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Sunday, 10/30/2011, 08:42 am

Are Mayweather PPV Numbers a Hoax?

Keith Terceira


It’s a simple question to ask, yet perhaps hoax is too strong a word for it, sleight of hand or bait and switch, may be more appropriate.

What HBO and the promotional companies fail to inform us of is how many paid viewers complained about the quality of the show, how many asked for refunds, and how many would have taken a refund if they had the chance to.

Mayweather-Ortiz is similar to the Ford Pinto in my opinion, built from 1971-1980 the car was the US answer to the invasion of smaller cars from Asia. It sold 100,000 units by 1972 and by 1980 was down to 68,000.

But, when the dust cleared and the lawsuits started, because of flaws in the design, exploding gas tanks etc. it was not all that the world and Ford thought the Pinto was to become. Yes, they had great sales but at what cost to Ford’s reputation and eventual bottom line.



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  1. M Green says:

    the word EDITORIAL should appear at the top of this article.

  2. kevin tomes says:

    Good to finally read something that isn’t the same news story written a hundred different way.

  3. Mike says:

    It don’t matter what the television companies report, there are people who pay $10,000 for a ticket to see this guy box.

  4. T.DADDY says:

    Mayweather bitchessss! Pacman is Roided up…

  5. Emilio says:

    @t.daddy shut your uneducated ass up.Pacquiao Agreed To Take The Blood & Urine Test 14 Days Before The Fight And Take Blood Right After The Fight Just Like Mayweather First Asked. But Now Mayweather Wants Random Olympic Style Blood Testing. Why? Because Pacquiao Didnt Compete In Olympics And He Did That Testing On Mosley Which Mosley Didnt Compete In Olympics Either. And After 3 Rounds Mosley Said He Felt Weak And Slow. When U Know How To Train When They Do That Testing It Is A Significant Advantage. Pacquiao Is Smart Enough Not To Agree Because He Never Did That testing Before And It Might Sabotage Him During There Fight And Mayweather Been To Olympics So He Knows How To Do It. So Since Pacquiao Disagreed To That Testing Mayweather Says “Hes On Steroids” The Taking The Blood After The Fight Should Be Good Enough Because If He Used Anything It Would Show Up In The Bloodwork After The Fight Anyways. Mayweather Trying To Sabotage Pacquiao…… He Didnt Do That Blood test On Oscar Why???? Oscar Was In The Olympics..

  6. Gayweather Sux Ass says:

    Who cares about this shithead.

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