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Monday, 10/10/2011, 12:47 pm

Anderson Silva’s Camp Responds To Chael Sonnen Challenge

“First the guy gets in trouble for fraud, then he tests positive for steroids, and now he wants to kick in someone’s door and slap their wife in the ass? This guy should be in jail; he shouldn’t be fighting. Chael is not the person that’s going to determine when [Silva] is going to take the fight. When he’s going to take this fight is when his shoulder is completely healed up, and he’s ready to start his training camp for the fight. It’s not because Chael says he wants to fight in February. Who is Chael to determine that? Chael needs to take a number and wait his turn. He got his opportunity, and he tapped. It’s not the first time he’s tapped, and I guarantee you it won’t be the last. Would it be a big fight? It would be a huge fight, but right now, it’s not so much who he’s going to fight and when. It’s making sure Anderson gets back to 100 percent before he gets in there.”

The above quote comes way of an interview with Anderson Silva’s manager, Ed Soares that was recently conducted by

With Chael’s most recent dig to Anderson Silva in front of a sold out arena and live television audience, the Brazilian champions manager expresses their dislike for the proposed challenger and unwillingness to abide to his terms just on the notion that he offered them.

With Dan Henderson lurking around the corner and also lobbying for a rematch with Anderson Silva, and the bargaining chips falling in the hands of the Brazilians management team, could Chael Sonnen have talked himself out of a signed contract?

The UFC can make any match they want, they can make the calls, set the date and venue and print the contracts up for the fighters to sign, but ultimately Anderson Silva is the one who has to execute the bout agreement and make the fight official. Would the ultimate stab at Chael Sonnen be to delay his title aspirations in favor for another fight?

Just a thought… What’s yours?


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  1. Robert Hersey says:

    This fight should happen next . Nobody in that division is ranked higher , this will be the fight to sell out Cowboy Stadium .

    • Read In Between The Lines... says:

      Soares is bringing up issues that were CLOSED: the real estate issue and the testosterone suspension. Why is he bringing it up? To distract everyone away from the Chael’s challenge. The challenge, and think about it, was extremely insulting and on an international scale (it was unreal). I don’t know if Anderson actually understood what was being said at the time, but his people sure did. The balance of the challenge favors Anderson (Chael knows that), so how can you ignore such a challenge without looking like coward. Soares knows this, and needs to somehow take the spotlight off of Anderson, distract the fans away from it.

      To Anderson (and whomever is speaking for him): say that you want the rematch to end this once and for all and get Chael out of the UFC. If Edgar could give BJ a rematch after that first win (in which to many people, Edgar lost), you sure can give a the person who was beating your ass for 23 minutes of a 25-minute fight a rematch.

      • William Green says:

        You hit the nail on the head!!! I I was Silva I would not want to fight Sonnen again either. I would also bring up all the past issues too, anything to make the fans and the powers at the UFC want to put off this fight. Silva’s team wants everybody to think that Silva has all the power to keep this fight from taking place but that is not true. Oh it is true that he doesn’t have to fight Sonnen again but if he doesn’t he will be stripped of his title so I guess in that sense he has the power to give up his title but since he is making a very good living fighting for the UFC I would say that if the UFC puts the contract in his face he will sign it!!! Nobody cares what Sonnen says, they want to see these two get it on in the cage!!! I could care less if Sonnen acts like a low life, I like the way he fights that is what I want to see, I don’t care what he does out of the cage.

        • Lorenzo says:

          You guys are retarded. Anyone that says Anderson is afraid of Sonnen is idiotic. Anderson can’t be beat when he’s 100% and i’m not even a big fan of him.

        • mmaislandjunkie says:

          sounds like you dont want anderson henry. anderson has nothin to fear from sonnen. sonnen cannot stop anderson. he can only hope to hold him down and throw bitchslaps until 25 minutes are up. well guess what? 25 minutes is a very long time to compete with a finisher and sonnen will be finished AGAIN but this time in much more dramatic fashion. cant wait to see what u will say then.

        • Xaninho says:

          If UFC would strip Silva of his title they will lose all credibility and that will be the end of UFC. Just like Strikeforce’s Heavyweight tournament lost all of it’s credibility after cutting Overeem.

          MMA Fans won’t like that and will stop watching the fights.

        • I know... says:

          …I wouldn’t stop watching. If the UFC justifiably takes the belt away from Silva, the message sent will be that no one fighter is bigger than the UFC, not even Anderson Silva.

        • Derek Owen says:

          I agree.Their not that Big (ufc) Where they cant consider their supporters opinion.

        • rjohnson2842 says:

          put yourself in Silva’s shoes… the guy lies, recants statements, talks about your culture and race, talks about your coaches, claims you ducked him for 6 yrs while you defend your belt against ppl in there prime!! ya’ll fought ONCE- you tapped him! he now challenges you after barely getting back in the UFC and submitting and overrated Stann! and now he wants to set the stage (AND CONDITIONS) for the inevitable REMATCH!!! the fight is gonna happen, why this crazy ultimatum??? and prior that he disrespects you and your wife ( and no one cares what he says), PLEEEASE! IF ppl didn’t care then they wouldn’t follow his tweets, writers wouldn’t write his nonsense, other fighters wouldn’t get mad at the things he says about them, – ppl care otherwise we wouldn’t be having this discussion. truth is you care AND you just wanna see Silva lose, irregardless of how insulting the guy is, he can get caught cheating while amped up fighting an injured Silva (still lose) and then he calls out the champ when HE KNOWS THE FIGHT IS INEVITABLE??? but listen up chael hopeful- your 11 loss boy will get his chance AGAIN, and it might just be a highlight reel unfavorable to your liking, and still the UFC MIDDLEWEIGHT CHAMPION OF THE WORLD ——–THE——Silva

        • Darren says:

          The callout is just good marketing! I do not care who wins, not really a fan of either fighter that much, but when was the last exciting Silva fight? Okami? Leites? Maia? Oh I know the Cote match? Why match Silva up with guys who are afraid to really get it on? At least Forrest came to fight, albeit he got knocked out, but he hid did come to fight.

          Anderson can take a page from Mayweathers book and fight for safety and money (and that is his perogative) and dodge the only fight anyone really wants to see him in, but do not claim you are there for the fans. Do not claim you want to be known as the best. If I were Silva’s management team I would dodge the any opponents that represented any kind of threat and try and get easy fights like say…Michael Bisping.

      • Skm says:

        Honestly as a fan I’d love to see the rematch between Silva and Sonnen but honestly Chael is such a punk that Anderson shouldn’t even waste his time. Chael would be getting what he wanted by acting the way he’s acting. If someone did that to me. I’d just laugh and give them what they don’t want. Is to not fight him. I’d say the biggest insult to Chael is make him wait a fight or two. Disrespectful prick

        • Jerome says:

          honestly as a fan I would like to see the rematch?? If you are a fan of MMA then you should NOT want to see the rematch, look at Chael, he is no good for the sport, he is a liar, juiced up foul mouthed A hole that helped contribute to hundreds of thousands of people losing their homes and jobs! The Fraud he committed was the same type of fraud that helped our banking industry almost fail, and yet people still want to see him. F that crap! He should be barred for life!

      • Dheeraj says:

        may be cause chael is on PEDs TRTs for evey one of his fights… it is prescribed by his doctor for low a low testosterone count.(prior TRT PEDs use) he is allowed to use TRTPEDs as long as he discloses it to the commission b4 each fight…. thats probaly why fighters dont want to fight him….i wouldnt want to fight a guy whos legaly juiced up either

        • John says:

          He’s not juiced up…he is given the treatments to “equal” the playing field… not to have an “advantage”…do some research before you say a guy is juicing.

        • Deeks says:

          He’s never proved that he needs it, he was 4 times the limit, and the treatment is banned in most professional sports in the US, because it can be taken advantage of. Do some research yourself.

        • Xaninho says:

          Dheeraj is right.

          henry and John you need to educate yourselves on the use of PED’s before calling people ignorant.

          The TRT is to get your testosterone levels back to normal, you’re right about that.

          But what you two fail to mention (deliberately or not), is the fact that the normal testosterone production of steroïd users slow down or come to a complete stop. THAT is why Sonnen needs the TRT…He is just 34 years old, so it has nothing to do with age and the slower testosterone production that comes with age.

          So please stop calling people names and educate yourselves, cause you’re making yourselves look really dumb this way.

        • Jerome says:

          Then why did he FAIL a drug test AFTER the silva fight??????????? BECAUSE HE WAS ALL JUICED UP!!!!!!!!!!!! Damn you are an ignorant punk!

        • kristian guirola says:

          he wasnt evening the playing field… wrong fighter… you need to do your research… he was juicing… smh…

        • bobby says:

          If he has to use drugs to even the playing field maybe he should find another job

        • John says:

          You’re right…I don’t know why Chael needs it….But I certainly didn’t call Dheeraj any names or call him ignorant.

        • Xaninho says:

          John that’s true. I apologize for putting you in the same box as henry Kobasky. Shouldn’t have done that.

      • Alex says:

        I know that Chael was winning the fight on points. but if you see that fight and look at Anderson and Chaels face you see how chaels face was a mess and how Anderson didn’t have a scratch. So I just like to point out when everyone is telling how Chael beat Anderson he pretty much just was ontop of Anderson in his guard while Anderson was just rolling with the punches and not taking any real dmg

      • jim says:

        Chael already said he backed out of the challenge, meaning he wont retire even if he looses, he blames anderson for not responding quick enought, but i think that if you make a challenge to win or retire and then say you wont retire even if you loose than that makes you a hypocrite

    • Lex w says:

      I hope it happens but it sounds like anderson is trying to pu$$y out

      • gene says:

        u must be a pussy for thinkin it chael a sore loser got the best then tapped like a bitch in the end like a loser he dont need a title shot at all disrespectful pussy.

