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Friday, 07/27/2012, 02:29 am

Silva’s Manager Calls For Catch-Weight Bout Against GSP And Labels Current Middleweight Contenders "Amateur Kids" | UFC News

By Jamie McAllister
In recent weeks the issue of the next Middleweight title contender has become a hot topic following Chael Sonnen’s loss at UFC 148. Mark Munoz was touted as the next contender and was dominated and finished by Chris Weidman. UFC newcomer Hector Lombard was also in position to claim a Middleweight Title shot with a win over Tim Boetsch but was defeated by the outsider Boetsch via split-decision after an uneventful bout.

In an interview with TATAME a member of Anderson Silva’s management team Jorge Guimaraes stated that the only bout that makes sense for Anderson is a catch-weight bout with UFC Welterweight Champion Georges St Pierre. He also labelled the current crop of Middleweights “amateur kids” 

“That’s a big joke. Everybody saw that it worked for Chael, and he got really famous with that, and now everybody wants to be on the spotlight. No opponent makes sense for Anderson at this moment. Unless we do a catchweight against Georges St. Pierre. They didn’t offer the fight, but he’s the only one that could do a super fight. Anderson has the biggest paycheck in the UFC, and you can’t promote an event with these amateur kids that are coming up now.”

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109 Responses to “Silva’s Manager Calls For Catch-Weight Bout Against GSP And Labels Current Middleweight Contenders "Amateur Kids" | UFC News”

  1. Slosh says:

    I totally agree, nobody matches up to Anderson at the moment besides GSP, only problem being, in GSP’s time out the ww division has filled up with contenders atleast 2-3 fights for him!

    • Quazzi says:

      Agreed. This is a fight that should have already happened and it needs to. GSP needs to fight silva at 185 or 180.

      • Bertram says:

        no they need to fight at 177 or 178. why should gsp have to go up 10 or 15 pounds at andersons call. anderson should be required to cut as much as gsp is required to gain. gsp is only about 190 as it is and anderson is over 200 so whether an extra 6 or 7 pound cut hurts anderson or not, it equally hurts gsp that hes naturally giving up like 15 lbs or more in size. and not making anderson cut extra gives him another advantage of having his natural speed and full strength he usually does. im not even a gsp fan but it isnt at all fair that he would be asked to change himself to make a fight with anderson. there should be an equal give and take

    • lolziez says:

      i dont care if theyre friends…we all know the catch weight fight should be with Bones Jones, but i think Silvas managers know GSP is a much easier fight of the 2

    • Sr.stinson says:

      No that is bullshit, why they didn’t say that like 2 or 3 years ago when gsp was healthy and good to go not when he is coming from an injury. What AS needs to do is fucking man up and fight jon jones even if he dont want to, I mean after all they are fighters is their job is not like we were asking them to do something crazy just do your fucking job and thats it.

      • bjjmma says:

        Bones is the one who stated he will not fight Silva.

        • Sr.stinson says:

          Both of them said they won’t fight each other. When Anderson got asked at the ufc 148 post fight press conference if he wanted to fight jones on a catchweight he put a wtf face and said nope and then jones agreed with him saying some shit like I respect him so much… bla bla bla, I have too much to lose… bla bla bla, what a couple of bitches although they would kick my ass very easily but still what a couple of bitches.

        • Pijan says:

          You say that, but if you were in their position you’d be saying the same thing they are.

        • Silva and his team said they didn’t want him fighting Jones also. Both fighters feel this way.

      • mma88 says:

        You’re from the same group who said he was ducking Sonnen, and then he beat Sonnen twice. Then you guys said he was ducking Lombard, who ended up looking pathetic. And now, you want him to fight out of his weight class, or else he’s “ducking” another fighter. Silva should just fight all the champions, so he won’t be considered “ducking” anyone.

