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Wednesday, 11/28/2012, 10:40 am

Anderson Silva’s Medical Team Says It Would Be A Crime To Send Him To Welterweight For GSP Fight | UFC NEWS

“It would be a crime for Anderson to try and fight at 77kg. He could maybe make the weight but the physical loss that he would suffer would be too much.”

“We have to respect St. Pierre, who besides being a great fighter is a monster physically. The Canadian would get a considerable conditioning advantage if they fought at welterweight division limits.”

“For me this fight should happen at 80kg (176 lbs), since that would already be a sacrifice for Anderson. It would be his first shot at this weight and we would have to implement a very specific work for him to be able to perform at 100% of his capacity.”

“Currently Anderson has been weighing 92-94kg (203-207) because he’s been thinking about this dropping weight to take GSP on. Anderson losing 3gk and St-Pierre going up 3kg would be more fair for both of them and for the public, who would watch a great fight.”

– Anderson Silva’s personal physician tells Fighters Only Magazine that his athlete should not take a fight at 170 pounds.


6 Responses to “Anderson Silva’s Medical Team Says It Would Be A Crime To Send Him To Welterweight For GSP Fight | UFC NEWS”

  1. stevo the great says:

    Sorry Anderson….you may be the best P4P fighter right now. But respectfully….if you are going to challenge a champion of a division you should have to drop to his weight class. Especially considering you are the larger longer fighter to begin with. I know super fight yadda yadda….but really GSP has nothing to prove by beating you. You have everything to prove by beating him, plus we all know if you beat GSP you are going to retire. You are great Silva….but in all honesty…you need to fight Jon Jones! It makes much more sense…and you just fought at LHW. Not only that LHW is your real natural division….you drop that extra weight to pick on the smaller fighters. Which to me doesn’t prove you are the best ever….but more as you only pick fights you know you can win. You even tried ducking Chael….cause he smothered you the first time and you were scared it would happen again. Yeah sure….you beat Chael twice….but what is that saying? Not much for best p4p if you ask me….how bout a real challenge for once. Fight Jon Jones. Fans want it more than ANY fight right now.

    • edgar says:

      that’s 150% true! silva even said he wants to fight GSP cause he is smaller then him and Jones is to big for him he says. he fought with bonner cause he is a slow fighter and plus griffin beat him.he is ducking Weidman too! silva let bonner hit him in the face why didn’t he do that with vitor Belfort ?? you silva are a big time pussy bitch

  2. zdog says:

    Stevo, stodon, Edgar. Just a few years ago u wanted this fight and now u don’t. What losers. Silva is going to destroy ur gap and then fight Jones.
    U guys are pathetic, keyboard warriors. Just sit back and enjoy the fights, who ever is matched up.
    Ur dislike for Silva is to evident. Still not over the destruction of ur beloved sonnen. Get over it JUNIORS.. to conclude, Edgar u are talking about Silva right, not ur mom. I was a bit confused. Bwahaha loser….

  3. Daniel Son says:

    youre all idiots except zdog. how can any of you dipshits talk about fighters ducking fighters. You should get in the ring with them then tough guy. im tired of all the crying about boo hoo silva is too big for GSP pick on the little guy and he needs to fight jones. Which is just as stupid because jones is a HW fighting in a division he shouldnt be either. So lets cut the bullshit too big too small talk. Ask Royce Gracie how he felt when he fought Him and UFC3. Size difference my ass cry babies

  4. Ray says:

    Wrong, wrong, wrong Stevo. You’re only right about the Jon Jones fight being the better match. Anderson Silva does not have “everything to prove” when fighting GSP, and that’s the most ridiculous statement you could make. Silva does not “pick fights he can win”. He wins all fights.
    You contradict yourself, saying that he tried ducking a guy he beat twice. Please stop posting on MMA topics.

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