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Tuesday, 10/01/2013, 10:34 am

Anderson Silva would ‘stop fighting’ if matched up opposite Jacare or Machida

“I’m a man with honor. I’d never fight Jacare or Lyoto. I’d even stop fighting just not to fight them. Jacare is a guy that has been doing a great job and can earn a title shot (soon). Lyoto is a close friend, a great athlete, and we train together, just like Jacare. If we get to a point where we’d have to fight. I’d even give up the title.”

Silva told the fans during a Q&A session in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, on Sunday that he would never fight one of his teammates, not even for a title.


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  1. Anderson Fan says:

    Think what the average person doesn’t get is that for Anderson the belt and titles don’t mean shit…

    He is a true martial artist and winning and loosing is nothing. It’s a personal and spiritual quest that he’s on. It’s his life and this is just the way that he expresses himself.

  2. Duane Leonard says:

    Anderson would give up his title? He already lost his title! Also, he should fight whoever the UFC (his boss) would ask him to fight.

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