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Monday, 10/15/2012, 05:35 am

Anderson Silva Stands Firm: No Amount Of Money Can Make Him Fight Jon Jones | UFC NEWS

“Since I started training martial arts, I never thought about the money. I think everything I was able to get was because I always did it with pleasure and love because when I started there was no money in this. I don’t fight for money. Obviously, the money’s important, we all need money, but I don’t fight for the money. This is not something that I would like to happen because the times I’ve seen Jon Jones, he’s always mentioned that he would not like to fight, but we are UFC employees. I wouldn’t like this to happen because on our team we have (Antonio) Rogerio Minotoro (Nogueira), we have (Rafael) Feijao, we have (Wagner Prado) Calderon, we have other athletes in his division that can fight him. I’m getting old guys, I’m retired, I’m nearly there, I’ve only got another five years left, leave Jon Jones to them.”

During Saturday’s post UFC 153 media activities UFC middleweight champion, Anderson Silva, made it clear that he is not interested in a super fight with reigning 205 king Jon Jones.

Is Silva making the right call and is anybody buying what he is selling?

Could it be that Silva is holding out for a mega payday for this mega fight or is he really not interested?


33 Responses to “Anderson Silva Stands Firm: No Amount Of Money Can Make Him Fight Jon Jones | UFC NEWS”

  1. Not nick diaz says:

    He will do it for the right amount of money.

  2. TheTude says:

    I agree with Anderson, he never claimed to be the best so he really has nothing left to prove, i still think he could pick jones apart though.

  3. Not You says:

    I bet Dana threatens to strip them of their belts.

    • Wowzers says:

      Strip them of their belts? Lol.. They’re not in the same division. He can’t do that you tard.. I could see that if they’re in the SAME division.. He could threaten to strip the belt away from ONE of them to fight the other.. But to strip 2 belts in 2 different divisions.. You have some poo-poo coming out of your mouth buddy. The only way that would even be a possibility, is if Jones or Silva 100% made the division move. Otherwise.. The fight will never happen and never needs to happen. Dana is the dude who’s in it for the Money. The fighters aren’t just in it for the money. If you want to make money.. You’d be a DIFFERENT professional athlete.. MMA fighters make the LEAST amount of money in damn near ALL of professional sports, it’s really sad. Only the top 20 MMA Athletes on the list I’ve provided below have been paid more than $1 Million since UFC 46…..

      Jon Jones get paid the most with just under 900K annually and Anderson Silva gets less than 500K. This includes Fight of night and all those type of bonuses.

      Plain and simple. There’s a reason why most of these dudes are coming out and saying they’re broke… I made more money last year then every single STRIKEFORCE fighter.. And more than every single UFC fighter with the exception of the top 8. I’ve paid more money in taxes since 2004 then most of them have made in their whole MMA career. I would like to see a big boost in their pay. After learning this.. I feel really bad for how hard they work.

      Happy to see that BJ Penn is in the Top 10!!! Makes me happpier lol.

      • Brian says:

        @Wowzers – Just an FYI about your statement, “The fighters aren’t in it for the money”… Jones has been very up front that he is absolutely in it for the money.

      • 1ne2wo says:

        You do know they make more than that aye? From all the bonuses they don’t want you to know about, and the fighters pay that you do know about it’s because they want you to know.

        However i do believe they are well under paid for the punishment they put their bodies through for our entertainment.

        And Jon Jones fights for the money he’s said it time and time again, yes i do want this fight to happen but i’d like to see them both head kick ko each other lol win win for everyone i reakon hahaha

        • Wowzers says:

          @Brian, I can see Jones being in it for the money. Since he’s the HIGHEST paid MMA athlete and is still getting paid under $1 Million a year.. But I still consider that nothing.. If he was really in it for the money, I don’t think he’d be in MMA. Hell, Professional Boxing pays so much more money than MMA… It’s really, really sad.