      • rjohnson2842 says:

        pussy out, hmmm who tapped- why not just go to sleep or let him break your arm- but don’t pussy out and TAP!! wrong choice for an 14-0 champion who has records in the UFC and who has been champion 2x before his UFC title run, pussy is tapping and then get caught cheating is just pussyness, pussyness??? talk about a culture and then don’t face the music in brazil (ufc 134), make statements about lance and the retracting those statements later, pussy is talking trash about a culture and then when in the car w/ a brazillian fighter get pussy tongued all of a sudden- cant you see that your boy chael is the pussy??? pussy is calling out the champ when YOU KNOW THE FIGHT IS GONNA HAPPEN!!!??? thats like the high schooler who talks trash in front of the teachers, after school swings his best shot/s and still LOSE, thats pussy…

        (for all intended purposes I know tapping is smart to save your career, I’m just making a point)…

        • ken says:

          All of you need to really learn about the whole “juice” talk. Everybody throws out the steroid thing as if that is the make or break in why somebody won or lost, or has an edge or who is a pussy. First of all, I am a user for 15 years now. Its apparent to me that everybody is a “know it all” but obvious you don’t know shit.
          First of all, nobody knows what anybody is taking. If you do, prove it! I would have to say that 90% of people in the UFC use some form of performance enhancing drug. Even people who look like, Silva, Diaz and Penn who you can see look sloppy as hell can still use. I know many who personally use who you would never suspect. Guys that look like the ones i just mentioned. Only if a guy looks buffed does he use… ok ok… know it all’s! funny shit. This is a sport where drug use is more widespread that football and baseball. Its cock fighting in a gym. If 90% use it and 10% don’t like Diaz, Penn and Silva then guys, i suggest you join the masses or shut the fuck up. They are fighting. If they were working a desk job then I can see them not using something. Mainly the drugs are used for healing, not to improve your skill as a fighter. Look at Check Congo! Check his T levels. I guarantee they are higher than most but because he looks like that he is a cheating fool like GSP or whoever you guys make fun of. The difference between Check and GSP? GSP wins like Bonds so of course ignorance has to play in. You are “SHEEPLE”! If Bonds or GSP used but not successful do you think you would talk about them? This is fighting, not working a desk job and Apple. get over the juice thing!

        • Jamie says:

          Since when does competing in mixed martial arts require that someone juices? Sounds pretty god damned stupid to me. Would you want your surgeon to rail up a big line of coke before performing surgery on a loved one? There’s no place for drugs in MMA, save for post fight healing.

    • MMA All Day says:

      CHAEL SONNEN = ROIDS! then…trt, cuz he has no balls. Book him on Jerry Springer with the rest of his kin-folk.

      • Deeks says:

        Dude thats laughable. Taking these things will impact on your performance in the ring. You can train harder and recover quicker, meaning in a training camp you can work harder and be stronger than you would without it.
        Dana White has also admitted that Silva had an injury going into that fight, he wanted the rematch because Sonnen has come the closest to anyone to defeating the Champ in the UFC, and because of the drama of the first one. All DW cares about is the $$$. Sonnen doesn’t deserve a rematch at all for everything thats happened, but he seems to be the only one that can give Silva a run for his money! TRT or not bring it on!!

        • robert says:

          anderson always hides behind these injuries or so called injuries. i agree the spider is the goat but sonnen beat his ass

      • MMA All Day says:

        Dude, yer post is too long. Haven’t got all day fer your shit. Ne-ways, I’m sure what you wrote is a bunch Sonnen taint lickin bull-honky. He’s a ROIDER henry. accept it.

      • Xaninho says:

        Can YOU back your nonsense up with some medical journals? Get off your high horse and stop spreading those fairytales.

        Steroïds slow down the body’s own testosterone production. That’s why he needs TRT.

        The way he is behaving also shows characteristics of Steroïd using. He’s a megalomaniac, aggressive and full of himself.

      • paullyc says:

        Henry: You obviously know very little about BJJ. Pulling out a submission is not fluke – it takes many things going right in order to execute it properly. Sonnen gave Silva his best bout yet – but A.S. stopped him with some great Jiu-Jitsu. End of story.

        Also, Roid Rage = Real – Bacne = Real – Shrinking Testes = real
        Dude – I highly recommend doing some more medical research before before going on a huge roid induced rant. Just because you may have sidestepped the adverse affects – doesn’t mean they aren’t real. I have never gotten AIDS – but I’m pretty sure you can get it from unprotected sex.

        Long story short – It would be a great battle. I look forward to it. I also look forward to (hopefully) seeing Sonnen have his mouth shut – even if it’s only for a little bit. I love his gum flapping – but can only take so much of it.

      • Seeto says:

        Duuuuude you are f’n tripping on every level!

        If you use steriod’s when you don’t have a deficiency you WILL experience adverse affects. It is not normal to overload your body with Testosterone. Chael was clearly abusing his situation, he obviously DOES have a dificiency, but testing 4 times higher than the normal level IS cheating.
        As for you saying Chael is the better fighter, well, that’s completely untrue. If you said Chael is a better Wrestler, then you would be correct. Records (in and outside of UFC) clearly show who the better fighter is. Chael tapped, he could not escape, he was going to sleep. Regardless of the previous rounds it’s a 25 minute fight, if you tap out during that 25 mins, you LOSE. Chael can talk all the shit he wants, and all the redneck’s who follow him can do the same…. but the reality remains, Chael was using his skills he has gathered through years of training, as was Anderson, and Anderson prevailed. End of story. Instead of dwelling on the LOSS and talking shit to convince himself he is the better fighter… he should get in the gym and train like a mofo to improve the holes in his game (I would suggest submission defence) like a TRUE champion would (GSP). Stop using Roids mate, nothing can substitute for hard work. : )

      • BORICUA says:


    • Casey Gapol says:

      Sonnen v Hendo

  2. Fortyb4five says:

    Considering Dan is now set to face Shogun I would say Anderson vs Chael is the fight to make.

    • Ly-er_Ly-er says:

      I actually wanna see Chael go against Henderson to determine the next challenger for Silva. To me it makes sense, cause both had their chance the first time and if they defeat one another then that person should be deemed worthy for the next title shot!

      • sup says:

        that fight wont happen but even though that F***king prick chael says he never ever ducks anyone and anderson is the one who ducks everyone he is to big a p***y to fight dan he just wants the paycheck for getting he ass kicked by silva.

      • Andy says:

        deberian hacer un torneo de 4 peleadores y el que salga vencedor pelea contra Anderson Silva

    • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

      I agree with you.

      Seriously why are people talking about Anderson vs Hendo? He is LHW right now and has a possible title shot against Jon Jones is he defeats Shogun. Doesn’t that sound like an amazing fight?

      Chael deserves another fight with Anderson because THIS was a possible set up for a match with the Spider. Dana even said it would be stupid if he didn’t make it happen. Anderson fans should stop protecting him and let him fight for his family’s honor and MW belt legacy. Chael has been talking trash forever and this is the most exciting fight for the MW division in forever. The winner of a Mark Munoz vs Leben fight is not as an exciting as Chael vs. Anderson.

      Would Anderson’s camp be averse to a Brian Stann title if he won?

  3. raul says:

    Why should Chael get a rematch at all? From what I remember u had ur chance and tapped that means u lost when u had the oppurtunity and Anderson was injured the only reason the fight went into the 5th round is because Anderson said he was gna win by submission which he did…….chael your sorry

    • Meatus says:

      They gave Okami another shot, and he was fucking awful. Chael and Henderson might be the only top slotted people who won’t make another shit fight against Silva. I’m tired of paying all that money for PPV just to watch Silva humiliate a sub-par opponent. Chael, like him or not, is the only person to ever dominate Silva…his camp is scared.

      • spiritsplice says:

        It isn’t called being dominated when you lay down for the guy.The first fight was a work.

      • Brad says:

        Where in all that do you get “his camp is scared” from? All he said is that its not gonna happen WHEN Chael says he wants it to happen. Instead of fighting him with an injury this time and pulling off the last minute win he wants to make sure he’s 100% so he can obliterate this loud mouth and MAKR MY WORDS he will destroy him in 3 rounds or less

      • Tom Ryan says:

        Okami got a rematch 6 years after an outside-the-UFC opening round tournament disqualifaction which SIlva knocked Okami the f*** out, as opposed to Sonnen who’s TAPPED and gets a rematch after one fight. PS, Okami doesn’t suck. Anderson’s just that good.

        Sonnen’s a hack, and a f***ing criminal who avoided prison by the skin of his teeth. He plead guilty to Money Laundering and Mortgage Fraud like three months after he tested positive for illegal testosterone levels, which is a suckass way of cheating. The only reason Sonnen avoided prison is because he’s a f*ckin rat. Maybe he should stop talking about his “block” and “where he comes from” because A) there is no hood in the middle of the f*ckin corn field he’s from and B) he should keep his eyes on where the f*ck he’s going.

        “Taking steroids is just like pretending to be handicapped at the special olympics” [-Jimmy Vulmer] — AND SONNEN STILL TAPPED TO A GUY WITH A BROKEN RIB. Then he sexually harrasses Silva’s wife [saying he’ll ‘slap her on the ass and have her cook me a steak’]. Honorless dog!! And this guy deserves a rematch?! F*ck that!!

        F**k Sonnen! Let that b*tchmade, crooked, juiced-up rat go to jail!

        To Anderson: will you please knock this Motherf*cker out COLD– or make him submit, but when you feel him tap SQUEEZE and PULL HARDER.

        • MMA All Day says:

          I agree with everything you said man. Sonnen is a trailer trash piece of shit; he’s turning the UFC into the Jerry Springer show. If I was Silva, I wouldn’t take the fight, just to be a cunt. Like you said, he had his shot…and yet still frothing at the mouth with ROIDS, fighting a guy with a broken rib he tapped. Why should Anderson give him another payday? Fuck em’ If I was Dana, I’d put him against Maia and/or Vitor first. Make him earn his way back, instead of running his mouth to create hype.

        • MMA I'm Gay says:


        • Seeto says:

          Tom Ryan, well spoken. Is this the guy we want children looking up to Dana?

    • Kevin says:

      Raul, are you seriously arguing that the only man to ever, ever, ever compete with Anderson Silva in the UFC shouldn’t get another shot? Rematches happen all the time, so your notion that he shouldn’t get a shot b/c he lost the first fight is absurd.

      Chael beat the snot out of Silva for 4 and a half rounds, he got caught in a choke by the guy everyone considers the #1 pound for pounder in the world. If Silva doesn’t give him the next shot, then Silva is simply scared.

      • burnintrees420 says:

        @ kevin, just because silva doesnt give him the rematch next doesnt mean that he is scared. Yes chael should get a rematch but should a guy thats breaking all the rules get to decide when the match happens, NO… U dont reward people for breaking rules, that just aint how it happens.
        Also do any of u even realize that during training chaels testosterone levels are higher than elite 21yr old athletes……
        Anderson should take a fight or 2 while chael takes a fight or 2 and if silva is still the champ and if sonnen hasnt lost in that time, make it happen….
        By the way he hasnt seemed to avoid sonnen fights but silva has defintley ducked hendo…..

        • MMA All Day says:

          I agree, well said.

        • Ryan M says:

          He earned his rematch by dominating a top contender for the division. He paid the price for his elevated testosterone and is taking his lumps for the money laundering. He may be a douche, but he has done everything right. He hypes fights, gets fans and anti-fans (either will want to watch him fight), and he beats high level competition. Anyway you look at it, this fight has to happen.