        • Sr.stinson says:

          Even though I’m a sonnen fan I don’t buy all his bullshit, anyone with a little intelligence can tell when he’s trolling and when he’s been honest so no, I dont consider myself one of that group. As far as lombard, well I didn’t even know him before that fight, so wrong again. The reason why I want anderson to fight jones is because lately he has been complaining about lack of competition at 185, so if it bothers him so much why dont he do something about it and fight jones.

        • mma88 says:

          Sorry Sonnen and Lombard lost. Don’t worry, Jones will lose to Hendo next month. Then you’ll be complaining that Silva should fight Hendo a second time.

        • mma88 says:

          Idiot fans. The guy just only the #2 guy in his division for the 2nd time only two weeks ago. Let the other champs defend their title for a change. GSP and Condit are 170 pound champs, when did they defend their title last? Aldo should be coming up. Hendo will beat Jones for 205. After that a clearer challenger for 185 will have emerged. Silva can’t be expected to defend his title every month.

  2. captain crunch says:

    Bullchips!!! Set him up against Jon Jones!

  3. dogfart says:

    I think Anderson needs to tell Ed Saures to pipe down a little. its making him look bad.
    Anderson is quite a humble person, his manager however is getting a big dick off andersons success and is getting ahead of himself

    the mw div are not amatuers they are paid to fight full time and get healthcare. this makes them pro. most cannot beat anderson but does that make them amateur.
    this type of comment should be saved by the likes of Chael et al. Anderson shouldnt let Ed drag him to that level

  4. Xaninho says:

    Catch weight 195 against Jones maybe. Many casual fans want Silva to go up to 205 to fight 20 lbs heavier. It’s hard to go up 20 lean lbs within a year or so, especially when your 38 years old. This whole discussion wouldn’t have mattered 10 years ago when Silva was in his prime.

    If Jones has to come down 10 lbs. and Silva 10 lbs. up then that would even up things I guess. Ofcourse there’s still the weight, age and freak reach advantage for Jones, but Silva’s skills are so much better he could pull it off. I don’t think UFC wants to blemish either fighter’s record though.

    • Silva could go up though. He fought two fights at 205 in the UFC and dominated. He won both by “lights out” fashion.

      • Xaninho says:

        True, you’re right about that, he did pretty well. But that was a few years ago. He’s 38 now and not on the TRT crap.

        The extra weight wouldn’t be lean muscle mass and just slow him down.

        • That Guy. says:

          I don’t how it would be a problem for him. He has less weight to cut to get to 205. The only reason it won’t happen is because him and Jones are to concerned with their “legacy” if they really wanted to be the best, they would want to fight each other. Instead, they are more concerned about losing that fight and ruining their “legacy” then they are about winning.

        • Xaninho says:

          I already mentioned him going up to 205 would not mean a lean 205, but a 205 with too much fat. He does walk around much heavier inbetween fights, but that’s from living the good life, not from gaining lean muscle mass.

        • Let me explain says:

          You cut your body fat down getting more conditioned for the fight.
          The last 10 or so lbs is just water weight to finish off the cut.
          You cant think of it like “Oh well its less of a cut”… Yeah, that may be but he still has body fat on him and may not be as conditioned as he’d need to be

        • GRT 3000 says:

          Where did you hear that Anderson is on TRT? or am I understanding you correctly?

        • Xaninho says:

          No no I think you missread that. i said NOT on TRT crap.

        • GRT 3000 says:

          yup I misread it. :)


    • Reality says:

      I don’t think he’d try to put on mass for 205. Back when he fought 205 it seems to me that he just cut less weight. The issue is that Jon Jones is huge for his weight class and worse of a matchup for him than pretty much anyone else. I’m not saying he can’t win but that’s a high risk fight at this stage in the game. Personally, I won’t trust any of these stories till I hear it from Silva himself. So many stories keep floating around that get shut down with something else. Silva should clear out the division of these talkers who claim that they can beat him. People will pay to see him fight whoever they put in there. Weidman because of the style matchup..Bisping because people want to see Bisping get pounded(I have nothing against him) and even Belcher if he beats Vitor in impressive fashion. Maybe the manager is saying that to piss off the other middleweight contenders(if that’s what was said).

