Anderson Silva: Sonnen Has Learned His Lesson | UFC NEWS

September 26, 2012 9:47 am 31 Comments

“The barbecue at the house happened, but unfortunately he did not come.”

“It was a satisfaction, a sense of accomplishment. Brazil was placed where it really should be. Other athletes who are supposedly thinking about speaking ill of Brazilians and our culture, our people, will think twice. I think Chael has learned his lesson.”

The pound-for-pound king, Anderson Silva, tells Brazilian media outlet, that he believes his longtime rival Chael Sonnen has learned his lesson and will refrain from badmouthing Brazil (and Brazilians) from now on.

Sonnen certainly has seemed to take a liking to his newest target Jon Jones, but will his 205 pound distractions keep him off of Silva’s back for good?

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