          @1ne2wo, the site I listed and the $ amounts include all the bonuses and what-not. I don’t know what you mean by the bonuses they don’t want you to know about.. But if you’re talking about endorsements and stuff like that? Then no, some of the fighters who have endorsement deals and stuff like that get paid more money. You’re correct.

          And HELL YA… We all want to see Jones VS. Silva… It’s 1 of the only fights I honestly think would be really exciting.. But Anderson wants to retire undefeated… He’s said it numerous times.. And Jones.. Well, I love Jones as a fighter.. But he’s getting me heated by saying all these stupid things and not accepting fights.. I don’t care about him not fighting Sonnen.. Sonnen is a joke and doesn’t/didn’t deserve the fight. But if Cormier comes down in weight… I think they should do a TUF fight between Jones and DC.. And if DC comes down in weight, Jones won’t be able to refuse the fight. Jones isn’t going to go up in weight until he’s defended his title a bunch more times or he actually gets KO’d.

      • tom says:

        God damn, you are a moron. Do you even read the articles you post. You have no idea what the fighters actually makes because they do not disclose that so dont act as if you do. And Anderson is not undefeated btw…

  4. stevo the great says:

    What a coward…he is flat out scared of Jones and Vice Versa…..they are both scared of each other….neither wants to lose and both can beat each other on any given day. Anderson is padding his record….end of story.

    • Cory Singleton says:

      I couldn’t agree more. They are both turning out to be masters of padding their record. If they refuse to fight, it would be a major hit to the sport. Mega fights like this, there is a window of opportunity where they make sense and the window is eventually going to close. It needs to happen for the good of the sport before one of them loses, and if they keep fighting they WILL eventually lose. Of course they will probably just keep choosing who they want to fight so maybe they won’t ever lose.

      • mean170 says:

        I couldn’t disagree more. You seem to have no appreciation for the work that is put in to be a top notch fighter. These guys spend their lives training to be at the top of their weight class, and you want all of them to fight every week, any opponent regardless of weight class. Maybe Jose Aldo and GSP should have a superfight. Johnson vs. Bendo, why not?? It is just foolish.

        • Tempt says:

          That’s not what those guys were saying at all. This super fight makes sense because they both possess incredible skill sets and are almost equal in size. All the fans are asking for is 1 super fight between the two and if you don’t want to see these two fight your not a fan of MMA. PERIOD

        • dogfart says:

          temp they are not almost equal in size
          bones walks around as a heavyweight
          anderson walks around at a very light lhw

          he did no cutting,
          anderson cuts very little to make 185, look how padded he looked at 205.
          look how skinny and ripped JBJ is at 205
          jones couldnt make 185 so they are not the same class at all

    • Mike says:

      Its lose-lose for both of them. Silva doesn’t need to fight him to prove he’s P4P champ, his history has done that. A lose to silva from Jones right now would permanently effect his career.

      No point and they are massively different in size. Jones is way bigger.

  5. Bitch Ass Greg J. says:

    Anderson Silva keeps saying that he’s doing it for the fans, or he likes giving the fans what they want, saving the 153 card so as not to disappoint the the fans. All these talk about giving back to the fans. Well, we the fans want to see you fight Bones!.Anderson might be the GOAT but we’ll never know unless he takes Bones out now. Stop using your teamates as an excuse coz we all know that’s bulllsh!t. This is MMA, if you’re the best fighter in the world, then fight the next best, not have one of your teamates fight for you. And these teamates that Anderson Silva mentioned are barely top ten contenders. Cut the crap and fight Jones. Same goes for Bones.