    • CoCiO says:

      Jones go down in weight? LOL..My god, everyone knows the dude is basically a heavyweight. it does not make any fucking sense for that fight to happen. If they want Jones in a super fight, do Jones vs JDS or Cain, whichever gets the belt..Give GSP to Silva..Nuff said.

  5. Me says:

    I’d really love to see it happen but the WW is too stacked GSP fight’s about twice a year and he still needs to face Condit and the winner off Hendriks/Kapmann and buy then even another WW name might pop up to fight for the title, If i was GSP I’d retire from the WW champion after the Condit fight let the winner off Hendricks/Kapmann face Condit if he wins, Rory if he wins or Nick when he comes back. Anderson/GSP is the superfight MMA fans have been waiting for years, Make it happen Dana!

  6. io31 says:

    That quote is so poorly translated that is is almost criminal. Here is what he said:

    “Weidman who? Anderson would rather fight GSP, who is much smaller and coming off of a major injury.Besides, GSP won’t be inconsiderate enough to point out Silva’s bullshit like Sonnen did. My client is a very sensitive person, although he is the only fighter in IFC history who got warned by the ref for being a bitch in a championship fight (UFC 112) he needs everyone to treat him respectfully. Besides, it will make more money for Anderson and he has a much better chance of beating GSP while looking like a ninja rather than having someone his own size grind on him. “

    • dogfart says:

      butt hurt phael fan

      • io31 says:

        Lol!.. Comeback fail my friend. .. Yeah, Silva refused to fight in UFC 112 because of …. Chael Sonnen.

        • cntybollax says:

          nah you are a douche, he made fun of maia as damien was saying how he deserved the shot and he was faster than AS
          anderson was insulted to even have the match up and from the start stated the fight was crap. he was getting sick of being thrown one dimentional fighters like thales leates etc and damien was just another one of those.
          fact is hes beat everyone and the MW div is pretty much a mess because of it

    • Wrestler66 says:

      It’s directly from TATAME a Brazilian website….. If only trolls could read

      Infact I know what he said too

      “I have an orange cat” OMG this translation is criminal ……. You sack !

  7. MMFT says:

    fuck that. rashad evans drops for a super fight. why would we want to see him against gsp. that’s completely slated towards anderson. and bones is slated completely against him.

    • M says:

      Probably the best suggestion here.

      He’s the MW champ and clear #1 P4P. Fighters should be dropping from 205 to challenge him.

      Evans. Shogun. Hendo. All make for interesting matches. Well see how much GSP has recovered from his injury against Condit before he even thinks of challenging the spider

  8. Mwill says:

    Real tough Anderson! You remind me of the playground bully who will only pick a fight with the younger/smaller person! If you are so excited for a “super fight” than Man Up and fight Jones, not the smaller GSP. I will let you go because I know you probably have a dog to kick, a woman to slap, or a baby to make cry you tough guy.

    • You Cant Be Serious says:

      You sir are an idiot. And who should anderson call out or try to pick on? You said he picks on younger/smaller guys, i guess you want him to fight, Randy Couture? Mark Coleman? How about Dan Severn?

      Gsp is a formidable opponent for Silva. Hes top 5 p4p, what more could Silva want in an opponent?

    • Dante Niro says:

      ^^^ haha get a load of this jackass hahaha.. only bitches, dogs and babies he slaps up are you favorite mw fighters pal… why u tryna hate .. gsp been fightiin 155ers his entire career bitch!
      skill wise, ppv buy wise , and legacy wise GSP is that dude .. fuck weidman,vitor, chael, munoz and the rest of em’ … bums, when compared to the SpiderKing
      smalller/younger person?? hes 37 u retard! everybodies younger than anderson
      SpiderSilva and Prodigy Penn… dont disrespect those names..ever…bitches!

