to cut the opponents off and even get them to practically run into his punches. Do the Diaz brothers have holes in every aspect of their game that they need to fix? Pretty much, but I bet they could find a way to improve the slap boxing style to get it to work well if they just tried.

      • Gargoyle Wrestling says:

        To me, there is just so much personal stuff going on in that gym and Nate would do well to go to AKA or Jackson’s. If he could provide pressure with offensive wrestling and double down he could then turn in top position GNP or jitz. But the slap boxing doesn’t work with movement.

  3. Dddddddd says:

    Ya rite,if these guys go somewhere else I’d think it was funny
    to see someone else get the ratings. These guys are pulling numbers because there the polar opposite of what’s plaguing the UFC.

  4. Nando says:

    The strategy is out on how to beat them: don’t stand still. They get frustrated when you don’t play their simple game. They need to change up their style & not plod around the octagon. They’re supposed to have world class cardio. Let’s see them push the pace then.

  5. AFSBrad says:

    Not a chance… they garner a lot of interest thus bringing in a lot of money. THey get at least 4 losses each watch

  6. chandler says:

    Zero chance. To big of draws. Plus Dana likes them. Ignorant article, use your brain. You think ufc will let them go to wsof or bellator and make them relevant? Sorry bud no chance.

  7. Bob'O says:

    Neither Diaz brother is going anywhere right now, Dana is not a fool. Unless Nick stays retired, we will see noth Nick and Nate fight again in the UFC. ~Bob’O

  8. Shameful says:

    Honestly I hate both Diaz brothers. I hate the trashy behavior and the taunting. But I always make sure to catch their fights because I always hope to see them lose. Either one of them being on a card increases my desire to watch it.

    • Thom says:

      why would you watch a fight just to see someone lose?

      • jason says:

        lol are you for real?

        How many fighters have made bank off people tuning in to see just that? Lesnar had his share of haters, Koscheck, Sonnen, Bisping etc These guys have made careers off people paying money to see them lose.

        I don’t think you realize how common it is you seem a little naïve.

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