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Wednesday, 03/06/2013, 11:22 am

Anderson Silva vs Chris Weidman Official For UFC 162 | UFC NEWS

It’s finally official! A UFC Middleweight Championship bout between Anderson Silva and challenger Chris Weidman has been set for the July 4th Pay-Per-View weekend in Las Vegas.

Newsdays’ Mark La Monica broke the news via Twitter today while working in Albany alongside UFC  Lorenzo Fertitta, Chris Weidman, Ronda Rousey, and others pushing for the legalization of MMA in the state of New York. Chris Weidman and Lorenzo Fertitta both retweeted the post, confirming it’s legitimacy.

UFC 162 takes place Saturday, July 6th in Las Vegas, Nevada. Other fights on the card include Tim Kennedy vs Roger Gracie and Rafael Calvacante vs Thiago Silva.


90 Responses to “Anderson Silva vs Chris Weidman Official For UFC 162 | UFC NEWS”

  1. toto me :D says:

    i like how anderson will always fight in time before people gets irritated about a non-active status lol GO SILVA :D!

  2. John G says:

    Chris’s (own) hype train is coming to an end. Anderson will make him look silly.

    that’s it, goodbye.

  3. Norman Jayden says:

    I hope weidmans wins even though it won’t happen

  4. 1st Degree says:

    MURDER! and still ufc middleweight champion…

  5. Scotty says:

    Now all the people can stop saying Anderson is avoiding Weidman.. Anderson stated his opinion on fighting weidman but like always he will fight who the UFC makes him fight.. BUt the question is, could this be Silva’s last Middleweight title fight? If he wins, he will get the a superfight, gsp or jones, its one or the other. Leaning towards Jones more now as there will be a bigger mess in the WW division if GSP has to fight Anderson..

    • Andrew Garcia says:

      Silva recently signed a 10 fight contract which also include 3 super fights. So yea Silva is still gonna be fighting for a while at least.

  6. Jep says:

    another sad day for MMA

    • Nuitari X says:

      Agreed, Uriah Hall lost to Weidman once but from the way he looked in that fight compared to on T.U.F. I’m willing to bet Hall would stomp weidman now. There is now way in hell this guy deserves to be in the cage with the spider!! WTF has he done besides beat Munoz? I’ve been an avid MMA fan for at least the past 13 years and I follow the UFC and other organizations very closely and I didn’t know who the hell Weidman was before the Munoz fight. He’s gonna get destroyed and made to look like an amateur and then he can quit all his yapping.

  7. Stars says:

    Weidman has a good shot imo, but at the same time there’s also a good shot he’ll get ktfo. As for the other fights, Gracie with the submission win, and Thiago Silva via TKO that later gets changed to a no contest due to failed drug test.

  8. Thom says:

    Anderson by absolute rape. All you fucking Weidmann fans are worse than the Sonnen fans, Anderson will make you all look silly.

  9. Big Daddy says:

    Chris who? Why do they keep setting up Silva with crappy matchups?

  10. matthew says:

    The problem Weidman is facing is..that Anderson is not human, he is from another planet. Chris is royally fckd!

  11. jp says:

    Anderson will pull out of the fight with an injury.

  12. Ddddddd says:

    Man,It’s a depressing thing trying to find an engaging comment in here that has some merit. I’m a fan of Silva
    but I’m sure it’s embarrassing to even him how his groupies
    are lookin for a reason to drop down and service him at any moment. Chris Weidman is a class act and an excellent competitor that has done way more than just beat the biggest meathead in the sport to get a title shot. I was glad to see Silva beat Leben but I didn’t think he deserved a title shot!
    Sound familiar?

    • Dan Jenkins says:

      G’day Ddddddd although I don’t doubt Weidman is a tough competitor, anyone who steps in a cage or ring is a tough competitor. I don’t believe he and Andersons path to a ufc title shot are the same, Anderson had fought in pride where he ko’d Carlos Newton among others from there he went on to beat Jeremy Horn, Jorge Riviera and Lee Murray before he even got to the ufc and then a 49 second demolition of Leben without Leben landing a punch in his debut (who else has debut like that). Although a ko win over Munoz IS impressive the circumstances were not Munoz had been off for significant time with a shoulder injury then injured his foot during training, I know injuries aren’t excuses they DO play a part in how you prepare and fight. So with all that Weidman did not beat the best Munoz. His other fight with Demian Maia was forgettable props to Weidman for taking it on short notice but still it was a poor showing. Personally I’m over all this crap that Weidman gonna smash Silva I just want the fight to happen because honestly I believe this is going to be laughable I don’t think Weidmans got a harder punch than Henderson and Anderson took the “mighty h bomb” and fed Henderson a knee before choking the piss outta him, I really don’t see how Weidman can win this fight

  13. The Way Of The Dutchman says:

    So Silva will destroy this bum and his career. Weidman begged for it and he shall receive…a beating that is.

  14. The guy with a tail says:

    Silva is the last black super sayan alive. How dare you think he can be beat.

