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Wednesday, 02/15/2012, 03:09 pm

Anderson Silva | The Fight With GSP Is The Best The Sport Has To Offer

“Georges St-Pierre is the best fight in this sport. In my opinion it’s a great great great fight, me and Georges St-Pierre. I like Georges St-Pierre, he’s a good man, he’s a good guy for this sport, he represents this sport and all the people in Canada, maybe one day this fight is a good fight.”

In an interview on ESPN radio, UFC middleweight champion, Anderson Silva discussed the potential super fight between himself and Georges St-Pierre.

The UFC seems determined to make this fight happen if both fighters keep winning. Anderson Silva has been willing to take this fight for the past couple of years.

The hang up however has been welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre, who seems to want to take an extended absence from fighting to properly put on the weight for this fight.

History of the hype:

See what GSP said about fighting Anderson Silva HERE

See where GSP’s coach stands on this situation HERE.

See what UFC President Dana White thinks Silva should do HERE.

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33 Responses to “Anderson Silva | The Fight With GSP Is The Best The Sport Has To Offer”

  1. Matt says:

    Couldn’t disagree more, rather see Silva vs Jones

    • Mike McMack says:

      Yep, but Silva knows he has a better chance at beating GSP than Jones. I don’t think Silva fears Jones it’s just a bad match for him. Jones would take Anderson down and do to him what he does to everyone else he’s fought. Anderson would destroy Jones standing but Jones wouldn’t try to win the fight that way. I want to see Silva vs Jones because I believe Anderson has a better chance of beating him than anyone.

      • Dick Niaz says:

        Anderson knows the JBJ fight is HIGH RISK.

        I don’t blame him. He has earned the fight to ride off into the sunset as the best of all time (so far).

        There’s no reason to risk that by going up and fighting a guy with a HUGE height, reach, age advantage. It’s not a fair fight. Is Anderson good enough to overcome? Maybe… I personally doubt it, but certainly can’t deny his skill.

        He can bet Chael and GSP, make millions, be a superhero and do so in style, why not?

    • No worreh says:

      I rather see what jbj asked for a heavy wieght give him barry jones chicken legs going to get kicked out from under him

    • Yuke says:

      Bones Jones is a very good fighter but he JUST got his start in the sport basically. GSP and Silva have been the reigning kings of the UFC for years now. That super fight has been being talked about for many years now so as a true MMA fan for years i’d much rather see that before Anderson kisses the sport good bye.

    • jacob lee says:

      after sonnen retires silva everybody will quit talking about him. I’m tired of hearing his name

    • Jujitsu Player says:

      +1 but I think Jones has the tools to dominate Silva. A GSP fight is stacked in Silva’s favor, he has a big size advantage. I heared he walks around around 225lb whereas GSP is always close to 185lb. They would need a catch weight bout maybe at 195lb to even it out and give GSP time to increase lean muscle mass. Would love to this this fight before either one retires.

      • Dick Niaz says:

        GSP walks at 200, fights at 187.

        Anderson porks up to 220 in btwn fights, cuts from less than 200 and fights in the 190s.

        Anderson fought a decent chunk of his career at WW, even fighting at 167 and I think 163, in the years before coming to the UFC.

        Anderson offered to cut to 170 for this fight about 3 years ago. If they were to do a catchweight, it would probably be less than 185, maybe 180.

  2. MJ says:

    He could say the same about Jon Jones but he calls out the smaller GSP lol Fight Jon Jones Anderson!

  3. Anderson Silva is ducking Jon Jones says:

    Anderson and Jones makes more sense.

  4. MustardPancakes says:

    Silva would destroy jones and make him look a fool. That fancy shit isn’t gonna work on Silva because those are the exact type of opening he would look for and destroy Jones. Anderson Silva doesn’t go around saying its his destiny to be champion. He isn’t a cocky bastard because he’s a real war machine ready to kill and he knows he can.

    • koaboy says:

      wish it could be that cut and dry. But if you notice everyone is having one hell of a time with that reach. And every fighter knows it. See if Anderson fights Jones, Jones will make anderson fight his reach and not be so initiative and aggressive. He probably will respect to a degree who anderson is and what he is capable of. But know Jones’s cocky ass he won’t. ha! but will see if it ever happens?

    • Thurgood Jenkins says:

      Did you really just say Silva isn’t cocky? It’s an absolute fact that he has dominated basically everyone he has faced, but where the hell did you get that he isn’t cocky? Remember the Maia fight? That wasn’t just being cocky, that was downright disrespectful. And against Griffin, knocking him down then offering to help him up? That’s not cocky???

