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Friday, 01/24/2014, 03:35 pm

Anthony Pettis: ‘Nate Diaz Has Been Talking So Much… We Can Make This Fight Happen’

During today’s UFC on FOX 10 Post-Weigh-ins show on Fox Sports 1, fans got a chance to cast their vote for who Anthony Pettis should fight next.

52% of participants voted for Nate Diaz.

The UFC lightweight champion has already been vocal about his desires to fight the Stockton based fighter, and again today, he did not deviate from voicing those ambitions.

“I Love it. Nate Diaz has been talking so much. I think we can definitely make this fight happen. He’s coming off one fight. If he gets another fight in there and has an impressive win lets set it up.”


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  1. Monster Rain says:

    52% dumb as their idols.

  2. Nick says:

    If Nate won 2 or 3 more in exciting fashion or at least dominantly I could see him fighting for the title. That being said Pettis vs. Diaz omg that could be fight of the year. I feel striking Pettis has the advantage but on the ground Nate would have the advantage. This fight would be an absolute war and Nate could hype the shit out of it and make Uncle Dana a shit ton of money.

  3. ISTADUMHI772 says:

    would love to see this fight…….even though nate doesn’t deserve it but as we’ve seen before in the ufc you can defiantly talk your way into a title fight

  4. Gargoyle Wrestling says:

    Shit Nate got KTFO by Thomson just a fight ago…So he beats up Maynard, but let’s face it Maynard ain’t the same fighter he was before and during the Edgar trilogy. He is mentally broke right now and should have never helped that fuck Aldo train. He should have stayed at Coutures or go to RoufusSport where he just needed to continue what he does well. All this cross-training bullshit is for fools. Wrestle and box, that’s all that is needed……. Nate is too stoned to know what he deserves. A+ though for trying to create a fan buzz!! ppv can sell a fight.

  5. Bob'O says:

    Chael moves up the latter all the time, so let Nate do it. I think Pettis wins it though, unless it goes to the ground where Nate would have a huge advantage, though Pettis has improved his ground game a lot, so who knows. ~Bob’O

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