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Sunday, 04/22/2012, 03:12 pm

Antonio 'Bigfoot' Silva Replaces Mir Against Cain Velasquez At UFC 146 | UFC NEWS

By Evan Stoumbelis

Yesterday the MMA world saw Jon Jones defend his title against Rashad Evans, Eddie Alvarez defeat Shinya Aoki at Bellator 66, and we learned that former heavyweight champion Frank Mir would be filling Alistair Overeem’s spot in the main event of UFC 146 against Junior Dos Santos for the heavyweight championship.

Fans were left to wonder who would be filling Mir’s spot against former champ Cain Velasquez. Rumors swirled about who Velasquez’ opponent would be, and Dana White had the answer today on Twitter.

Don’t believe any of the BS you read on the internet. Cain is fighting Bigfoot Silva May 26th in Vegas.

Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva was supposed to make his UFC debut against Roy “Big Country” Nelson on the same card, but Bigfoot is now set to face Velasquez, leaving Roy Nelson without an opponent.

Bigfoot is 16-3, and with wins over opponents such as Fedor Emelianenko and Andrei Arlovski, his UFC debut fight against Velasquez on May 26th will be one you won’t want to miss.


55 Responses to “Antonio 'Bigfoot' Silva Replaces Mir Against Cain Velasquez At UFC 146 | UFC NEWS”

  1. CALI says:

    Really getting sick of this ufc switcheroo shit… Theyre seriously giving this neanderthal the Cain fight? When he got knocked the fuck out by Cain’s buddy DC ini his last fight? Kind of disrespectful to Cain…

    • Sergio says:

      I think u must have forgot that more recent than the fight u are referring to, Cain got his head knocked unconscious in his last fight, he didn’t actually deserve to be fighting Mir, he should be further down the ladder. Maybe not as far down as Bigfoot but somewhere like Struve…

      • struve is a joke. you should not put him with struve. there is a reason why he is never part of a card. he cant beat anyone who is in that division who people know. he fights people we dont know, or just coming in, or they are fat and out of shape. put struve against any of the guys you mentioned and he doesn’t get out of the first round. you need to watch and read more.

        • Sergio says:

          Struve is comin off two fight win streak, I know he isn’t on Cains level at all, but Cain couldn’t even defend the belt once, and got KO’d really bad in first round, that drops u down the ladder in my opinion. Why does he deserve to be put straight in against a two time former champion in Mir who is on a solid impressive win streak against great competition? Enlighten me with your logic. I’m not debating if Cain is better or worse than anyone because I believe he is second best HW next to JDS but u can’t lose that bad and still be positioned at the top, especially when u don’t defend ur belt once.

      • Carlos says:

        U mean wen Cain was injureD before and had surgery b4 the fight??

    • jc says:

      this card is officailly fucked now

    • i agree with regards to cain. i don’t like the switching around either. but they do get hurt. or in this case someone else gets the shot. and your are right on the money about the disrespect to cain. at least give him a top five fighter. that way he stays at the top. this new guy does not deserve a shot at cain. cain in my opinion was not himself that night and most likely win the rematch. i could be wrong. i love both fighters. but cain should not have to fight this guy. he should earn his way up. you were right on point.

    • Jorge Rivera says:

      This IS a complete disrespecting of a former champion. Making Cain fight his way back up again? No doubt it’s a dis. Cain beat some very good fighters on his way up. He was the first to ktfo Big Nog. No one destroyed Brock Lesner like he did. And Brock was in his prime, not recovering from ass surgery like he was when he went up against Overrated… I mean Overoid… I mean Overreemed…
      The good news is that it will give Cain a chance to make himself the monster he’s meant to be and we get to see that again. It should mean several fights a year, instead of one fight per year as the champ.
      And he will reclaim his belt.

      • TheCrippler says:

        Mir was the first to finish Nog and Overeem ran through Lesnar faster than a rocket powered Kenyan, “surgury” or not, Overeem made him look like a joke.

        • Anti-Zuffa says:

          Dude had Seabiscuit blood in his veins, of course he was gonna run through a guy who had 12inches of his intestine removed. Especially when he kicked him in the same place he had the surgery! There’s way to many bandwagon fools watchin MMA now. . .

    • Turkeykneck fun chav says:

      they dont really have much choice do they.
      i do however think they should give country the shot against Cain.
      maybe they are wanting a win for cain so he can go up against jds.
      if they put cain up against nelson i think hes got higher risk of losing as nelson just doesnt get rocked and his stamina and persistence is scary

      • Ly-er says:

        Cain vs. Nelson would be a very great fight actually. Two HW’s with substantial cardio just going back & fourth, u don’t really c that too often in that division!

  2. jbeamazing says:

    lol bigfoot

  3. jbeamazing says:

    he does look like a shaved sasquatch

  4. Diego says:

    R.I.P BIG FOOT !

  5. jon124 says:

    Im sorry cali….is the ufc messing with your payment to the fighters? Oh that’s right you got no fucking say…they pick fighters that would match up in their eyes not yours so deal with the fights they give you or don’t watch

  6. Nick says:

    My question is who is Roy fighting?

  7. ORGABACT4 says:

    I want to see Roy Nelson vs Travis Brown but Travis has been away from his family too long.

  8. ernesto hoost says:

    it must be frustraiting for theses guys going thru a training camp and 1 month left you have to train for a completly different fighter…it must mess there game plan up

  9. LoneXionc says:

    Cain by KTFO.

  10. Xaninho says:

    Ok this is exactly the change-up I thought of. Strange they didn’t wait for the 24th of april hearing. Who knows maybe Overeem gets the license…

  11. Jesus says:

    Big foot its not on Cain level. ! But , is he still fighting for a title shoot!! Then piece cake for Cain. Cain KO this fool

  12. Sergio says:

    Reem sucks cock it’s official

  13. Bd says:

    Mark hunt is going to replace Bigfoot to fight nelson

  14. Lol says:

    omg. Should of moved mark hunt vs cain and kept everything the same and just cancelled struves weak ass.

  15. rondo says:

    Travis “poppa” Browne, Big Country Nelson get it signed Dana!

  16. Mick says:

    this fight has potential i like it

  17. Brend0magic says:

    Cain will eat him

  18. jdubx says:

    well this isnt really going to be a contest, i see cain winning without a problem…. at least mir would’ve had a chance and it would’ve actually been a fight. oh well i like seeing people get knocked out….

  19. pat says:

    Should be big country cain kills him and has good angle for rematch wit jds

  20. Mach00man says:

    I like Bigfoot Silva but that big fuckin chin of his is made of candy glass. Cain his heavy handed as hell. TIMBER!!

  21. JBizzle says:

    I mean, Cain could not fight at all.

  22. Anthony says:

    There are some ignorant people on the first comment. I didn’t even read all of them because there was so much ignorance.

  23. KIDD433 says:

    PAT BARRY VS MARK HUNT..That would be a sick one.has to happen.or ROY vs HUNT.would also be a good one

  24. KIDD433 says:

    CAIN and BIGFOOT has potential to be a good one in my opinion

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