      • Really... says:

        GSP’s been fighting 155ers his entire career?!… didn’t realize Shields (185er now), Kos, Alves, Fitch, Hughs and Hardy were LWs… the only 155ers are Serra and BJ, but feel free to name off the rest.

        • Dante Niro says:

          and non of them expect alvz might be as big a gsp.. youve seen george enter the octagon wayy bigger than almost everyone he fights at 170.. which i dont even think is a big deal.. Mwill was trying clown anderson saying hes calling out and picking on gsp (smaller guy) when ive heard gsp say out of his own mouth before ufc 94 he wants to fight bj penn for the name and the legacy who is ALSO the smaller guy.
          smh lol but anderson wants to fight george now and that makes him a bitch calling out smaller guys …. really?

        • ctyn says:

          I didn’t realize until this post that GSP got handled by two 155 lb. fighters. Serra and BJ (even though BJ technically lost the first fight). Although, GSP kicked both their asses in the second fight.

          But still, interesting that the shorter, smaller guys have been able to get inside and tag GSP a couple times.

  9. ed is a bitach says:

    fuck ed watever anderson’s bitachass manager !

  10. ganjaneer says:

    I disliike both gsp and silva, however I do think that fighting gsp is a bad idea for silva if he wants to win. Gsp is amazing at taking people down, and silva sucks ass at not getting taken down. He would obviously end up on his back w gsp in his guard and I think the outcome would be different then it was w sonnon. Sonnon proved he can be taken down and beat up. Calling out a smaller fighter then loosing is silly, might as well call out jones and if you loose, you have plenty of excuses. However the ufc has plenty of fighters and storylines and pinning 2 of their 3 poster boys against one another isn’t on their radar, just don’t see it happening.

  11. Zulwali says:

    Silva’s manager is a joke. Let the Champ talk. It’s them who is fighting. Chael may not won that fight but he wasnt scared to talk his mind. At the end of the day, it’s the fighters who is putting everything on the line. not the managers..not the fans.

  12. Michael hamlin says:

    Anderson needs to fight jones not GSP !!!!
    Anderson is a fucking pussy that’s why he wants to fight the smaller guy in GSP cause he knows he can beat GSP and jones would kill his stupid ass plus Ed source is trash and wants to protect his Anderson that’s why he acts like the love jones so much cause they are scared of him and trust me dana knows that shit is true!!!!

    • Bob says:

      jones dont want to fight anderson how come you dont mention that dumb fuck? you must be a chael fan & want silva to lose damn haters!!!

      chaels better then gsp & silva would crush him

    • bjjmma says:

      Jones has already stated that he will not fight Silva, not the other way around. Get your facts straight before you make unintelligent and misinformed comments.

    • KIDD433 says:

      Jon Jones needs to fight Dos Santos.GSP needs to fight Anderson.Dana White has been trying to make this happen for a long time.The problem is GSP is scared to death of MW Division,even though he walks around at 200lbs.He’s even more scared of Anderson.That fight will ever happen.George SAFE Pierre will never man up and accept that fight…

  13. Brend0magic says:

    Rashad makes a lot of sense, he’ll draw a crowd and ppv buys. I doubt Anderson would want to make that happen though. I know Rashad would jump on that chance.

  14. Cody says:

    IMO the only two fights for Anderson that make since is catch weight at 195 with jones r catch weight at 180 with gsp really it’s unfair either way jones is a good bit bigger not to mention younger than silva and vis versa with gsp but fact is jones walks around at 235 240 at like 6’5 gsp walks around at 200 6 foot on paper gsp silva makes much more since honestly for jones think about if jds keeps winning hw div isn’t very deep he could clean it out pretty after allister all these jones followers how about that super fight

    • Both Silva and Jones walk at 225 – 230 lbs, Jones is 6-3 w/84″ reach, Silva 6-2 w/77″ reach. GSP walks at 200 lbs, is 5’10, not sure of reach (74″?), not as long as Silva not as tall, not as heavy.