  5. Mani says:

    This is all P.R from the UFC. They know public opinion has fallen after Condit vs Diaz, so to get interest buzzing around again hype the fight everone wants to see. Jones is the true test for Silva.

  6. MustardPancakes says:

    Silva would destroy jones and make him look a fool. That fancy shit isn’t gonna work on Silva because those are the exact type of opening he would look for and destroy Jones. Anderson Silva doesn’t go around saying its his destiny to be champion. He isn’t a cocky bastard because he’s a real war machine ready to kill and he knows he can.Jones only chance would be to wrestle him like Sonnen did but even then I think Silvas BJJ is far superior.

  7. vic the brick says:

    yea right… Silva vs. Jones instead

  8. Jb says:

    Yea call out a smaller fighter! Jackass…just because they are so decorated . Anderson jones is the fight that we all want to see. They really should set up a polling option on UFC com. Then it’s what the sports about. The fans. In that instance the fans actually pick the next fights.

  9. BobO says:

    Last year he said BJ was the best. ~BobO

  10. 691 says:

    lmfao..u want gsp??a guy that fights smaller guys than u??look if you want to be the greatest fights motherfuckers that are bigger than you..dont call out the smaller

  11. morgan says:

    Anderson is a pussy for wanting to fight GSP and not Jones. He walks around at a weight similiar to Jones and cuts a ton to get to 185.. How about he focuses on Sonnen and not “super fights” with smaller guys, he barely pulled won that fight last time.

  12. slacker says:

    When did Silva say this?! Anyways, I like it. I mean if it’s going to happen, he needs to be called out somewhat like this. GSP has been backing off from Silva for awhile now with lame excuses – understandably so. I think he would lose, but I would still like to see it. But I am not looking past him and Carlos. I think Condit can win that fight.

  13. dlo' says:

    I swear some people are just haters and idiots. No one has accomplished more or have had a longer reign as champion than GSP. If they did fight it would be at 175 which seems reasonable to me. It’s definitely not the case of a bigger man picking on a smaller man. GSP walks around at close to 200. When he rehydrates for his fights he’s anywhere between 185 and 190. If anything GSP would have the advantage because Silva would have to cut down an extra ten (pounds. I honestly don’t think he can make that cut not even at 180 but its. Whatever. If it was BJ he would have taken it hands down. A fight with Silva and Jones would be great posstat the end of his career like passing the torch.

    • cody says:

      i know right no matter what with these super fights someones at a disadvantage i say if its gsp they meet at 180 if its jones 190 y should aderson have to put on a gut to fight a true hw face it gsp and as r more evenly matched size wise than jones and as people just want to see as lose so bad i love as hes the best ever but jones would get him down at 205 and prob win cause of his size and strength it is what it is

    • Mike McMack says:

      Anderson can make it to 175 no problem, he’s already agreed to do so. His body type makes it easy for him to cut weight for some reason, or at least thats what one of his coaches said in the interview.

  14. toneloc24 says:

    All fighters are cocky they wouldn’t be fighting if they weren’t. And any time somebody moves out of there weight class for a superfight somebody is going to have a size advantage. Jon jones is cocky I just don’t like him because he’s fake he tries to come across on camera as mr perfect I never do anything wrong and I say all the right things and u can tell he’s not being hisself. The kid has serious skills I just would like him better if he stopped worrying about what people think and gets comfortable being hisself

  15. Dog chapman says:

    Bruddah thsts more stupid than the shit I say bra

  16. Ninja Oreo+Dollop says:

    GSP vs Silva would make a great match since GSP is so well rounded and his wrestling is better than Silva’s. But you can’t beat Silva in the striking department. He can whoop both Jones and GSP in a pure striking match.

  17. DBKlein69 says:

    what a shocker. anderson silva doesn’t wanna fight jon jones or chael sonnen. i wonder why.

  18. MMAnalyst says:

    Silva is 4 inches taller than GSP and 2 inches shorter than Jones, and he has fought twice at LHW without any trouble. I know he’s fought at 168 lbs before, but that was one million years ago. While GSP would need time to build himself into a legit MW since he is an average sized WW, actually not much bigger than the larger Lightweights these days… so size-wise Silva vs Jones makes more sense and seems a bit more evenly-matched.

    Though, of course I would love to see any combination of champs in superfights (Silva/GSP – Aldo/Henderson – Silva/Jones – etc.)

  19. mean170 says:

    Anderson has been the champ at Middleweight forever. Jon Jones has been champ for about a year. Can everyone just take a step back, get Jon’s dick out of your mouths, and look at the big picture for a second. I like Jones but you guys are going a few steps too far.

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