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Wednesday, 07/10/2013, 10:05 am

Anthony Pettis on an October Fight With Josh Thomson: “No One Really Knows Who He Is”

By Christopher Murphy @MurphMMA

Josh Thomson is not the only one interested in a fight between him and Anthony ‘Showtime’ Pettis, it seems.  Pettis told that he has no qualms taking on ‘The Punk’ in an October matchup to solidify the number one contender at 155.

“Thomson called me out,” said Pettis (16-2).  “I’m never afraid to fight anyone, and I’m tired of waiting.  If I’m supposed to be the best, then why not beat him in October?  [The fight would] set me up for a title shot late this year or early next.”

Of course, Pettis explained, the fight is not the perfect return for action.

“Only bad thing is no one really knows who he is.”

Thomson (20-5) has been actively campaigning this fight for a while, taking to various news outlets and Twitter to call out Pettis.

For Pettis, an October fight would mark a return to action after a brief hiatus and injury.  After defeating Joe Lauzon and Donald Cerrone both in devastating fashion, Pettis decided to wait for a shot at Ben Henderson’s lightweight title.  When then-Strikeforce champion, Gilbert Melendez, joined the UFC and jumped the line for the title shot, Pettis decided to drop to 145 lbs. for a shot at Jose Aldo’s belt.  Pettis was forced out of this fight when he tore his meniscus.

Thomson is coming of a stunning TKO win over Nate Diaz at UFC on FOX 7.  The second round stoppage over Diaz marked the first time the Stockton, CA native had been stopped due to strikes.

Pettis returned to training Tuesday, and he said that he didn’t feel any pain in his knee.  He also stated that the UFC has yet to officially offer him the Thomson fight, but he thinks it is only a matter of time.

“I don’t see them not doing it,” he said of the UFC.

The fight certainly promises excitement and action; whether the two will face off, and when, remains to be seen.


13 Responses to “Anthony Pettis on an October Fight With Josh Thomson: “No One Really Knows Who He Is””

  1. KIDD433 says:

    Pettis is in title contention in 2 divisions. Why the hell would he climb down the ladder to fight Thompson?

  2. Big Daddy says:

    You’re an idiot if you don’t know who Pettis is. It’s like saying who’s heisman guy holding the football. What has josh Thompson done? He’s the Jon Fitch of stand up.

    • JDS654 says:

      Thompson is coming off a win over Nate who fought for the title and is an elite 155er, he ko’d him which has never been done and if you saw the last fight btwn Thompson and Gilbert then you would know that Thompson got robbed of a deserved decision vs another title contender. Pettis lost to Guida and you could say was also gifted a decision vs Stephens so why does fight not make any sense?? His wins were vs Lauzon and Cerrone whom i both like but c’mon they aint no Nate and Gilbert

  3. The natural says:

    Yea we all know how exciting his fight was with guida and Stephens.

  4. Ddddddd says:

    I don’t want to see Pettis take the risk but this could be a good fight. Thompson will have no choice but to take it to Pettis to prove his legitimacy. I could see Thompson being over confident with his speed and getting countered hard.
    I’d hate to see Pettis lose this fight and If I’ve relearned anything lately it’s you can get beat at your own game at anytime in this sport.

  5. 123 says:

    if people didnt know who Josh Thomson is they do now.

  6. Gargoyle Wrestling says:

    Good match..Pettis seems to get hurt or loses as soon as he gets a chance to be champ. Like there is a dark cloud hanging over him. I’d love to see Thomson beat the crap outta him.

  7. Chris says:

    Thomson has been around for awhile just many people didn’t watch Strikeforce to see his great fights with Melendez. They do now after his TKO over Diaz. Problem for Thomson is he was running for most of that fight the way Condit did Nick and got lucky to land that perfectly cuz of Diaz’s cocky tendencies. Pettis isn’t the same and is a lot faster and has a lot more diversity. I say Pettis TKO 1st or 2nd round

    • ballsackface says:

      been around a while?
      this is his second stint in ufc, was in pride and smashed strikeforce for ages.
      thompson has a much better name than pettis
      pettis was a no namer till he did the showtime kick and now everyone thinks hes amazing.
      hes fights since then have not been anything spectacular imo

  8. The Way Of The Dutchman says:

    I just hope Thomson won’t ‘fight’ like he did against KJ Noons. That was a horrible display of lay n gay. Pettis is already the #1 contender…..If I were Pettis I’d wait for the titleshot, he’s been fucked out of titleshots too many times since he arrived in the UFC.

    • KIDD433 says:

      I’m glad a real fan remembered the shittiest fight in Strikeforce history. Thompson’s display of dry humping on Noons made Jon Fitch jealous. I respect the clean KO he had on Diaz, but I’m not sold on him enough to jump on his bandwagon. He has potential, and if he keeps fighting impressively he will have more fans, and in the process maybe earn himself a title shot. As for this match up,not intersted.Would rather see Showtime heel up fully and fight Bendo or Scarface.Thompson could fight Maynard or Diego.

  9. Bob'O says:

    Pettis should heal that knee up nice and strong and wait for Henderson. ~Bob’O

  10. scotty says:

    I’d rather see Pettis vs. Melendez to be honest.. I think Melendez should be close to getting another shot at the belt since there was a controversy on who won against Henderson.. And i think Thompson should fight Diego Sanchez in my opinion.. But then again, Melendez vs. Diego could be fight of the night kind of fight..

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