      • Mirc says:

        I do recall Chael being the one with a busted, cut up swollen face..while anderson didn’t have a scratch…yet everyone keeps saying that chael beat him up for 4 rounds…no, he took him down, and pitter pattered him lol

        • ENK says:

          Finally we get a comment from somebody who actually watched the fight. Chael took AS down on multiple occasions but could not finish the fight. If this were college wrestling then Chael would have won but this is MMA and you either have to finish your opponent or go the distance outpointing your opponent in an impressive fashion none of which Chael accomplished. I do not know which ribs were injured but I did notice that AS protected his right side more than his left side and on a few occasions it looked as if he could not pull off maneuvers that he usually does. Nevertheless, how can anyone say AS is scared when he attacked Chael at the start of every round and he submitted him to retain the belt????

        • XSTFU says:

          The GREATER fighter is the one that finds a way to win even after being dominated in majority of the fight.

        • Pete says:

          No, the better fighter is the one whose hand is raised. It’s Ultimate Fighting, it’s not boxing, it’s not wrestling, it’s not judo; it’s not karate; it’s not jiu jistsu. It’s whose hand is raised.

      • Jessica says:

        Did you watch the same fight that Chael watched?? hahaha go watch the fight again.

    • sb350 says:

      Raul, to answer why should Chael get a rematch at all, that’s because CHAEL SONNEN GAVE ANDERSON SILVA A BEATING FOR 4 ROUNDS, YA IDIOT.

      • MMA All Day says:

        yeah, ON ROIDS, yah idiot. Oh, and he still tapped.

        • MMA I'm Gay says:

          you’re my idiot

        • MMA All Day says:

          I’m gonna fuck yer ass in my dreams til’ you love me. mmwwaaa

        • MMA I'm Gay says:

          you already have, but didn’t know it. love ya!

        • zoeldog27 says:

          yeah your mum left her panties on my floor tell her to come get them Chael on steroids get a brain , do you think the ufc would have any roiders in the organization think nate marquart if there was anything anything untoward about Sonnen he would be gone from the UFC and if any of you so called UFC fans are perpetuating this then all your doing by bagging on Sonnen is bagging on the UFC, idiots!!! your putting the sport u meant to love down

    • D says:

      why wouldn’t he get the rematch? he took it to the champ for 5 rounds and was very close to winning that fight despite the submission…and his performance on Saturday night beating a top contender in Stann just validates it…there isn’t anyone else in that division that is deserving to fight the champ besides Sonnen…Hendo is already scheduled to fight Shogun…tell me who in the MW division is deserving for a fight with the champ? no one…and from a marketing point of view, why wouldn’t they make this fight happen? this is the fight that everyone wants to see and will put asses in seats…

    • robert says:

      But shogun got his chance but got a rematch anyway. Same thing. Its about money and chael should get the rematch

      • Justin says:

        All you people loving up on Chael need to realize that he fucked up! He got caught using an illegal substance and doesn’t even deserve to be part of the UFC anymore. Yeah so what, he did his time right? Even though Chael had him down for 4 rounds did you notice how easy it was for Silva to get back up when he actually wanted to? Silva said specifically that he was going to make Chael tap in the 5th round, and that is exactly what he did. Make his hopes high when he is winning and then break all of his spirit by doing exactly what Silva said he would do. Silva is a beast and Chael is a fraud. He doesn’t deserve a shot. Rest up Silva, Hendo is next for you most likely. And after that, you may end up at 205 fighting Bones. Looking forward to that fight.

        • DontBeScaredHomie says:

          Hendo doesn’t even deserve a shot beating a washed up fedor is nothing. He would just get beat down by silva like he did the first time hendo has nothing but a right hand and that’s not enough he can’t even handle silva on the ground unless he wants to be a blanket for 5 rounds or at least try to be. Chael is the only one to give silva a fight so let him have his rematch im sure he will lose again chael is a master at tapping out when everything is on the line im sure this time wont be any different. His 5-4 ufc record should speak enough about his submission defence.

        • Lambo says:

          Are you seriously talking shit on Dan?? All he has is a right hand?? Why don’t you come out to Temecula CA. And i will bring you to train with me and ill let Dan know what you said and you’ll find out first hand what he has! You fucking keyboard warrior…

        • thurgood jenkins says:

          i agree silva and bones could possibly be one of the best fights in UFC history. was holdin out for silva/gsp but don’t think that’s happening anytime soon

    • kirby says:

      ok enough of the anderson was injured b.s. according to his camp and manager he is always injured in every single fight. so thats getting old.

      if you will go back and watch the fight the so called tap is completely questionable..
      he beat the piss out of anderson for 5 rounds and your saying anderson let him do that so he could submit him in the final minutes ok you are stupid

      • Xaninho says:

        Hahaha please…..Which mental facility forgot to close your door? You are clueless! Sonnen used PED’s and he tapped like a bitch and then tried to recall the tap out

        Silva was doing just as he planned, waiting for a chance to submit Sonnen, which he did.

      • haychdubbya says:

        HAHA are u a fukkin retard??? questionable tap??? god guy get off his nuts lol ….
        him and his camp are known for their short taps and then try continue after their opponent let’s up….. you made my day lol

  4. rjohnson2842 says:

    Man, Chael is a genius @ marketing himself!! hands down he is second to none in regards to selling a fight/ but Silva is the champion who knocked out Vitor convincingly(1st man to do so) and who defended Yushin’s wrestling and ko’ed him also convincingly… he’s 37 and have already tapped Sonnen (while injured). Sonnen calling the shots is ridiculous.. Sonnen should wait his turn/ try submitting Vitor, try submitting Maia then holla at the true middle weight champion… ppl all hung up cause Sonnen outwrestled Silva, so did Hendo, Lutter, & Carlos newton in his prime and they all tasted finishes just like Sonnen- so marketing champion just needs to wait till the true champion says its a go… whether he takes another fight in betw is up to him, or waits! he is no way calling the shots…

  5. Randy says:

    since when does a challenger to a belt who tells the ref to stop the fight b/c they can’t take the pain being inflicted upon their body deserve an almost immediate rematch?….(not to mention that challenger was caught juicing for the fight and still lost)….at this point i would rather see Dan get a shot if he can beat Shogun just b/c I don’t want to see a cheater be rewarded by the biggest MMA organization in the world

    • CrushedByYourMom says:

      1. A triangle choke isn’t painful.
      2. It was TRT not steroids. There is a difference.
      3. Sonnen and Henderson are Silva’s only threats right now, and Sonnen’s performance against Silva was much more impressive, so yes he deserves a rematch.
      4. Henderson does TRT as well. That’s why he can compete at this level at his age.
      5.You’re stupid.

      • Xaninho says:

        1. He still tapped like a lil bitch
        2. He needed TRT because his body stopped making it’s own testosterone. When does that happen? Right! when someone is using Steroïds!
        3. Sonnen is on a 1 fight win streak. Henderson on a 3 fight win streak.
        4. Henderson is 41 and Sonnen just 34.
        5. Seeing all your silly arguments can be flushed, you’re stupid.

        • CrushedByYourMom says:

          Xaninho, Judging by the first sentence in your argument, you know nothing about actually fighting. You’re just one of those tapout posers who goes to watch fights in bars and screams “yeah fuck him up” so the fighters who actually understand what is happening cant enjoy themselves. I dont understand your argument on 4. And if you’d ever been through a rigorous month long training camp you would realize that training for 6-8 hours a day depletes your testosterone. I dont condone TRT, but at least know what you’re talking about asshat.

          JD, I knew the Randy fans would argue with me. The man is a freak of nature pure and simple. He is literally a one in millions physical specimen. Enough said.

        • Xaninho says:

          Hahahaha You’re saying I know nothing about fighting and yet I got 20 years of experience in TKD and Thaiboxing under my belt douchebag.

          You don’t understand my argument at number four cause you’re a clueless keyboard warrior. Sonnen is just 34 yo, he needs the TRT to replace what his body stopped producing. Henderson is 41 so his normal production could have slowed down cause of age.

          I could only train 2 hours a day, cause I had school and later on work during daytime. In the weekends I competed at National and International tournaments. So no I never experienced training 6 to 8 hours, and neither have you.

          Now stop assuming shit about people and stop posing like you’re some kind of authority on MMA dipshit.

        • Ex-ho.. No one asked for your retard response. STFU u nimkumpoop! Go put your retard helmet back and bounce off the walls at your momma’s mobile home.

      • riDICKulous says:

        hahaha! the funny thing is you’re so stupid. just like chael!

        anyway most of these guys in the Ultimate Fake Championships take some form of PEDs. without them they’re just like you and me. you people idolise them as though they’re so great! plain stupid.

      • JD says:

        1. A triangle choke is painful…
        2. I agree
        3. I agree
        4. Not necessarily, does that means randy has been doing TRT since he was 40? Nope
        5. …

      • effyocouch says:

        Triangles aren’t painful…but he had a triangle-armbar (notice how Silva was holding Sonnen’s arm). And that, my friend, is pretty painful.

      • phil sparagna says:

        No, a triangle isn’t painful, nor is any choke, but it inhibits your ability to breathe. Sonnen tapped out. Is an armbar a more decisive victory because it is painful? A tap is a tap. It means you give up. With that being said, I’d love to see a rematch just to shut Chael up.

  6. Glynn says:

    Sonnen finally finished someone. It took him four years, but he finally did it! Go Sonnen!

  7. richard says:

    big talk from someone who got ther arse kicked for nearly 5 full rounds . a lapse in concentration cost sonnen a title. i remember quite clearly silva walking back to his changing room like he was drunk wobbling everywhere from the pasting sonnen give him. if he backs out we all will know he was hurt badly and is to scared to fight sonnen again

    • Xaninho says:

      Silva had a plan, waited for his change and took it. He was out to submit Sonnen to prove a point, since Sonnen was talking trash about BJJ. We all saw Sonnen tap like a bitch and needing help to get up.

      • Gotta disagree with Xaninho. Silva hoped to catch the submission… threw it up.. and got it….. He was getting his ass handed to him in every department prior… INCLUDING striking.. He was dropped a couple times by Sonnen’s punches. He had zero answers for Sonnen’s take downs. Sonnen absolutely dominated that fight prior to the tap. So if your implying that Silva somehow allowed this to happen then decided to throw up a triangle and win… I think your sadly mistaken. Sure he might have wanted to win the fight by submission…. but I doubt he banked on getting his ass beat for 4 and a half rounds to do so. And he knew he was going to be on his back the whole fight….so play the odds……. if your going to win…… off your back… how would you expect to do it?
        Answer… submission.

  8. duvalpaul904 says:

    Anderson at 205 is what i wanna see…. bones vs. silva!!!!