      Silva and Jones is the one the real fans want to see. They are a good match and it’s ridiculous to say otherwise they are almost identical with a significant reach advantage to Jones. If this is real, and i think it is, because of the comment about the amateurs, but it’s a classless move to call out the guy in the lower weight class when the guy in the higher one is in fact the same size and is healthy and ready to go.

      Silva and Jones should fight at 205 and Jones move on to HW after the fight and SIlva stay up at 205 and let the amateurs battle it out for MW.

      • Rodriguez says:

        Jones is 6’4 and is clearly a weight class above Silva, but I think Silva should fight GSP first, since he was the original #2 p4p, and then move up for jones

        • Cody says:

          Yeah I’m sorry if u act like u don’t see the big difference in size ur in denile I mean Anderson used to fight at ww jj prob hasn’t seen 170 since middleschool let’s just be real jj as sound fucking awesome but honestly u don’t think rashad rampage hell even bader couldn’t beat silva at 205 it’s not that there better it’s the size and wrestling with the gsp silva fight u don’t have to worry as much about Anderson size dif cause he won’t be trying to use it to hold gsp on the floor but honestly I don’t want to see Anderson lose jus because someone is a much bigger stronger wrestler where’s the fun in that

      • bjjmma says:

        Jones has already stated he has no intentions of fighting Silva.

      • Xaninho says:

        Silva is not a lean 205. He’s 38 he can’t be moving up in weight.

        Fighters his age rather go down a weightclass because it gets harder to maintain the same amount of muscle mass as the natural testosterone levels start to drop around the age of 35.

      • Ok, 6-4. A two inch difference. Weights and reach are pretty accurate, they are similar in size and a lot closer in size than Silva and GSP. And i see some are saying Jones said he wouldn’t fight Silva, he didn’t say that at all; he said “Since Silva said he doesn’t want to fight me, neither do i want to fight him”. But what does that have to do with anything? Pretty sure if dana said fight or forfeit your belt to an interm, he would very quickly say, “No problem when and at what weight?”. What does friendship have to do with anything in this sport?

  15. Bob'O says:

    Silva and Ed are afraid of Bones Jones. They had no issue moving up to 205 to face Griffin. = Scared. If you call yourself the best ever, then prove it by fighting Bones Jones instead of a much smaller welter weight in Georges. Even though, I am not entirely sure that GSP could not defeat Silva. Leaning more towards Silva, but Georges has a good shot because of his take downs. ~Bob’O

    • Rodriguez says:

      Griffin was supposed to be a challenge for Silva, being the previous LHW champo at the time. Also, he is known to take a punch (clearly not the case in that fight) and before you start trying to be a Silva hater and say he is afraid, remember that Jones also stated he would not fight Silva either. Maybe Bones is afraid, huh? Besides when has Silva backed down? Fighting Chael twice, Yushin Okami, Belfort…all were said to beat him, and yet he still defeated them.

    • bjjmma says:

      Bob”o, Jones has already stated he has no intentions of fighting Silva. I highly doubt Silva is scared of fighting Bones, more like maybe the other way around.

    • bjjmma says:

      Bob’o, Jones has already stated that he has no intentions of fighting Silva. I highly doubt Silva is scared of ruining his legacy by losing to Bones, however with Bones’ statements of not wanting to fight Silva I see it the other way around.

  16. Dee says:

    I remember a few years ago when Silva fought Maia, Joe Rogan said that he walked around at 194. It’s probably different now, but Silva probably couldn’t make 205 and still be in shape. GSP on the other hand walks around at 194, so doing a catchweight seems more reasonable. Either way GSP and Jones are two extremely difficult fights with huge payday.

