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Tuesday, 04/10/2012, 04:30 pm

Anthony Johnson Still Has His "Eye on the prize" Following Recent UFC Release

By Micah Hinchliffe:
Learning from your mistakes is often a hard yet necessary process, especially if your Anthony Johnson. For those of you who don’t know, after missing weight at UFC 142 and losing via rear naked choke to Vitor Belfort in Rio, Johnson has had a string of bad luck. Dana white stated before the bout that “Anthony Johnson comes in as a total unprofessional…way overweight.” which eventually resulted in his release from the UFC.

However in a recent interview with Johnson appears to be staying positive despite his downfall: “I can’t hold on to the past or my mistakes…I’ve got to learn from them and keep moving. I can’t let that stuff haunt me because once it haunts you, I don’t think you’ll ever get over it.”

With a fight booked against fellow former UFC fighter Dave Branch under the Titan Fighting Championship banner, Anthony Johnson looks to start a new win streak on May 25th. Joe Kelly, CEO of TFC stated: “Anthony Johnson and David Branch are two of the most aggressive, powerful and athletic middleweights in the world, and to have this as the main event of Titan 22 is a defining moment for this brand,”

For now, it seems the reality check of fighting in a smaller organization could be a vital learning experience for Johnson. Having missed weight numerous times under the Zuffa banner and losing to “The Phenom” Johnson now sees himself as having an opportunity to reboot his career.

While always having his eye on the prize and the UFC, “Rumble” seems to be content with TFC for now: “My ultimate goal is to get back in the UFC, but I’m with Titan right now, so I can’t think about anything else,” Johnson said. “I’ve just got to think about who I’m with and who I have to compete against.”


6 Responses to “Anthony Johnson Still Has His "Eye on the prize" Following Recent UFC Release”

  1. Semtex says:

    His words make me think he will miss weight for his next fight

  2. Hightower says:

    What is he fighting at these days? Super heavy-weight?

  3. moc.nnepjb says:

    He will be on welfare soon enough. Forget this douche bag. He won’t see the UFC ever again unless he is peeking through a window at a sports bar waiting for the trash to get tossed out so he can get chicken wing scraps.

    • 587DTS says:

      Yep. Johnson is a crybaby amature. He wants easy fights. He thought Vitor was going to be an easy fight. Don’t forget that he got OWNED by Koschek. He thinks he is top competition but he is garbage.

  4. Xaninho says:

    Only way he can win is when he outweighs his opponents by 25 lbs. or more.

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