  9. steroids LOL team cat house is maddddd. poor guy

  10. sekani leslie says:

    to be honest as a fight fan i would love to see this fight, and dana white is a fight promoter and he knows that making the fight on super bowl weekend will put money in his pocket. but he has to be fair, cheal’s last fight was a year ago and people have moved up and down the ladder. he should have atleast two fights before he can even think about a title shot. he should either fight bisping, maia, belfort or okami again. what do you guys think

  11. Ryan says:

    He’s pretty much last real contender at the division. He easily handled Brian Stann without any steroids, i say gave him another shot

  12. sgt thai clone says:

    Before he tapped he was beating Silva like a red headed stepchild,Truth of the matter is lost the fight ,But he whopped andersons ass

  13. rayed says:

    TrT— testosterone replacement fucking therapy!
    Not roids!

    Anyway… Dana is all about money nand over hyping people. They will obviously give chael the next shot at the champion. It will be the highest rated ufc card up to it’s date.

    I mean you gotta be crazy to do otherwise.

    • 3ric says:

      Rayed you can try and tell these ignorant Silva nut hugging fans the facts but they never listen and comprehend. .10% over what the commission says the normal testosterone level should be. He never took steroids and that is a fact. People hear a negative comment and accept it and add to the dogpile of ignorance without researching facts before opening their mouths. Those are Anderson Silva fans for you. Chael did not pull a GSP or Jon Fitch on Anderson, he did not lay on him for 34 minutes. He impossed his will and beat Anderson up. Yes he did get caught in a submission but the next time around Chael will finish Silva, you can count on it.

      • Xaninho says:

        Sonnen is fucking 34 years old! Why you think he needed TRT? Cause his body stopped producing it’s own testosterone cause of Steroïd abuse!

        3ric you say Silva fans are denying facts, but the truth is people like you who apparently like cheating, loudmouth losers like Sonnen are denying the true facts. His Testosterone wasn’t ‘just a bit too high’ It was a significant unusual higher level of testosterone.

        Take your head out of Sonnens ass and keep the facts straight.

        • rayed says:

          Where the hell did u read that they were “significantly higher” post some links because I read in two different creditable sources (one being shredog) that with trt chaels levels were still lower then Silva’s. Silva’s levels were naturally higher after the fight.

          I think Silva just froze up because no one has ever brought the fight like chael did. Everyone is so intimidated by him he just destroys them.

          I think Silva will be prepared this time around but will still lose. Because in the end Silva will always be just an immigrant Brazil and chael, a gangster from America

        • Xaninho says:

          George Dodd the CSAC executive director stated that Sonnen’s levels were not just a bit higher, but significantly higher.

          Just an immigrant Brazil? Get back in your trailer you idiot!

          And Chael Sonnen is no gangsta he’s a wanksta.

        • Elyas says:

          @rayed. you do realize that you are only an immigrant if you immigrated haha? and last i checked those ”immigrants” from brazil have beat up a lot of americans in the ufc

        • rayed says:

          @xaninho was it significantly then it was before? Or what is it comparison to?

          I’m for sure going to look it up!
          Post a link if u can brah. I shall do the same.

          And get back in my trailer? Haha how did my last post imply I live in a trailer?

          Hostility is not necessary gov-na. Leave it to the keyboarding bullies. I want facts because I’m a fan of both fighters.

        • zoeldog27 says:

          a normal level is 7.0 Sonnens was 7.1 get ur facts right dickhead

      • MMA All Day says:

        Quit saying nut hugging you fuckin fag. Go suck some ROIDS out of Chael’s dick. Anderson has beat everyone…do you get that?! Fuckin everyone! Including your little ROIDED out Jerry Springer trash hero.

      • Chris says:

        You are completely right. He did not lay on him for 34 minutes, because title matches are only 25 minutes long. Take that whole comprehension thing for a whirl once in a while.

        • 3ric says:

          Damn you got me oh wise one but you werent smart enough to realize it was a miss type of a 3 instead of a 2. Nice try thou.

        • Chris says:

          Why should i automatically make assumptions about your intentions? Intelligence has nothing to do with it.

    • MMA All Day says:

      yeah testosterone tends to go down when you get old, OR you have no balls, OR you have no balls because you’ve been taking ROIDS!

      Chael = Jerry Springer show trash on ROIDS

      Make him fight Vitor or Maia first…he’s only on a one fight win streak. Let him prove it up some more if he’s all he says he is. Anderson doesn’t need to prove anything; he’s fought fucking everybody and destroyed them.

      • zoeldog27 says:

        are you kidding Silvas list of wins are a bunch of no-ones what Patrcik Cote is a elite fighter not likely look at who Silvas beaten a bunch of no-ones appart from Sonnen or Hendo hes fought no one, now lets look at Sonnens record he has beaten every champ at middleweight in every organiztion except the UFC Silva cant claim this nor has Silva been an olypian like Sonnen & Hendo have and u say were all sucking Chaels dick sounds like u need to take ur tounge outta Silvas arse

    • to clarify…. TRT… is a form of anabolic steroids. Testosterone is the founding father of all steroids. You can call it anything. Steroids.. TRT.. PED… Ergogenic aids…. its all the same…. does it matter NO. Why? because for the most part… they are ALL on them. Even Silva.

      Royce fucking Gracie tested positive for steroids. Chris Leban… tested positive for steroids. Nate Marquadt. They have all dabbled in the juice. These are just a few names that were caught.
      I’ll bet 95 percent of the athletes on the professional fighting level have some experience with PED’s.
      Fuck.. baseball was on them. We know football is on them. They’re ALL on them man.

  14. steven horgan says:

    jesus if i was anderson i would be delighted to get chael in the cage and hurt him after those comments, sounds like soars is a bit worried for silva in the fight,,no way will chaels antics lose him the fight if anything its generated more hype and if dana says jump u can betsoars will say how high,,this is a guaranted match trust me

  15. Justen says:

    Chael should not get a rematch. He is an idiot. Anderson will kill him.

  16. 3ric says:

    Anderson Silva is a pussy.

  17. Ryrie says:

    Chael sonnen is the man! he destroyed silva and got caught late, he was obvs gassd wen silva slapped on the triangle! it happens……. he walked through brian stann which no1 thought he would do so easily! hes the #1 contender and its a great fight for the fans and the ufc. anyone who thinks otherwise must be smoking the white stuff! it will be the biggest hyped fight in ufc history…an absolute money machine…..and we’ll finally see if sonnen really has silvas number!

    • Xaninho says:

      I’m not making any money of seeing a roïded Sonnen fight Silva. So fuck the money it would make. I wanna see clean fights.

      • MMA All Day says:

        I agree, it’s not that big of a fight. This guy is buying into Chael’s bullshit. Make STEROID boy work up a little win streak before he gets back to the champ.

        • ThaGreenBandit says:

          Agreed. One win back from a submission loss in which he was busted for elevated levels of testosterone n he gets the champ? Whose dick is he sucking?

  18. Hotrod says:

    Chael most certainly deserves a rematch. And I think most people that think otherwise are in fact scared that he would win that rematch. Personally after the Brian Stann fight, and of course the Anderson Silva fight I give him a chance of winning. But never count silva out

  19. Joel says:

    All of you people claiming that Sonnen deserves the fight because he was beating Silva for the first 4 rounds seem to have forgotten that he was proven to be on the juice for that fight. Owning Silva or not, that fact that he tested positive for steroids negates everything he did in that fight.

    • MMA All Day says:

      YUP! well said. Put ROID boy trailer trash against Vitor. See if he can do what Anderson did, and then let him talk…or Maia, fuck or Hendo – pick a name on Anderson’s long list of trashed opponents. He’s beaten them all and yet still he’s humble. If Chael gets another shot based on his trashy Jerry Springer hype, than it discredits the UFC.

  20. Rich D says:

    why is he so concerned this time about being 100% for a fight… as long as i can remember he has been saying he was injured or not 100% coming into a fight.

  21. Glenn says:

    If im right and dana agrees etc yea there might be 2 bout between chal and silva. but like dana said that henderson might want sliva and if he beats shogun… but chel i hate this guy First the guy gets in trouble for fraud, then he tests positive for steroids.. yea dose his time fair anuff yea he beats Brain that was good but he dont deserve Silva.. yet need another Fight b4 look at the midd like Michael Bisping or Mark Munoz, Miller????????

  22. mike says:

    the reason they do trt is because they did so much roids.

  23. Tony says:

    All I can say is A. Silva had a chance to get out of his seat and get in Chael’s face in the Octagon but he sat there with a goofy look on his face. If A. Silva was so confident that he could beat Chael again, wouldn’t he have pounced on the opportunity to get Chael out of the UFC? I sense a little worry from Silva’s camp, does anyone else sense that? I know if Chael was talking like that to BJ, I guarantee that BJ would’ve got out of his seat and entered the Octagon, injured shoulder or not.



  25. B-madden says:

    Wasn’t Chael on steroids when he “dominated” Silva for 4 rounds? Doesn’t that cancel it out? Silva finished the fight. Doesn’t matter what Sonnen did for 4 rounds, he tapped. And then tried to act like he didn’t. Sonnen is tough and talented but man he is a Rat. Everything he does is shiesty. The fraud charges don’t surprise me. It’s a bummer cause he is a great fighter. He needs to quit the whole sham and bad guy act, clean up and just be a str8 shooter. IMO.

    • Joel says:

      Let’s not forget, that was not the first time Sonnen pulled that “I didn’t tap!” act either!

      • ThaGreenBandit says:

        The dude lies so much, it just comes automatically.It doesn’t matter if hundreds of thousands know otherwise, he can’t help but to lie. Such a Phaelure

    • Xaninho says:

      True that! Not only did he tap like a bitch, but he tried to deny it too. I rather go limb than tap. Would be something else if my arm was about to break, but not in a damn triangle.

      • aaxantonio says:

        ? it was the the armbar that made him tap. all you chael lovers are funny, ” he beat him up for 4 rounds, he will do it again” why dont you go back and look at both fighters faces after the fight. all chael did has try to dry hump him. chael sonnen is the one who said ” i quit “, cried to his mommy, begged anderson not to break his arm, chael better go back to being a crook.. ooh wait he sucked at that to. THE G.O.A.T AND STILL THE UNDISPUTED MIDDLE WEIGHT CHAMPION OF THE WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORLD AN DER SON THE SPIIIII DER SILLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL VAAAAAAAAAAAA

  26. ThaGreenBandit says:

    This guy is a fucking joke! He’s a cheat and a fraudster who, coming off a loss gets a gift wrapped number one contender fight, and all of a sudden, he’s the man to determine when the fight takes place, and thE conditions of said fight? Okay…

  27. Jonny T. says:

    When Anderson heals he should fight Chael, he still has something to prove in regard to fighting him, he was dominated for 5 rounds before pulling out the submission, in my mind it is the most important rematch out there. But Chael is a complete Douche Bag no doubt, somebody tell him its not the fuckin WWE. Its about respect in MMA fuck face. ok dont tell him where I live though.

