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Friday, 05/17/2013, 03:34 pm

Anderson Silva’s Trainer Says He Wants Silva To Defeat Jones In NYC Then Retire

“I want to see this as his last fight (in his) career – he wins and retires. ” That is what Rogério Camõess, one of Anderson Silva’s head trainers, told Tatame earlier this week regarding every fight fans dream match-up, Anderson ‘The Spider’ Silva Vs. Jon ‘Bones’ Jones.

While the fight appears inevitable following the news that ‘The Spider’ would be extending his contract by an astounding 10 fights, the UFC and each fighter have yet to come to an agreement. Silva reportedly requested a super-fight from Dana White following UFC 159, alas, White refused to say who exactly Silva asked to fight. Whether the issue be timing, the fact that both men still have challenges in their respective divisions, or that the stars just have yet to align, the proposed fight of the decade is still merely an idea. An idea that a man close to Silva wants to become a reality, just at the perfect time for the 38 year old pound-for-pound king.

Rogério Camõess told Tatame, “The biggest challenge would be Jones. First the natural question of size difference. In his division, Anderson has the advantage of size, but Jon Jones has even more. He has the same power as Anderson.” Jones would sport a nearly a 7 inch reach advantage over Silva, and one would imagine that Jones would weigh much more than Silva the night of the fight, but we all know a strong mind can overcome almost anything.

Camõess went on to say, “He (Anderson) is very reserved in his choices. When he decides he will fight, he calls me, Ramon Lemos, and Distak ,and asks if we think he should fight. But first, the decision is his. He never talked to me about it, I never said any name. He has a work ethic off the charts.”

“After this fight against Chris Weidman, perhaps he will fight Jones in New York, and we will prepare for it. We never chose a fighter. But I would like to see this fight against Jones yes. I think Anderson deserves to end up being called the best fighter ever.”

What does Penn Nation think? Should ‘The Spider’ fight Jones at the end of his contract in NYC? Who wins?

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0 Responses to “Anderson Silva’s Trainer Says He Wants Silva To Defeat Jones In NYC Then Retire”

  1. John G says:

    I cannot see Anderson winning this fight if it does indeed take place. Jon will be to much man for him.

  2. Sec says:

    Jon Jones vs. Anderson Silva, retirement fight for Anderson, Madison Square Garden.

    That has been my dream. I would be up there, front row. I’ve been saying this exact same thing for a long time now.

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