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Wednesday, 07/11/2012, 12:21 am

Anderson’s Manager Ed Soares Says Sonnen Is A Good Guy But Crossed The Line And Comments On Meeting With Kizer | UFC News

By Jamie McAllister
Anderson Silva’s manager Ed Soares in an interview with Sherdog Radio.

Soares comments on Chael Sonnen and he states that Sonnen has crossed when hyping fights but overall he is a good person.

“I’ve always thought Chael was a good guy. I just thought that he crossed the line. Chael is a good person. Chael, when the cameras are off, he’s a good guy. He’s a solid guy. I like Chael. I always have, but I’ll tell you, whether he was just hyping [the fight] or not, there were times when he would start pissing me off and I had nothing to do with it. To hear Chael talk about Anderson’s wife that way and talk about Brazil … to talk about any nation and any other culture that way, I don’t see the benefit for it, I really don’t see the benefit for it. I do think he crossed the line. I don’t think Chael’s a bad person. I think Chael was just trying to do what he could to try to promote the fight and make this fight as big as possible, but I think that he did cross the line. I’ll say it now and I’ve said it before, no one ever paid attention to Chael Sonnen. No one ever paid attention to him. Unfortunately his style of fighting’s not exciting to watch. The only time people started paying attention to him was when he started talking about Anderson. Once he struck that nerve and saw that it worked, I think he just took it to another level.”

Soares comments on the shoulder strike at the weigh-ins. He also discusses the meeting between Silva and Executive Director of the Nevada State Athletic Commission Keith Kizer who was not impressed with Silva’s UFC 148 antics.

“Keith Kizer had a talk with us after the fight. He pulled us to the side and kind of talked to Anderson about what happened. Everybody that knows Anderson knows that that was a little bit out of character. Sometimes emotions get to people. I’m not saying I 100-percent agree with what he did, but I mean, come on, man. People can’t forget that the guy was talking about his wife, talking about his country, talking about all that. At that point in time it’s like two wrongs don’t make a right, but it happens. It’s a fight.”

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28 Responses to “Anderson’s Manager Ed Soares Says Sonnen Is A Good Guy But Crossed The Line And Comments On Meeting With Kizer | UFC News”

  1. Sean McCorkle says:

    …And not one fuck was given.

  2. Keep Fitch (Forever) says:

    Right…. This is from the $10.99 app.

    • B-rad says:

      11 dollars??! holy shit man you got ripped off, MMA junkie is free lol

      • bum says:

        He is referring to Chael Sonnen saying Ed Soares can be replaced with a 9.99$ app on his iphone.

        • BJJisSUPREME says:

          It’s still a rip off google translate is free and Ed forgot to mention that keoth pulled him aside cause of the shoulder strike grabbing the shorts and the greasing!

        • AJ says:

          Yes BJJisSUPREME, I am sure that you know that details of THAT conversation better than the man who was involved in it. Not saying it didn’t happen because clearly that conversation took place at some time, just not sure of when. It may have been during that conversation ,it may have been another after that. Either, quit trying to bring up stuff from outside of the article to complain about the win. It happens, this fighting, and many people have done far worse…get over it!

        • allmightysandman says:

          nevermind what AJ says…

          I’m with you on this one…bugs me that everyone seems to want to ignore the fact that silva is a greasing cheater. I’m just sayin.

  3. Gabi says:

    Glad I’m not the only person to see how Chael was acting as a little extreme. He was biggot and racist for acting like that. The line was clearly crossed 2 years ago. Idk why the shoulder check was such a big deal while Chael was acting a fool; a racist/biggot, drama queen, douchebag on “legal” steroids. Keith Kizer is a joke, seriously. Chael gets legal roids exception after having seen a previously failed test (16:1 = abuse, no medical room there) in the first fight yet still let him juice again. After clearly seeing how it was and is being abused, yet Diaz shows positive for weed metabolites not THC and hands him a extreme punishment. Did he forget about medical uses legally and most importantly real application for the med (TRT does have medical application but at 16:1 it’s abuse, be real).. All the while Chael is laughing in their face and not really getting any punishment from the first time . TRT could cause serious injury to him and more importantly the opponent. JOKE. That fool can keep living in his political, plotting, sorry name of a title to help himself while being a bitch to more powerful people. Vegas commission might be the next Jeresy commission (I hope not). Lol

    • Cletus Jackson says:

      Chael is not racist dummy. He just like to hype fights.