  28. RNM Fighter says:

    Okay, so far, from what I’ve read. A lot of you are in favor of Chael Sonnen and have some misconceptions about how he REALLY did against Anderson Silva the first time. I follow fighting very closely (being that I am a fighter) and I pay a lot of attention to how a fighter goes about fighting a bout, win, lose, or draw. Anderson Silva was NEVER dominated by Chael. I’m sure his injury and Chael’s wrestling proved to be a little more then he bargained for, however, Silva said repeatedly that he WILL submit Sonnen for talking so much crap about the Nogueira brothers’ Jiu-Jitsu. Also, if you ACTUALLY watch the fight, you see that Silva rocks Sonnen on multiple occassions. And yes, I did see Chael tag Anderson and “stun” him, but look at Silva during that. He’s smirking. He’s fine. He did what he set out to do. As far as the jab that he doesn’t deserve the title of the best pound-for-pound fighter, you’re an idiot. Even by your standards, he came back from the brink of defeat and won of a “tough” opponent, so, in closing, Anderson Silva is, the greatest pound-for-pound fighter in the world.

    • Daniel says:

      I remember the smirk and I always remember Joe Rogan’s comment to it, “sometimes when you get punched so hard, you don’t know what else to do but smile about it, to make the other person think it didn’t phase you”. You don’t think Anderson Silva was hurt? What about how hobbling Anderson was after the fight?

      My thoughts are this, Anderson always fights HURT, so why is this time any different? Chael, just offered up the challenge, many of people in the UFC have gotten title shots by asking for them after their match. Remember how GSP finally got his title shot? It just seems like Anderson’s camp is a little scared, back tracking and talking crap without even saying yes to the fight. If the rematch never happens. Chael will say ANderson was ducking him, and it’s hard to disagree.

    • RNM Fighter says:

      First off, back your mouth up or shut it up. Especially with a faggy ass name like “Pacific Northwest Gangster”. Being from the area, you’re embarassing us both, so shut up, two, you obviously have no fucking clue what you are talking about. I am a cage fighter and am well accomplished iin multiple martial arts, so I know when a fighter is fucked and when they are fine, Silva was fine. And you say I’m a Silva nut hugger when you are so hard for Chael Sonnen your lips have left his cock since the fight was first talked about. So kiss my ass, you wanna-be. Another thing, Dinosaurs and gangsters died off, grow the fuck up.

      • RawNakedMan Fighter says:

        just because you fight naked men don’t mean you can fight. “I am a cage fighter…” blahblahblahblah…… sound queer. “i practice 4 million martial arts but keep getting my ass kicked at my high school.” what you think because you’ve been in that high school for the mentally-challenged for six years that you deserve respect? shaaaddduuupp !! LOL.

  29. fightfan89 says:

    i love chael’s no bullshit “im better than you and i can prove it” attitude. nobody in the ufc talks this much shit and the best part is he backs it up and backs it up well, he punished anderson silva for 4 1/2 rounds. who cares if silva was hurt, nobody shows up to a fight at an absolute 100%, this is a tough sport and everyone has their bumps and bruises goin into fights. funny how its only the blackhouse team that going into a fight says they are 100% but then after they lose, and lose badly…. nogeria (cough…cough) they say “aw i was hurt, my shoulder, my hip, my knee, and if i was healthy i would win” suck it up get in the octagon and fight, if ur to hurt then be a pussy and call it off . i cant wait for sonnen to whoop andersons ass again and im also looking forward to the Mir Nogeria rematch next year

  30. Craig says:

    LOL who gives a shit about his past troubles. Chael is still in the UFC still a part of the middleweight division and IMO the # 1 contender. And it doesnt make a shit how you look at there first fight, it doesnt matter how the fight was won. It was the only time we saw anderson get handled like that. OK so anderson was injured and Chael was on what i am reading alot of you “mma fans” call steroids. Well let anderson rest up heal up and chaels now “clean”. Let em fight.

  31. vaughn says:

    chael kick andersons butt for 4 1/2 rounds of the fight but he get submitted… if this fight happen in the street and u dominated the fight for 22 mins and get submitted… ur done! theres no ref to stop the fight for you there!… even if u beat anderson for 22 mins and get submitted… u still lost! the only way to win it is by beating ur opponent 4 15 mins if non championship bout or by 25 mins if championship bout… every minutes count

  32. Ez says:

    If you actually think sonnen has better stand up than silva plz stop watching mma. Yes he was beating him in the stand up, but he is definitely not a better striker. Whether it’s the trt, silvas injury or silva having an off night, silva still forced a tap out on chael and won. Al I here is silva nuthugger this n that, but sonnen nuthuggers don’t stfu about this fight. Everyone knows what happened and the outcome, so stfu plz.

  33. Nate says:

    The people on sonnen’s dick get off it. Everyone knows silva was trying to win the fight by submission. How often does silva walk out in his ji and the easiest way to finish sonnen by submission is the triangle choke just like every other person has so silva definitely let himself get taken doen and waited for the perfect time to do it. Sonnen has pillow punches and can’t knock somebody out so why worry about his ground and pound. If you see the fight u dont see silva try to stuff not one takedown.

  34. Steveuk says:

    I would love to see a rematch! the outcome??? who knows! Chael is one tough MF!! however Anderson is not only the number 1 pound for pound fighter (debatable i know) but he is but he is one of the most intelligent fighters in the game! he would have learnt alot from the first fight.

    I personally think Chael would beat him, Anderson moves division? 205?? who else in the real world can challenge Bones Jones at the moment.


  35. J harper says:

    totally agree.
    Andersons camp is not scared. Silva is the CHAMP so he calls the shots. pure in simple.
    the rematch will happen,
    when silva wants
    when he is 100%

    and silva will waste sonnen before the end of the 3rd round. peroid.

  36. Eddie C says:

    It’s crazy how many people dislike Anderson Silva. Chael Sonnen ON ELEVATED LEVELS of Testosterone still couldn’t beat him. Sonnen just dominated Brian Stann who has a grand total of 3 wins @ middleweight …wow. All of you keyboard warriors who hate Anderson are pathetic. Captain Money Laundering will get his shot @ Silva again and he will get FINISHED again.

    By the way idiots, go find out why Sonnen needs TRT in the first place. And please don’t say he’s always needed it because he never asked submitted paperwork for approval when he fought Okami, Maia, or Marquardt.

  37. Eric says:

    Besides, Dana White said that if Hendo beats Shogun is up to HENDO (not Chael) if he fights anderson or if he fights the winner of jones vs machida. Chael might be good as GM or wrestler in wwe. All Hype for do what he has done. He’s a good grappler thats it. Almost beat Anderson, so as Hendo in their bout on the 1st round. Silva’s injured rib? Might be right cuz there’s no fuckin way Sonnen is better grappler and wreslter than Hendo.

  38. riDICKulous says:

    what about Chael is scared of Vitor. he is openly ducking him to fight for Anderson. haha. Chael is a piece of crap.

  39. Xaninho says:

    Educate yourself about PED’s before calling people stupid you moron!

    Steroïd users stop producing their own testosterone dumbass. That’s why he needed TRT. He’s just 34 years old. Henderson is 41, there’s a big difference.

  40. marktui says:

    Yes, I hope they fight again. But Chael better come with more than take down attempts, cause I’m pretty sure Anderson will be ready for that. As far as dictating when and where the fight happens is a little far fetched, Silva’s manager is right about that. If I were Anderson, I would say you want to fight me, then let’s do it in Brazil!!

  41. Zach says:

    Hendo would be a much better rematch. Hendo is coming off a much better win streak than Sonnen, not to mention that Hendo is a much more accomplished fighter. To say that no one is ranked higher than Chael is a joke.

  42. Will says:

    I think this fight should happen. (and I am a fighter so I know)

  43. CALI says:

    I say Anderson rallies to make the fight in Rio… Chael wants to make stipulations, I think thats the champs job…

  44. Alex says:

    Its not a matter of of Anderson being scared, its a pride thing. Chael Sonen is not Joe Silva. After 14 months off fighting and beating one opponent that wasn’t even a contender (although Brian Stann was well on his way) doesn’t grant you an immediate title shot. He disrespected Anderson in a sold out arena in way that looked like WWE fighters talking shit to each other. Its understandable Anderson won’t take the fight when and where Chael wants it, because he doesn’t make that decision. If Chael really wants to fight Anderson aside from getting more publicity then he should let Anderson pick the time and place and meet him there; although realistically without his steroids and having Anderson at full health and Chael’s predictable game plan then I don’t think he really has a chance.

  45. Zach says:

    Agreed Alex.. Chael needs to stop trying to be such a character and worry about being a fighter. Beating Stann doesnt equal a title shot.. While everyone keeps arguing about how Chael has Anderson on his back the whole time noone ever bring up the fact that in 5 rounds of being in top position he couldnt manage to finish the fight.

  46. chris says:

    Anderson Silva can be the second coming of Jesus and i wouldn’t give a shit, he is the best fighter in the world, but before i belittle an American for an foreigner i would cut my Marine Corps balls off.. America Fuck yeah.

  47. Dangerous says:

    What part of Chael got caught cheating for his fight against Anderson Silva don’t people understand? No it wasn’t steroids, but he tried to use TRT as a PED and HE GOT CAUGHT! And on top of that, HE STILL LOST! Silva was injured going into the fight and he still submitted Sonnen’s bitch ass. The champ just wants to heal up to 100% so he can absolutely embarrass this clown and shut him up once and for all. I’d rather see The Spider move up to 205 and challenge for that belt before his time is done in the sport anyways. He’s already cleaned out his division. No more rematches! Especially against fighters he’s finished

  48. Meatus says:

    All I want is a good fight, I’m tired of these half-assed matchups against Silva. If Chael has the best shot, let him have it. I personally would like to see Hendo vs. Silva 2.

  49. Dustin says:

    lol soaress sounds mad.

  50. Tyler says:

    Way I see it, yea Sonnen was on something, but he did his time for that. The past is the past. Now that he’s back, lets give him a couple more fights, see if he can still play by the rules. If he can do that and rack up some wins, I say sure. But he has only one win since he came back against Stann, who is still a growing fighter. He needs to do a little more before I’m convinced he deserves a title shot again. Sonnen said something last year about wanting a fight with Bisping. I say that would be an exciting fight if it could work out, and then one or 2 more after that. Maybe make him and Henderson duke hit out to see who gets a rematch.

  51. Cody Schumacher says:

    Chael shouldn’t get a rematch for winning one fight he was finished and failed drug test fact is all his fanboys don’t seem to get whether u lose a race by a inch or a mile u lost and cheated that’s what I find hilarious no body seems to want to bring up he fucking cheated which means even if he would have won he would have lost he should have to fight once more for a shot

    • bizzle says:

      I agree, but let him get the rematch, he will get embarrassed and lose even faster this time.. Then the 3 lady boys on his hype train will slowly get off, not before making excuses

  52. AJR80 says:

    Chael is a little too WWE for my liking but I can’t wait for this fight, it’s going to be EPIC.