  17. jbeamazing says:

    the difference in size against anderson and bones is the almost the same with anderson and gsp it makes him sound pussy to want to fight gsp and be scared to move up at the same time maybe if forrest griffin was champ it would be less scary

    • Rodriguez says:

      Griffin was supposed to be a challenge for Silva, being the previous LHW champ at the time. Also, he is known to take a punch (clearly not the case in that fight) and before you start trying to be a Silva hater and say he is afraid, remember that Jones also stated he would not fight Silva either. Maybe Bones is afraid, huh? Besides when has Silva backed down? Fighting Chael twice, Yushin Okami, Belfort…all were said to beat him, and yet he still defeated them. Plus, the GSP fight was huge when he was ranked #2 and no one knew bones. (Used the same comment as before because all you supposed mma fans say the same thing over and over)

  18. twopointfive says:

    So Sonnen proved that Silva can be taken down….and Machida proved that Jones can get punched…ur point ? GSP is good but overrated…..he hasn’t finished a fight in years it seems…including Josh Koscheck……Silva would DESTROY gsp easily. You losers want to see Silva and Jones fight because they’ve both KILLED your heroes….so if they fought each other ud get the satisfaction of at least 1 of them FINALLY losing lol….I hear no calls for Sonnen vs Machida or Evans or GSP or Nick Diaz….no calls for GSP to fight anyone credible really…Condit is a coward and Diaz is suspended, Rory is his friend…everyone else at WW sucks….it’ll be a boring decision like the last 10 gsp fights.

  19. BX81 says:

    GSP (don’t like him) needs to hurry up and beat point trying condit and then fight silva. This fight needs to happen now or it’s going to loose it’s meaning. Both are at their prime. I would like to see silva vs. jones but realisiticly jones has much more to grow in the sport. GSP vs. Silva makes more sense. I also think Silva would smash GSP if he can keep it on the feet.

  20. Weird 1 says:

    Silva would destroy gsp, they all got something to lose n all want to go out the best. I say let them be all the dominating champs that they are. Silva should just sit out for 6 months until the middleweight division has a contender, but ones coming soon tho.

  21. 691 says:

    look man,,my question is, how the fuck these motherfuckers make their money? from morons like you and me right, by spending money on the fight,right?then why the fuck when we wanna see these two fuck heads (silva and jones) all they care about is their legacy.hmm.wake the fuck up motherfucker,you want a legacy, go agianst the fucken best. i dont know thats just me talking. bj did it just for fun

  22. Obvious says:

    I mean the fight will happen eventually but GSP doesn’t have anything for Anderson, more than likely would just be another beating especially with GSP’s massive hiatus

    • well says:

      to be fair, Georges’ takedowns and ground game can make life difficult for Anderson but Anderson would clean Georges’ clock if they stood standing

      Think of it as a striker vs grappler fight if you will

  23. kbandse says:

    if GSP and Anderson Silva fight it will be without a doubt the biggest fight in MMA history more people will waqtch this fight on PPV than any other fight ever if this fight goes down it will make ufc fans happier than ever cause the fans have been hungry for this superbout to happen for a couple of years now and it will be a crazy fight both guys are untouchable at their weight classes this needs to happen for the sport for the fans and for the fighters

  24. kbandse says:

    if this fight happens it will be without a doubt the biggest fight in MMA history more fans will buy this PPV fight than any other both fighters are untouchable at their weight classes and they ARE the two best fighters in the world the fans have been hungry for this fight for a few years now and it needs to happen this fight is the most important fight (if it happens) ever not just for the fans but for the sport and for the fighters im not to big of a fan of either of these guys but you cannot debate how big this fight really is and how much it needs to happen

  25. Vitor says:

    Anderson just wants a superfight to see can get a shit load of money and retire. Just living off of that and his endoresement deals. But we all know Anderson won’t fight again till sometime next summer the dude loves taking on long layovers after a fight.

  26. Me says:

    All you casual/new MMA fans need to stfu about this Silva is picking on the smaller guy and is scared of Jones. The superfight between Silva/GSP is the fight that fans have wanted to see for years. Neither fighter have lost since then and now Soares makes the first step to try and make this fight happen and you guys say Silva is scared of Jones? Since when has Silva been scared of anyone? Jones dosen’t want to fight Silva period. GSP/Silva Jones/JDS Edgar/Aldo are the superfights that make the most sence

  27. A.James says:

    He’ll fight Jones after the GSP fight. The GSP fight has been a fight we’ve all been drooling over for years. Let’s see this fight and then talk about Bones.

