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Monday, 12/23/2013, 11:41 am

Anderson Silva: UFC 162 Loss Was “A Bad Day at Work”

“Sometimes you have a good day working,” former UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva explained, “sometimes you have a bad day working.  My last fight [at UFC 162] was my bad day.”


By Christopher Murphy @MurphMMA

It has been one of the most highly anticipated rematches in mixed martial arts, and for plenty of reasons.  First and foremost among the many draws to watch Anderson Silva face Chris Weidman, the last man to defeat him – and the only one inside the UFC at that – is simply the itching question of whether or not this is the end of Anderson Silva’s career.

It’s not, if you ask the former UFC middleweight champion who is less than one week away from his UFC 168 title bout.

Sometimes you have a good day working, sometimes you have a bad day working,” Silva told Bloody Elbow while preparing for his rematch with Weidman.  “My last fight was my bad day.

A bad day indeed, as the then-champion Silva fell to the canvas in the second round unconscious following a left-hook from Chris Weidman.  With Silva fell his UFC title, his impressive 16-fight win streak inside the Octagon and his long-standing hold on the title of best pound-for-pound fighter in the world.

But Silva doesn’t think that everything is done.  He explained that he has spent a lot of time preparing for this fight mentally, and he believes fans will see the best Anderson Silva this Saturday.

Of course, in typical Anderson Silva fashion, when he was asked about Weimdan’s statement that he is looking for a finish, Silva grinned and said, “I’m scared.


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