  53. Mach00man says:

    Ok, TRT, steroids, whatever! He should not have used them!
    Yes, he beat Brain Stann, good job!
    Yes, he dominated for 4 rounds, great!
    But he lost! He tapped!
    That mean he gave up!
    He cried uncle!
    He basically said “I quit” “no mas” or….
    “Silva, you’re choking the life out of me and I can’t breath, please let go”.
    Hendo’s outcome was the same.
    The only way I would give either of them a rematch, is if Sonnen and Hendo fought each other. Give that winner the rematch.

    • aaxantonio says:

      good comment but i pretty sure the arm bar is what made him tap, he had him in a triangle then he added an armbar to it and thats when chael waaa waa waaa’d like a little girl

  54. seprodrigo says:

    Now you guys just imagine if Sonnen called out the Pride days Wanderlei like that. Anderson just stood there with that bit**y smug. Oh, and i’m brazillian.

  55. Harry says:

    Anyone who says Chael Sonnen came close to beating Anderson Silva I right, but anyone who thinks the fight was close needs to watch it again. Chael lost when he tapped like a bitch after being caught like a child in that choke. He lost by tapping out, saying oh no, I can’t fight this man anymore, he beat me. Also, look at the two of them after the fight- Silva was fine, and beat a roided out Sonnen with a broken rib- Sonnen dry humped him for 23 mins, and looked like his face was hit with a baseball bat. Sonnen lost his chance at being middleweight champion when he tapped out- and he needs to beat more than someone who is historically venerable to wrestlers to earn another shot- just like Hendo- I like the idea of Hendo vs Sonnen should Dan choose to return to middleweight.

  56. Donnybrook says:

    LOL… I love it!, make that lying cheating SOB wait. Vitor wants to smash Chaels face in… lets see what happens!.

    • aaxantonio says:

      hell yeah i hear ya, that idiot chael doesnt even deserve a rematch, its not even that exciting, much rather see one of the tuf coaches get their shot, i know it wouldnt happen but i much rather see anderson fight bisbing then some loud mouthed steriod using cry baby

  57. jc1 says:

    there are alotta reasons the rematch should and probably will happen, but anderson and soares should make him wait just on principle. if someone was talking trash about me (and my wife) like that, the last thing i would do is give ’em what they want.

    the prefight hype via sonnen will overshadow the actual fight… the anti-edgarmaynard3.

  58. JL2002 says:

    Chael needs to run the middlewieght gauntlet like everyone else, not just his mouth. He had his chance at a title and lost! Big whoop that be beat Stann! Chael should prove himself a few more times in the cage – say Belfort, Bisping, Leben, Munoz, etc.

  59. Chuck says:

    so he needs hormones because his balls cant make testosterone. Gets caught in a lie saying he did disclose to Keith Kasier, which Kasier said no such conversation ever happened. so what am I missing that everyone loves this guy?

  60. seprodrigo says:

    I don’t like Anderson, but is stupid to think he would not whoop Chael’s ass in a rematch.

  61. wisestcommenter says:

    Chael is a complete loser, and i’m sure he was roiding up the whole time. Pathetic chump. They should put him vs at least 2 other people.. such as VITOR BELFORT OR Dan Henderson even before thinking about A.Silva. How is chael not in jail? what a joke.

  62. Ren says:

    I am sorry you guys are crazy. The guy didn’t win, he lost the same way he lost in all his other title shots. Triangle ckoke, how fitting cus he choked in another title fight. He never hurt Silva. Why would a fighter need testosterone therapy, he doesn’t, it’s just legalized steroids. The guy cheated and still lost. Just like when B.J. Penn beat Sherk. The looser can’t Challenge the champ, this ain’t WWE. He should Dan Henderson.

  63. Nick says:

    i just read 122 comments abt this topic. and from how it sounds, all the cheal nut huggers, is that they either cant read, or cant put facts together. silva had a broken rib, planed to submit cheal in the 5th, and cheal was cheating, and silva still won. personaly i havent seen the fight, im probly gona look it up when im done with this message, but it sounds like cheal was in the dominant ground and pound possition for 4 1/2 rounds, and didnt have the strength to KO silva, while on steroids(that it sounds like he did get caught taking) thats my view on wat happend. wat should happen now, is that cheal should have to earn another title shot vs silva, and then silva should take it, and not mess around this time, and KO cheal like he does every1 else. im going to save this page to my favorites, and come back here after silva gets put in jail for accidentaly taking cheals ignorant, retarded, arogent mother fucking head off, and im going to laugh soooooo fucking hard at the ppl sucking cheals short dick.

  64. Jdeezy says:

    In the street…. If I go toe to toe with a guy and we punch eachother for 23 min(both were getting beat up) and then I choke him out and he goes to sleep….I win!! The ref just stopped cheal from going to sleep…. Tapping says, ” I quit, you win”. How are some of you not understanding that?

  65. Mach00man says:

    How was it a fluke?? He tapped! He gave up!

  66. mike says:

    i like how chael says hes been poking silva in the chest for 6 years calling him out. he aint on a 6 year win streak! he aint ever been on a 2 year win streak and check his resum`e hes beaten marquat okami and miller by judges decesion. maia beat him. my point is i could call silva out but that doesnt mean i qualify for a title shot. dudes a bum!! i dont know exactly the truths about trt or if silva was injured, dont matter the point is silva beat him, im sure they will fight again and silva will beat him again. but for chael to win a fight then say he deserves his rematch i agree but he dont get to say when and where he gotta wait in line. and hendo is better off at 205 when shogun whoops that ass he’ll jump down to 185 and say silvas ducking him too haha silva the best P4P and he’s got the best haters too. when chael or hendo can beat everyone they fight by ko or a “miracle sub” in the next 3 yrs then they can claim they belong in the same slate as the king. and thats real talk

  67. Chris says:

    Speaking of grammar, your last “sentence” is actually a fragment. Self reflection is a bitch.

  68. rjohnson2842 says:

    Ive enjoyed reading these comments: Ive also enjoyed reading chaels ability to sell!! I mean he did walk through stann, i mean even silva took chael down as a surprise: what was stann thinking or training_ he had to have known what was coming and he planned to do hugh ?? he seemed to have had no gameplan? but i do admit (as a silva fan) it would be nice to see if sonnen can stand as well against Silva a 2nd time, it will be nice to see chael try his new submissions skills against Silva/ (ya”ll do remember what happened to an overweight Lutter) I really feel Sonnen’s hype crosses the line : talking about a mans culture and race, and talking about a mans wife just to sell a fight… he’s a genius at selling and he does it at the risk of being disliked by everyone, americans, brazillians, and other nationalities: but make it known they will fight and when they do: i sure Sonnen will face the “valley of decision” to really leave the UFC? but as he took back his remarks about armstrong, i in no doubt believe he will do the same thing, i just hope this time it’s not a sub but a tko/ko!!! Sonnen fans, remember Silva is 14-0 in the UFC for a reason!!! Your buy chael is what in the UFC?? educate me cause i really careless to know…

  69. Hey Andy.. Heal up and let us know when your ready to get your ass pounded AGAIN! Dana will make it happen .. don’t be duckin the Chaelmonster! Not sure how your shoulder got hurt, but whatever! No excuses this time and Chael don’t need TRT u whip your ass! I’m pretty sure u don’t want this fight bc it’ll be the last time you’ll have the belt.. when the belt is out of your greasy fingers your so called fans will slip out the back door too! Chaelmonster is coming for u…

  70. mike says:

    chael has a gig lined up with the wwe thats why he said when he lose he gonna leave the ufc forever

  71. Sergio says:

    This sport is based on respect! And Chael has no respect with Anderson, the UFC, and to a whole country.
    The best way to punish CS is never give him the chance to fight AS.
    He had his chance….. Now go to the end of the line

  72. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    Wait… I am confused… Contractually Anderson Silva can duck Chael for a rematch? I thought UFC made the fights not the fighters. Which is why boxing’s Mayweather vs. Ortiz was such bullshit. Ortiz wasn’t even a top ten fighter and Mayweather hand picked Ortiz. He made 40 million cheating the Fight/Boxing fans. I hope UFC fighters aren’t allowed to pick their own matches.

    This fight needs to happen!

  73. Nick says:

    At no poitn did i say that silva didnt get dominated, i said chael was in the DOMINENT possotion and couldt get the finish, even while on steroids. learn to read dip shit. and dont compair fat country to silva. idk where u come from, but where i grow up, # of punches dont mean shit, u can hit me all damn day, but if i hit u once and ur lights go out, then guess wat? ur gona get called the pussy. i m asuming thats wat silva is gona do to chael next time, cuz hes probly read all ur dumbshit comments by now and feels the need to prove u wrong. silva didnt fight back that hard in the 1st 4 rounds cuz he wanted to get to the 5th to make sonnen look like his little bitch. HE WAS PLAYING WITH SONNEN. silva is too good for this guy, he talked shit abt bjj and silva almost choked him out for it. iv seen plenty of fights where som1s just bored and decides to make it look good. in the rematch silvas gona do wat he always does, 1st round is gona b testing chael and get a feel for him, then hes gona khtfo with a jab.

    • zoeldog says:

      Ok mr.tough man next time you come to australia come to melbourne and look for a place called absolutemma & conditioning its in exhibition st if you think you can get punched in the face all day and it will do nothing come to our gym we will get on the mat and i bet you cant take more than 10 punches from a top mount position you wannabe UFC fighter challenging people on the net your so tough mate hey people like you should be banned for threatening people come threaten someone who can do something about it if the editor of the page reads this please ban this idiot……

  74. adrian says:

    henry kobasky holy shit lay off the roids man! CAPSLOCK INTERNET BULLYING AT IT’S FINEST! sounds like someone has a hardon for chael sonnen. i’d put my money on anderson silva 10 times out of 10. would you put your money on chael?

  75. luls says:

    I hate Chael and I want to see a rematch so Silva could avenge their first fight even though Silva won.

    I want to see a healthy Silva vs Chael and since Chael is a disrespectful prick Silva should heal 100% no matter how long it takes then beat chaels ass.. He shouldnt have to rush to a disrespectful prick he already beat but I still think Chaels gay a$$ deserves a rematch next.