  28. Michael hamlin says:

    Anderson is trash and scared of jones!!!!

    Stop calling out the smaller fight bitch and fight jones!!!!

  29. Dub says:

    I agree that is kinda weak Silva calls out GSP but wont fight Jones.

    Other than that all I have to say is Bisping. Hes respectfully stated that he wants to fight Silva. He matches up better in the stand up game than anyone Silva has ever fought BY FAR!!!!

    If Bisping doesnt get this fight then Silva will loose alot of respect from me for dodging. Maybe Bisping needs a new manager or something cause if I was Bispings manager I would be on the phone with Dana White everyday asking why my fighter hasnt got a title shot yet. He deserved a shot over Maia, Okami, Sonnen and more.

    • mma88 says:

      While other UFC champions ride the pine due to injuries, Silva has DEFENDED his championship more times than any other champion in UFC history, EVER. And he doesn’t just win, he FINISHES his fights.

      Point blank, Silva is going to retire as champ! Okami failed, Sonnen failed 2x, and the so-called great challenger, Lombard, was pathetic in his debut. No one will take his 185 belt. People now want to fight out of his weight class just so he has “a chance” to lose.

      UFC fans should just enjoy greatness before he retires.

  30. mma88 says:

    Keyboard warriors keep saying he’s ducking this guy, then guy. He beat his best rival (Sonnen) TWICE. Not just beat people like GSP, he FINISHES them. He avenged his “lost” (Okami) by pounding him out on the ground. Point blank, Silva has DEFENDED his belt more times than any UFC champ in their history. How in the hell is that ducking fighters?!

    • He’s fighting fighters 35 pounds lighter than him. Same as Jones – both in weight classes way below their weight. Now he’s run out of legitimate contenders and dana’s saying the MW div is stocked full of good contenders. Well Silva’s camp just called him out on that one saying they sere all amateurs – good! But then turn and call out a fighter in a lower weight class rather than call out Jones who’s the same size apart from his reach? Bullshit. Cowardly. Shoulda just kept their mouths shut, or go for it and do the Jones fight. Jones never said he wouldn’t, he just said he didn’t want to since Silva said he didn’t want to. Silva’s afraid of Jones that’s clear. Jone’s isn’t one bit afraid. Neither are they even real friends they don’t even speak the same language.

    • because he wont fight challengers to his title, only people he “deems” worthy. if a guy is on a win streak in the division he gets a title shot. Its how this sport goes. this isnt boxing.

      • mma88 says:

        Silva held a press conference and said he is sorry that he had to finish your hero twice now. So stop complaining about not fighting “challengers” to his title. You are in the same group of guys who were praising Sonnen as the next champ only a month ago.

  31. DVO says:

    lolz at you Silva haters. GSP is too scared to fight Anderson and Jones won’t fight Silva. Even if Anderson lost a fight he will still be considered the best Champion MMA has EVER Seen. That’s the truth

  32. so sick of hearing silvas camp say who he should and shouldnt fight, if a guy is on a win streak in the division and has even just a couple of top ten matches, the guy gets a fight. this isnt fucking boxing and you dont hold out to get a fight to make the most money. these fucks are trying to turn this sport into boxing-style promotion and Im sick of it. if hes too ld to defend his belt against whoever, fucking retire and pass it on. quit making excuses to not fight whoever. be on a streak, stay on a streak ,but quit turning down fights and his managemnent team needs to shut the hell up.

    • mma88 says:

      He just defended his title 2 weeks ago. You’re an idiot! When was the last time, Aldo, GSP, or Condit defended their title? Is he expected to defend his title every month?? Stupid comment!

