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Saturday, 11/23/2013, 12:35 pm

Angry Cole Miller Responds to Denial of his Appeal to Massachusetts Commission

UFC featherweight fighter Cole Miller has filed an appeal to the Massachusetts State Athletic Commisison following his loss to Manny Gamburyan at UFC Fight Night 26 (shown above).  Following the commission’s denial of his appeal, Miller responded vehemently on his own website.


By Christopher Murphy @MurphMMA

Cole Miller’s contest with the Massachusetts State Athletic Commission regarding his loss to Manny Gamburyan at UFC Fight Night 26 has come to a conclusion, but it seems that the fighter is still looking for vindication as he recently posted the details of his appeal online.

Miller lost the fight to Gamburyan in a unanimous decision, but his appeal states that the fight should never have even started a second round.

Here is the breakdown of what happened in between the first and second round of my bout with Manny Gamburyan this past August in Boston,” Miller posted on his website.  “The appeal was to the decision to let the fight continue after more than 2 minutes had gone by when a fighter is to receive 1 minute. If the fighter can not continue after one minute the fight must be stopped.

Miller added that he “wasn’t allowed to argue this, but the judges gave Manny Gamburyan the decision, one giving him the nod for every single round. I was told by Dana White and Lorenzo Fertitta I had won the fight. All major MMA websites scored the play by play for me 30-27 winning every round.

Despite the inability to challenge the decision, Miller compiled a list of infractions of rules that occurred between the first and second rounds of his fight that he felt – and continues to feel – warrant a change in the bout’s outcome.

Perhaps the first and most significant of these infractions is the amount of time Gamburyan was given between the end of the first round and the beginning of the second round: over two minutes.  Miller cites the commission’s rules as stating, “A period of rest following a period of unarmed combat in a contest or exhibition of mixed martial arts must be one minute in duration.

Other infractions include Gamburyan’s corner violating the rule allowing only one cornerman into the ring between rounds, and also violating the rule stating that cornermen cannot administer aid before a physician; and Miller also cited Gamburyan’s corner for aiding the fighter in the area of Cole Miller’s corner.

All of this, Miller states, he submitted to the Massachusetts State Athletic Commission along with video that he says conclusively proves his allegations.

Gamburyan spoke recently on Radio, stating that Miller’s elbows that stunned Gamburyan at the end of round 1 were to the back of the head; but Miller says that the referee that night, Yves Lavigne, told Miller the strikes were legal.

Miller did not state what his intentions are to follow up with the commission or take his appeal to a different jurisdiction.

We spoke to Miller about his appeal and that can be found HERE.

We also spoke to Manny Gamburyan about the appeal and he wasn’t happy to say the least. Read his response HERE.



7 Responses to “Angry Cole Miller Responds to Denial of his Appeal to Massachusetts Commission”

  1. John Stevenson says:

    After watching the fight then reading this, shut up cole miller. Dont act like you had this decisive kick ass performance in which you were completely robbed of a decision. Close fight, yes. But c’mon bro. To accuse a guy like manny of buying extra time is BS. you fucking lost deal with it

  2. Nate "THE ROID CHEAT" Marquardt says:

    Manny got his a’ss handed to him and cried (literally) because he was hurt and the ref saved his a’ss. Manny MIDGET is so damn overrated. Only reason he is still in the UFC is because he is Rhonda Rousey’s glorified water boy.

    At least he is better than Karo ie: “do you know what I could do to you”

  3. The Way Of The Dutchman says:

    Cole Miller is right. The elbows were not to the back of the head and the ref gave Gamburyan unwarranted time to recover in between rounds. It was such a weird happening that my friends and I were looking around the room and to eachother to see if anyone understood what the hell was going on.
    Cole got robbed pure and simple.

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