    • zoeldog says:

      he cant be that gay seeing how he was rooting Britanny Murphy one of the octagon girls miss that one did ya!!LOL LMFAO and I think he did your mum last week!!! LMFAO

  76. aaxantonio says:

    its not the fact he used trt that taints his fights its the fact he ABUSED THEM to gain an advantage because he knows he has no chance against silva. and you compare a scrub like sonnen to one of the greatest fighters of all time dan hendo henderson????? hendo has never failed a drug test sonnen has a couple of times. hahahhahahahaahahhaha chael is better than anderson on his feet hahhahhahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahhaha the is the new dumbest comment i have ever read, hahhahahhahahhah i bet he is better at jujitsu too huh, hahahhahahahhahahahahahahhahahah what a fucking idiot.

  77. Trolololol says:


    looks like greasing to me. any takers?

  78. Donnybrook says:

    You must be Sonnen’s personal pimple popper….. or ass lickin ball sniffer.

  79. legalize says:

    i’m brazilian and i’m getting mad with this history. why say chael don’t deserve a title shot because he got problems with laundering and mortgage Fraud? why are trying avoid silva of another fight against chael?
    anderson already is called by coward for still at MW(i know he already fight at LHW).. ps: sorry, my english absolutely sucks :)

  80. peter kelly says:

    silva has got to fight sonnen cos last time round sonnen beat the crap out of him then got tapped due to getting lazy.sonnen made silva look like a normal fighter and took away his invinsability….silva did,nt mind giving rich franklin a rematch cos he knew the same was gonna happen…does he know the same is gonna happen again this time minus the tap out

  81. Jake says:

    I bet I could get a signed petition for 1 million people agreeing that Ed Soares is nothing but little snot-nosed, sleezy little man. Chael did tap, but he also whipped Anderson Silva’s ass for 23 minutes straight. He did get suspended for TRT, but he also had signed documentation for his doctor’s that he didn’t submit to the Commission Board on time. Let’s just be clear here..he was suspended, but that doesn’t mean he did anything wrong. A guy who gets signed consent from a licensed doctor has done NOTHING wrong in my book.The real estate issue was a legitatment bust that he got caught for, but Chael still took it like a man, fessed up, took his punishment and walked. This is a closed issue. And it took place almost a year ago…why are we still talking about this? Why does Ed Soares want to keep Anderson away from Chael? 1) Because he would lose his championship. 2) He would be forced to leave the division. If Ed Soares really believes that Anderson can make Chael tap twice, he should MORE than willing to let him take the challenge and get in there and do it.

  82. Gonçalo says:

    If i were Anderson i would make my own stipulation, i would agree with the fight only and only if Sonnen doesn’t take the Testosterone shots during camp. If people are saying that it doesn’t do nothing than why does he need it, it’s ridiculous to say TRT does not help you to have a better training camp , then why is it forbiden from use by other sports?

  83. mike says:

    why does everyone assume cause soares said it wont be when chael wants the rematch that its not gonna happen. if you read the article they quote the man saying anderson needs to heal first
    anybody can hate on silva all they want the truth is chael got close but couldnt finish the fight PERIOD silva won. a rule in mma is when a fighter is submitted he taps and the ref calls the fight. chael tapped dont matter if it was round 1 or 5. chael’s legacy will be he ALMOST beat silva haha

  84. Matthew William Crites says:

    The UFC would profit from giving Chael Sonnen his rematch. The UFC is a business and just because of Chael’s shady past, that isnt gonna stop them from promoting a fight. And this fight would be one for the record books. Chael Sonnen is liked by many and hated by many and so is Silva. Everyone in the mma world would buy and watch the second Silva vs Sonnen installment, even all of you bashing Chael. So why not give him his rematch? You can say he uses TRT (unless you guys were there with him hitting the roids too then steroirds) and he’s rude, well he can sell a fight and thats whats gonna happen. You guys can hate, but you’ll be watching the rematch shortly and its gonna be great. if Silva doesnt answer this call out, he’s gonna go down as the coward of the middle weight who went undefeated, but ran away from his biggest threat yet. Im a Chael Sonnen fan and I wanna see Chael destroy Silva and watch as you so called “silva fans” disappear from the face of the earth until the third fight beckons.

  85. El Charlie says:

    Ok children settle down now. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, regardless of what Chael may bring to the table which is phenomenal wrestling and the best I’ve seen in a while, he’ll lose the second encounter as he did the first. His gameplan is no mystery, and sure he has the determination and relentlessness to take anyone down and that’s why he’s good at what he’s good at. Then again I’m not a firm believer that he’s as good as he states. Being the best in the world means you can hang in every aspect of the sport. Striking and grappling. Whether it be Wrestling, Jiu Jitsu, Judo, Boxing, Muay Thai, to prove your the best you need to be good at every aspect of the game. Not taking anything away from Chael’s striking credentials, but his whole career he’s depended on nothing but his wrestling. To prove your the best you have to beat the best. Something Chael failed to do after delivering the beatdown that he did. Call it a fluke, call it domination, call it whatever you want, that loss is stained on Chael’s record forever. A road bump that came so sudden he didn’t know whether to turn left or right and by the time he knew it, he found himself falling off the edge of the cliff. You see Sonnen’s playing a game with Silva. A game that is rather similar to the one Floyd Mayweather plays with his opponents. He doesn’t do it to other fighter because as he’s stated recently, he has tunnel vision. He’s after one thing and one thing only. There’s nothing better than to get into an opponents head before the fight and executing on fight night. Fact of the matter is Chael is a wrestler. A damn good one maybe the best in the world at it, maybe not, but he’s not the better fighter. Silva on the other hand is a tactician. A man who likes to play, who likes to feel out his opponents, who takes his time before he goes in for the kill. He’s the champ for a reason. He’s defended 9 times for a reason. He drops fighters with jabs for a reason. If Sonnen were half the fighter he says he is, he’d stand with him a full round maybe 2 before he shoots. He simply won’t, why? Its not his ocean, its not his home, its not his first line of attack. You see delivering a beatdown for 23 minutes just to get submitted isn’t a miracle. Getting beatdown for that long wears you out, it breaks you. And to not execute after such a performance only proves that Silva’s Jiu Jitsu reigns superior over his wrestling. Not a miracle shot like some on here have compared grappling to boxing. Anyone can throw a haymaker and knock someone out but just to set up a submission after being beatdown the way he was is twice the work. Sonnen can ramble on all he wants about how he’s the best blah, blah, blah. Still didn’t win, still not the more complete fighter, better wrestler but not a better fighter. It takes only a moment to sense your fighter’s movement and when he rocked Anderson he did just that. Timed it, not cause he’s a better striker. Chael’s in for quite a surprise mark my words. Anderson knows his game and too ahead of the game to allow some wrestler end his reign.

    • ThaGreenBandit says:

      A little long winded, but well said.

    • El Charlie says:

      Just a bit .. lol

    • zoeldog says:

      Dude you talk as if you know Silva personally or as if you have had some time fighting professionally ive trained ju jitsu for 21 years i was doing it when i was a kid in australia and no one even knew what the UFC was even me but in recent years we seem to have all these so called experts that know what going on well sorry mate but i got news for you your opinion is just that an opinion and it may very well be an educated one, but that doesnt make you right and I totally disagree with what you say Silva is not god and when fighters get the awe around them that someone like Silva does or say Jones does at the moment it makes it harder for ther opponents mentally to deal with them perfect example Jones vs Rampage do you think Rampage went into that fight his normal self did you see how much he was in awe of Jones within a few seconds this is what im talking about guys like Silva play the biggest mind games of all and for you to say that Sonnen is playing games he isnt, he wants this fight so bad and he knows its gonna hurt when they throwdown he expects it guys like Sonnen crave the attention they want it to be all about them this is his way of imposing his will on Silva mentally to counteract the awe that is around him sometimes guys can win on pure tenacity Matt Wiman is a great example of this not a really world class at anything but well rounded and tenacious he beats guys that are much more skilled than himself simply because he pushes the pace and gets in your face early and quickly this is Sonnens tactic too, your right Sonnen will not stand up with Silva for 2 rounds im sure he could if he wanted but chances are he will come off second best every fighter has there own way of doing things and no one should be discredited for any win or loss it takes balls to put in all the training and get in there and fight and put all that work on the line and your pride you say Sonnens a better wrestler and Silvas a better fighter last time i checked it was called the UFC the ultimate FIGHTING championship not the UWC ultimate wrestling championship they are both fighters what a stupid statement i mean cmon seriously unless you are Silva or Sonnen you cant say that mate your nobody to be making statements like that for people have your opinon for sure but u wrote it like everyone elses opinion on this page was not right and yours is it makes no difference what any of us say but dont sit there and act like your mr all knowing everything cause you can type up a well written debate if you know what Silvas doing go get in the cage with him then. and whats with the children bullshit who do you think you are id like to see you in a public forum with everyone in front of you and say setlle down children who died and made you god.

  86. Chris says:

    Silva has poor take down defence. There you go. Sonnen still lost.

  87. Cameron Buck says:

    Honestly this fight should definitely be Silva’s next fight….and I will explain why. Chael gave Silva the best fight out of all the challengers of the past. Silva avenged his loss to Okami and now it is time to avenge his loss to Chael. I am one of the biggest fans of Anderson Silva, yet I feel for his legacy taking this fight is the right way to go. If he wins the fight he will no doubt be labeled the best pound for pound of all time. Plus where will it put Chael? Two losses against Anderson? He will be at the bottom of the pile and there will be nothing he can do about it. If Anderson loses which might be a real possibility he was beaten by a better man. Plain and simple…no one cares to see the fight against Hendo. There is NO point in it. The only other fight I would like to see is a super fight between Jones and Silva.

    • zoeldog says:

      Finally someone who sees sense outta all this mess, and exactly where will it leave Sonnen fucked thats where he wont get a shot at the middleweight title again till someone else other than Silva has it or he could go up to Light Heavyweight that would be his only option so why wont Silva just fight him and then he can make him look even stupider and gone after all the shit hes talked about his wife you would think he would be itchin to fight him but apparently as some peole think Silva is god and he will strike Sonnen down with a lightning bolt out of his ass im mean come on seriously there both men and its a fight well really its a sport but we call it a fight someone will win and someone will lose but all this bullshit around the fight is just dumb fight already Silva.

  88. I smell fear in the air..except the fight Andy!

  89. Xaninho says:

    Hahaha at the end he says he would have won if it was a fight in the streets of Oregon…..If it were he wouldn’t have been able to TAP LIKE A BITCH and gotten unconscious or had his arm broken.

    This guy is clearly roïded he has all the signs. Megalomania, no sense of reality, uncontrolled aggression….