      • LOL says:

        GSP is injured.. you try fight without being able to walk :) I agree that the others should have to defend their belt though.. hope barao doesnt wait for cruz and hope henderson beats edgar again for the sake of the lightweights + it would mean edgar aldo would be more likely to happen

  33. DeepSeaMoose says:

    Im sick of hearing all this catch weight bullshit. why should any fighter be pressured into fighting out of his division just to please the screaming masses and arm chair warriors? what would come after Silva vs GSP? Mabye Silva vs Bones. Then what? Silva vs a mountain gorilla? Silva vs 10 midgets? If this happens the result will be every champ that holds a belt for any time will be expected to jump around weights. Its a sport, not a sideshow, lets not turn it into wwe

  34. dana bright says:

    hey wheres the jack johnson molly ringwald fight being held

  35. IdarreL says:

    I think Allan Belcher could take Sylva.

  36. Krinkle says:

    I’d still like to see Nick Diaz vs Anderson Silva. Classic striker vs counter striker….

  37. Mute69 says:

    Silva should move up in weight and fight bonze Jones.

  38. k says:

    chael is nooo way better than gsp LOL (for the idiot chael fans) I think the ww division fighters are all better than the mw fighters with the exception of AS.. people need to remember that just because gsp now fights safe (so sad :( ) he has great stand up too and he wouldnt fall over after a spinning back fist lol I cant see any real contenders at mw (big fan of bisping and maia put them as one person and theres a legend but as they are they dont have a chance) lhw isnt as good as it used to be i think jones has made it boring :/ machida showed he can be beat but only for a round :( hw jds will ko cain again and then be set for overeem id like to see that fight but then maybe jones should move up (if he loses his title) the current champs have no reason to move weightclass unless they are looking to test themselves.. guess theyre all happy going down as the best in their weight

  39. Jyoung says:

    GSP got knocked out by matt serra, anderson would destroy him.

  40. Captain Ron says:

    I personally think that Anderson Silva is good, but not as good as everyone says he is. He fights some tough guys, but skill wise, they dont even match up well with contenders from other weight classes. His coaches always try to find the easiest matches for him so he can build his legacy. We saw the same thing with fedor, if Anderson decides to move down to fight GSP or move up to fight Jones, he will be exposed as not that great and not #1 p4p.

    • Steve Norris says:

      Man GTF outta here are you kidding me, what does he have to do to get his props just because he has no competition at his weight doesn’t mean he’s not good?!! Your probably one of those guys who thought Sonnen was going to beat him who knows nothing about mma…

  41. Steve Norris says:

    Hendo beat Jones don’t make me laugh. Silva shouldn’t “have” to step out of his weight class to fight anybody he’s the champ, fools should be moving up or down to fight him. When he has moved up to fight other opponents he has won so he has nothing to prove. Middleweight contenders need to step their game up…

  42. 2Guys1cup says:

    I want to see the Dana White vs Joe Rogan superfight.

  43. Pijan says:

    I think it’s weak everyone thinks Silva is a bitch for not calling out Jones. Silva already said he would fight Jones, so wouldn’t that make Jones scared of Silva? Silva has accomplished more than anyone possibly ever will in MMA. He’s dominated the last 6 years and has showed no signs of slowing down anytime soon. Silva is arguably the most dominate fighter to step in the ring. Jones is good, but he’s got a long way to go to prove he’s up there with Silva. To say Silva is scared of Jones is a load of shit.

  44. first of all i dont really care 4 GSP but come on guys a fight with anderson straight off a injury…let him at least have a couple of fights to get back in da groove……den talk of a fight as such….

  45. This is the dumbest matchup I have ever heard of. GSP is my favorite fighter but Silva would absolutely destroy him. The 185 division is in a completely tougher class. Silva has never been beaten in the UFC except for one opponent pussing out which caused Silva to be disqualified. He humiliates every guy he fights and makes it look easy.Silva has even knocked out two opponents at 205 yet matching him up against the 170 king is a good idea?? Silva needs to fight Weidman or Bisping if you ask me.

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