  15. 123 says:

    weidman believes he will finish him, should be good

  16. krafty11 says:

    It was supposed to be Okami that would take Silva down and get the win.. Then Chael was supposed to take him down and get the win.. twice.. What happened?? They both got finished.. Chael twice.. Now Weidman, is supposed to be the one to take Anderson down, and get the win.. Anderson will stop him just like he has the others.. Anderson will walk out the cage at UFC 162 with the belt and an 18 fight winning streak.

  17. spiderman says:

    seriously? wildman? who the f** is this guy? This is gonna be another fun fight to watch after Jones annihilates sonnen. I just hope Silva lets this amateur hit him a bit like he did with boner so we can at least have two rounds. widman get ready to get KTFO I hope you have a good insurance..

  18. mean170 says:

    Can we line up another fighter for Anderson on this same card? I don’t want to see him TKO Wiedman in the first 2 minutes of the second round. Well i do, but then i want to see him fight another 185er right after, how about lets see him demolish Hector Lombard right after he puts Weidman back where he belongs at #7 in the MW division. Just a thought

  19. Gargoyle Wrestling says:

    Silva fans Greatest Nightmare?,,,,,,They know everybody loses and they are afraid Silva will lose. Guess what he WILL lose if he keeps fighting. He may or may not lose to Weidman, but you know you are afraid he will lose to Weidman! Aren’t you? Let’s see he has won what 16-17 in a row??? Would you say the law of averages are against him???? lmao.

    • GRT 3000 says:

      well you can cover yourself in man gravvy when he does hater, but it won’t be to this clown. boo fuckin boo to the UFC. get this guy a REAl challenge while he still has fresh legs.

      • Gargoyle Wrestling says:

        Just admit, Silva is overdue for a beating. Other than Sonnen beating on his ass, he has escaped any real damage. He’s due. The Law of Averages dictate Silva will be beat up soon. Just accept it and you’ll sleep better.

        • The Way Of The Dutchman says:

          Eventually as he gets older he will be beaten, but that time hasn’t come yet.

          The law of averages doesn’t apply here because there are too many other variables. Skill and quality are just two of many in favor of Silva. So no you are wrong.

        • Gargoyle Wrestling says:

          No I am not wrong. Silva has lost a step. Weidman is much better than Silva at this time. The only advantage Silva has over Weidman is that he is good at reading patterns and timing of his counters, plus he hits hard. But Weidman is better in every other aspect of the fight game, plus he hits hard too. He is twice as fast as Silva and has almost Sonnen’s top game. Silva is out classed here and he has a huge chance of getting a beat down. He’s due. Law of Averages dictates it. The only other aspect of Weidman’s that is a weakness is that he is coming off a long layoff. I would have preferred to see Weidman beat the shit out of Belfort first, but he’ll bee ready. Weidman has never talked himself into thinking he can win. He has analyzed ALL of Silva’s game and he KNOWS he will beat him.

        • The Way Of The Dutchman says:

          lol c’mon man now you’re trolling. Weidman couldn’t even beat Maia. Yes he got the nodge, but that split decision over Maia was complete nonsense.

          Weidman has nothing on Silva. He will be shellshocked because he will not know what hit him since he never faced a supreme calibre fighter like Silva. Belfort would annihilate him too.

        • Gargoyle Wrestling says:

          No I am not trolling. Lest you forget, Weidman took the Maia fight on short notice. Hell he didn’t even train for that fight. Maia is no slouch and Weidman was NEVER in trouble of being submitted. So yes a short notice win over Maia is something to brag about, even if it was close. You know Maia is better on the ground then Silva. Why do you think Silva wanted none of that with Maia? You have also seemed to have forgotten that Munoz could not get Weidman off of him, and you think Silva can? I call that trolling by you. So Weidman has a better ground game than Silva by far and he’s faster and stronger than Silva and you think he has no chance??? C’mon now! Barring an illegal knee to the face on the ground, Weidman should handle Silva fairly dominantly. BTW: now that Belfort can’t juice up to the high heavens and taper off before fight time, he will gas out so fast now. Belfort is done man, just accept it and move on. I just don’t get you old mma fans who keep looking back???!!

  20. jbeamazing says:

    and new middle wight champion

  21. spiderman says:

    I hope that all the retarded that are saying that silva will lose against this amateur will be here the next day and admit they were wrong. Basically what they never did with sonnen. I will be here to laugh once again I can promise you that

  22. Adam says:

    I predict another Thales Lates/ Demian Maia performance from Silva

  23. KIDD433 says:

    another waste of a fight on Silvas contract.

  24. confucius says:

    lol anybody who truly believes weidman stands a chance must not have a clue about mma. i still cant understand why people cant just admit that silva is the GOAT. why??? cause hes not american people want to talk shit? Im american, and a fan of martial arts, and silva embodies the true spirit of a martial artist. sure weidman is a nice guy and is on a win streak but he is in no way ready for a fight like this. kind of a waste to me if you ask but whatever, another fight where silva makes his opponent look like an amateur.

  25. LI says:

    Not one mention of how Weidman beats Silva. Not one mention of why this is a bad matchup for Silva. Not one mention of why GSP says so. Folks, without the gee, MMA jujitsu has no answer for MMA wrestling. Yes I saw Lutter and Sonnen both screw that one up. As long as Weidman doesn’t get caught in Silvas triangle or allow him to dance capoeira, Silva will be beat by spending the night on his back.

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