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Monday, 09/10/2012, 11:10 am

Anderson Silva Would Never Have Taken A Fight With His Idol Bruce Lee | UFC NEWS

“The biggest is the Bruce Lee fan I am. I especially like the philosophy of it. But I’m also a fan of Muhammad Ali and Roy Jones Jr. are guys for whom I tip my hat, get my black belt. Outside the ring, I would say Michael Jordan, Pele and Ronaldo. People think I say this because of my contract with 9ine, but it is not. It was long before Ronaldo fan… I would like to have known [Bruce Lee] and to have had lessons with him. But not risk a fight with Bruce Lee, no.”

In an interview with Brazilian newspaper,, UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva talked about his idol Bruce Lee and proclaimed that if alive he would never take on the martial arts legend in a fight.


15 Responses to “Anderson Silva Would Never Have Taken A Fight With His Idol Bruce Lee | UFC NEWS”

  1. wow he has to say that would you say you would fight mr lee i dont think so then that say’s your just a cocky ass mother with no class…dont down silva for this…

  2. Mayor of Deviance says:

    Roy Jones Jr.?? He shouldn’t be named at the same time as Bruce Lee.

    • MMFT says:

      Roy Jones was one of the best ever in his prime dumb shit.

      • Mayor of Deviance says:

        No he wasn’t. He was a conceited ass (like you) with no philosophy whatsoever.

        • Jujitsu Player says:

          Anyone who knows boxing knows Roy Jones Jnr is one of the greatest of all time. Who the fuck are you to question who Silva has as a role model anyway. Jones was a champion at multiple weights, Bruce Lee made martial arts movies….Both can be role models for very different reasons.

          Get a life.

  3. ken dunne says:

    bruce lee is to china what steven seagal is to the united states

  4. stephen riddle says:

    Bruce would be a long reigning champ in the modern era of mma! He was the inventor for god sakes, dragon the bruce lee story is still one of my favorite movies! Along with any thing else bruce lee.

    • Jujitsu Player says:

      You’ve seen Enter the Dragon one too many times….I can only imagine what Jose Aldo would do to Bruce Lee….he would ruin him. In fact any of the featherweights fighting in the UFC today would because he was NOT a professional fighter….

  5. Flex monkey juice says:

    I’d fight Bruce. Fuck him, I’d fuckin rip his fucking arms off, that little bitch is like 110lbs. If I got on his neck it would be all fucking over.

    • Bruce Lee would beat you in seconds. says:

      I do Wing Chun, Kali Eskrima and Krav Maga.

      You don’t do martial arts as you wouldn’t act like a prick, I would rip you apart in a fight so don’t you dare question Bruce Lee’s abilities.

  6. Jc says:

    You are all A bunch of red neck fucks

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