    • Cletus Jackson says:

      Chael is not racist you dummy. He likes to hype fights to make more money.

      • Gabi says:

        I know he really isn’t. The character was in the public eye. He said some pretty ignorant racist type shit. Why do you think Brazilians got so upset and mad. Like Soares said “whether he was just hyping [the fight] or not, there were times when he would start pissing me off and I had nothing to do with it. To hear Chael talk about Anderson’s wife that way and talk about Brazil … to talk about any nation and any other culture that way, I don’t see the benefit for it, I really don’t see the benefit for it.”. See it came out on the racist side if it bother many from that nation.

        • Mc says:

          The point was to make it the biggest fight the UFC ever put on and it worked. Chael sold the shit outta this cuz Anderson does shit to sell fights. And who cares about what he said only idiots take it as anything other than picking/selling a fight. Also have brazilians ever stepped back and looked at their country? Other than the tourist attractions( a few cities w/ nice beaches) its a dump 3rd world nation everyone lives in makeshift shacks.

        • Infamous says:

          19 Million people watched this fight in Brazil. I sure Cheal sold it there right? It’s hard to sell fights in the States when your English is horrible lol. But when you’re the greatest people are going to watch you regardless

        • Mc says:

          Yeah he sold it there. U don’t think him talking crap about brazil had anything to do w/ it? It prob had everything to do w/ it. I’m sure all of brazil or at least the parts w/ tv saw Sonnen talkin trash. I don’t think that many have ever tuned in to silva b4 so obviously chael sold the fight there.

        • Gabi says:

          Umm no negative. Like saying the US has LA and New York only dumb ass. What you don’t remember there are shitty ass poor part on the US. Yea actually there is a lot. They just aren’t mentioned or thought of

        • Gabi says:

          Silva doesn’t really need to hype fights and give people false sense of hope like Chael did. He know people would watch w all the bs or not. The hype for that fight was not needed. It was already going to be the biggest fight anyways because of what happened in the first. I think it was all a distraction to make people forget about Chael using roids in the first. Wasn’t mentioned by anyone except Anderson a week before the fight. All the media seemed to have forgotten that the only way Chael did what he did was because he was on a extreme amount of TRT which was being abused at that level. That’s what made the rematch so interesting. And he still used roids what a joke

  4. maurice says:

    i wonder wat yushin and chael are talking about right now…

  5. ya herd says:

    he got a 100% right. nobody cared about sonnen untill his big mouth opened i know guys that live on my street, would beat sonnen in a fist fight hes a garbage fighter just a very good wrestler

  6. sigh* says:

    Why are people making such a big deal over words? you all need to get thicker skin, ooo he said this, ooo he said that. stop being a bunch of whiney little sensitive bitches. what is this highschool?

    • WrestlingRules says:

      What a sigh* of relief….Have you ever heard sooooo many crybabys before??? This stuff occurs everyday in very sport around the world!!! What many of these baby’s forget is that Silva did not want to fight Sonnen again. The constant taunting by Sonnen was to GET the fight. Silva only agreed to it once White told him that He can’t accept a fight because somebody has been mean to you. Once that happenned , the so called over the line stopped and Sonnen began his hyping of the fight. These guys make PPV cut deals and its also the reason Silva did what he did. The Silva zombies just get all butthurt when anybody challenges their drone beliefs about this guy…..They are weird little zombies when it comes to Nope Silva….

      • Gabi says:

        It’s an issue because anyone said that about the US they wood have been kicked out. Fighters get dropped for a tweet which has a limited audience. Promating had a worldwide audience. That’s why it was a problem

  7. Mike says:

    Sorry Ed but Chael is more exciting to watch, in and out of the cage, than your boy. You’re just butt hurt because he exposed Anderson’s weaknesses.

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