    • zoeldog says:

      Get fucked idiot what you think Dana Whites gonna shut up and let a roid head into the orginization get a clue when you say dumb shit like that you make MMA look bad you idiot no way would he be in the UFC if there was anything going on if this is what u think why even watch the UFC go watch the all mighty Bellator fuckwit championships and watch all the losers who arnt good enough to make the UFC fight you’ll be right at home amonst them!! What a narrow minded dick hes putting the sport he supposedly likes down and doesnt even know it !! LMFAO

  90. zc says:

    silva can t handle a fighter like sonnen , cause he aint gona stay on the outside and let that piece of shit dance around and pick his shots like he did against all the shitters he beat, plus sonnens wrestling is just way to good for silva to handle, hes gonna manhandle silva and just embaress him like last time but he will finish him this time, silva aint gonna get that lucky miracle sub like last time

    • Xaninho says:

      That’s where you’re wrong…It wasn’t a miracle sub. Silva wanted to submit Sonnen to prove a point after all the smack talking Sonnen did about BJJ .

      Silva simply allowed him to put him on his back. Next time Sonnen will get beaten up standing, cause he won’t take down Silva that easily anymore…

      • mmaislandjunkie says:

        Surprised one would be supporting the rapist instead of the rape victim getting their revenge lol. zero takedown defense is a bad thing, good jiu jitsu off your back is a good thing. chael saw both the good and the bad and no matter what he did he lost. trt therapy, promises to dead relatives, all of these motivating/enhancing factors and what result did sonnen get? a BIG FAT LOSS. keep cheering for sonnen you will be cheering for a guy who will never be champion. he failed at 205 dropped weight and failed at 185. hes never been a champion and at his age and rampant misuse of trt hes gonna be 50 by the time he turns 38 n another forgotten fighter in ufc history. oh btw guys who were never champs dont get remembered or inducted into hall of fame and thats the road chael is on. maybe u can make one in your house for all the other losers who believe in the crook.

        • zoeldog says:

          wow someone really dislikes Sonnen, you sound as if you know him personally or something, like he’s maikng your life difficult or something lol

      • zoeldog says:

        are you serious he allowed him to take him down you must be kidding what is Silva superhuman is he a God or something he’s so good he can take the whole division one after the other in the same nite, Silva is just a man just like anyone else and to say he allowed Sonnen to take him down is just a dumd ass statement as if he would allow him to do anything if he was superman as you seem to think Sonnen would have been ko’d from one puch in the first 2 seconds, Get a clue you idiot!

  91. BobbO says:

    Ed Soares remembers what Chael did to Anderson last time they fought. I know because I was there in Oakland watching the fight. Silva got 100% dominated for 4 1/2 rounds. I don’t think Silva is scared of Sonnen, but his managment might be because they want him to keep the belt. This fight is eventually happening no matter what. Chael Sonnen earned a rematch. If we can be expected to sit through 3 Edgar vs Maynard bouts it only makes sense to put this fight together as soon as Silva is ready. ~BobbO

  92. Jason says:

    This fight should happen sooner rather than later. Sonnen was dominant throughout that entire match..right up until he made a mistake. Let them fight and answer the question…was it just a mistake on chael’s part and lets see if he will make that mistake again. It does leave the question that if Silva had not have capitalized on that mistake would Sonnen be the champ now…. I say absolutely!

  93. Johnny says:

    Say what you will about Sonnen the guy got punished and paid the price for it.Punished given and dealt with end of story..Silva’s manager should keep his mouth shut cause he does come off like they are ducking the fight.Sonnen might act like a moron at times but the guy is REAL as real as they get he is a fighter and doesn’t want to pussy step around things tells you how it is and does not care what you think.Silva knows in the back of his mind Sonnen can beat him and I imagine it worries him Which is ok Silva is human afterall

    Rematch winner Sonnen

  94. BJPennRules says:

    Peronally I think Chael should fight one more time, perhaps Mark Munoz…
    then the winner will get Silva….only because Sonnen was taking STEROIDS!, He needs one more dominant win…

    • MMAfan10 says:

      So why don’t Sonnen and Henderson fight? Aren’t they the top 2 contenders?

      • zoeldog says:

        because apparently Munoz & Sonnen are the top contenders and the winner of that fight will get SIlva and i think its right of the UFC to make Sonnen fight at least 3 times b4 he gets another shot

    • bobby says:

      Come on I see a great fight let Vitor knock him the hell out.Chael sonnen is to mouthy for me.I was always taught that a true martial artist doesnt have to run his mouth to get a fight he lets his skills do the talking and while sonnen is probably one of the best wrestlers ever in mma his stand up is lacking alot.If he can run over vitor without the stand up game coming into play then let him give silva another run.

      • zoeldog says:

        Dude Belfort is in the same postion Sonnen is he had his chance and he blew it, who the fuck get ko’d from a front kick to the face Sonnen got smashed ten times worse that Belfort did and it didnt stop him so i find it hard to believe that belfort would even get close to Sonnen, and obviously Sonnen has been working on his game submitting Stann is no easy feat and it shoews he has probablty been working on his Ju Jitsu if anyone deserves a shot at Silva next then its gotta be Sonnen or Bisping Sonnen only becasue he the only guy to hang with Silva for 4 and a bit rounds and Bisping just deserves a shot becasue of the wins he has racked up I was hoping Mayhem would come into the picture but clearly he has a lot of cardio work to do, Munoz is a good prospect too but does he really have what it takes to beat Silva i guess we shall see if he can go with Sonnen I doubt it highly I mean who has Munoz beaten really does 3 wins in a row entitle you to a shot, i dont think so but that up to the UFC just my opinion

    • zoeldog says:

      this so shits me he wasnt juiced up dude not like Marquart was before a fight Sonnen has admitted when he was younger he used steroids and they have fucked up his natural hormone replacement so he needs testosterone its very common in body builders when they get older and stop working out yes he did the wrong thing but never has he been found to have the shit in him before a fight like nate did or anytime he had raised levels big difference never in his career has he hid this do you think Dana White would on one hand boot Marquart out and publicy run him down and then turn around say oh its okay Chaels my freind BULLSHIT if there was anything untoward going on with Sonnen he would have been booted out of the UFC instanly and for anyone to say otherwise is basiclly saying that the UFC is a dirty organization which we all know is untrue we dont know all the facts but you all should have faith in Dana if he says it all good and he did nothing wrong thats enough for me he would never risk the UFC’s reputation for anyone especially a loud mouth dick like Sonnen so just remember everytime you slag off that Sonnens a roid head u may as well say everyone is and that the UFC is full of steroids and if this is what you think why are you even paying attention MMA hopefully will one day become an olympic sport but if people keep running round slagging off the UFC as (as if ther are not enough people in governments ect. trying to stop it already) then the credibility of the sport will fade as we all know MMA fighter are intelligent respectfull athletes but hey if everyone keeps saying it eventually the mud will stick.

  95. Dan says:

    Why would Silva be hiding from Hendo or Chael? Chael was hurt more badly than silva was. Did any of ya see his face? Hendo can’t even make weight at 185 why would be considered a number one contender? This is as stupid as saying that Silva can’t handle wrestlers when he has submitted every single last one of them. He’s not invisible, but he shouldn’t have to prove himself to anyone.

  96. zoeldog says:

    This is something i dont understand, If you were Silva and Sonnen was talkin all this shit about you and saying he’s gonna kick your door in and slapp your wife on the ass wouldn’t Silva be thinkin alright lets do it because when they fight again(and it will happen)and if Sonnen loses again he’s stuffed what will Sonnen do then he wont get another shot at Silva ever again, not till someone else takes the middweight title they just wouldnt contomplate a 3rd fight even if he was the number one contender so why would Silva not take the fight submit him again and Sonnen will look like an even bigger fool (if thats possible) surely by doing this waiting rubbish he’s just adding fuel to the fire Sonnens not going to go away and if anyone thinks Munoz will even get close to him is only saying that cause they hate him i dont particulary like him either but he’s so strong on the ground and he doesnt care he will walk through punches and kicks to take you down i often hear the argument that Sonnen hit silva over 300 times and sonnes face was more fucked up than Silva so he must punch like a bitch if you watch the fight again you will notice the only way Sonnen takes Silva down is he cops a punch or a kick on the way in but it doesnt stop him taking you down thats why his face was so messed up cause he copped it if you look at Sonnens career he has a history of being submitted even forrest griffin submitted him in a match early on in there careers outta the ufc its on utube and his ju jitsu isnt exactly what u would call world class like Silvas is, I wish Silva would take the fight and beat him then we can maybe move on to a superfight like Silva vs Jones or GSP If Sonnen is so annoying then why wont Silva shut him up dragging this out is making him look stupid cause there are people now who dont think Silva is as good as he used to be cause of what Chael did to him so id love to see him submit him again to shut up the haters but i guess its up to him.

  97. mmaislandjunkie says:

    im back? sweet.

  98. "H"BOMB says:

    man ed soares as good a manager he is really needs to let his fighters talk. he builds up hype around irrelevant issues making chael not seem like a big deal when he did IN FACT bring anderson in deeper water and was minutes from ending his title reign. i’m not taking away from any of andersons credentials the guy personally is a favorite of mine but we all know chael gave him the best challenge yet and after the munoz fight id say he’s more than ready to challenge him again since mark is on a 4 fight win streak against notable opponents.

  99. DUde says:

    As if SOnnen dominated Silva BECAUSE he took ”steroids”. Its just a lame excuse now, it didnt make that much of a difference. I think people should stop pointing out that excuse

  100. brooke says:

    well fuck me say what use will & i thought my missez was a wyner but some of u guys are unreal ya,s would make a good women lol for the record steroids & hormone treatment therapy are two different things just cos they both give a positive test result dont mean your cheating there just the rules & everyone has to live with them & play by them if ur body did,nt produce testosterone you,s would be doing the same thing the fighting game is a lot more then just training & fighting these guys or most of them these days have to show a lot of disapline when it comes to preparing for there fights with weight/diet mental toughness its full time & full on so anyway back the fuck up off him chael that is who else has taken silva to the brink of defeat take all the roids u want dont mean shit it aint the old days the skill & tallent of fighters these days all the roids will do for ya is shink ur balls & make it harder to grow a backbone & chael talkin shit is he,s way of geting the publicity he needs to get he,s rematch asap you,s all would be doing the same the more we talk bout it the more likley it will happen sooner rather then later also which cock said chael sucks on he,s feet u tool what fight were u watching silva was tagged also knocked down a few times he,s stand up cant be to bad silva is ment to be best striker in the game who else has done that to him thats right no cunt peace out bitches???

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  107. Dbo says:

    Since when did mma fans turn into juice monkey girls? Chael does NOT deserve a rematch unless he starts winning last time I checked ya need to win not talk sh@t to get a title shot. As for the girls whining get over yourselves

  108. ThaGreenBandit says:

    But how sweet it would’ve been!

  109. DBKlein69 says:

    yea right or maybe because silva didnt wanna get dragged to the ground and RAGDOLLED. again.

  110. mmaislandjunkie says:

    must suck when you lose to a ragdoll, just saying.

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