  6. ronny hamouche says:

    silva just isnt interested he doesnt need to fight jones why put his whole legacy on the line……its to much of a risk for him….him not fighting jones still makes him the greatest fighter to ever live…..i think he would beat jones anyway

  7. tHE TRUTH MY FRIENDS...... says:


  8. NoDoubtNOut says:

    HAHAHHAHA Hilarious how people are saying Jones and Silva are cowards cuz they won’t fight each other. These guys get in the cage and fight monsters like Rampage Jackson, Vitor Belfort, and Dan Henderson. What do you guys do? Sit at home, hiding behind a screen, and type about how the P4P best and the 2nd P4P best guys are cowards??? why? Because they’re in two different weight classes and have friends in the other division that they don’t want to fight because of LOYALTY. LOL! Ya’ll dudes are fuckin retarrrrrrrrdddeeeeeddddddd. I wish we could just kill off all the dumb MMA “fans”.

    • Truth says:

      You’re right, two differnt weight classes! Hmmmmm, I would agree with you on that IF Anderson didn’t want to fight GSP for a big pay day who is in a SMALLER weight division! Anderson should step up and fight Jones who is in a weight division he has fought very successfully in! GSP has never fought up in weight. If I were Anderson, I would take the easier pay day too! Bottom line, the fans lose!!

      • dogfart says:

        no, gsp is a very big 170 and they are meeting at catch weight which means they are about even.
        gsp could easy make 185
        gsp and anderson are a lot closer in weight class than jbj and spider

        people think that because they have a similar body shape they are the same. lol

  9. Nunya says:

    Would love to see them fight, I hope they change their minds, it would be great for UFC & fans. Almost like waiting for Pacquiao vs Mayweather, it may never happen

  10. Truth says:

    I hate that Anderson is turningthis fight down, but wants a piece of the much smaller GSP as a BIG paid day!! Anderson knows he will beat GSP, everyone knows that. GSP is great, one of my all time favorite fighters, but he is just to small.

    Anderson vs Jones is the only real Superfight that could go either way. The guys Anderson listed in his camp that can fight Jones aren’t even close to his level. I think Anderson is scared! We all know when it comes to money Jones will fight anyone! (Rashad)

  11. jones-silva says:

    i dont think they should be aloud to say no to a fight , in life your employer wants you to work you work same as fight they want you to fight you fight , no difference

  12. normdutton says:

    sound’s like the spider is scared of jones i can’t believe it but i think i’m right about this.

  13. Quint says:

    Everything (and one) has a price!!

  14. mean170 says:

    Everyone wants Jones/Silva, why not JDS/Jones??

  15. Josh says:

    It isn’t for that reason alone. Silva would get destroyed by Jones and Silva and his camp fucking know it. Soares knows it too–that’s why he wont pressure Silva into it.
    Think about it…all you Silva nuthuggers (and dont get me wrong, I love Silva too):
    If middleweight Sonnen can blast Silva with a double, 205 Jones can drop him on his head.
    If middleweight Sonnen can keep Silva down and bash him, Jones can keep him down and proceed to re-arrange his face with elbows.
    If Jones really has learned from his last fight, his Jiu Jitsu will be on a different level than Sonnen’s entirely. And let’s not forget to mention Silva has more than 10 years more of wear and tear. So what is stopping the 205 Champ from derailing the ‘greatest fighter’ of all time? Silva’s striking Bones has a reach advantage. When have we ever seen Silva have to be the one to close distance to get his shots in? Experience? Jones has been fighting a deeper talent pool than Silva his entire career. Nothing about this fight looks good to Silva or his manager. Unless Dana can convince Silva and his managers to willingly relinquish his ‘best ever’ title, this fight WILL NOT HAPPEN.

  16. killaj671 says:

    so then anderson silva should fight chris weidmen with no problem then.

  17. WoWzeR's your an idiot... says:

    Wow your an idiot Wowzer’s. Silva makes 200k a fight (BASE SALARY… JUST FOR SHOWING UP)… Let alone any kind of win bonus he might make. Generally, he averages 2-3 fights per year.. Oh and check out the BK and Nike Sponsor – He’s making PLENTY.

    On top of that, headliners get a portion of the PPV buys… That is why people like Silva don’t want to fight randoms like Weidman… There is very minimal PPV buys for those fights.

    Did you just start watching/following MMA at UFC 150??

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