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Wednesday, 09/26/2012, 09:47 am

Anderson Silva: Sonnen Has Learned His Lesson | UFC NEWS

“The barbecue at the house happened, but unfortunately he did not come.”

“It was a satisfaction, a sense of accomplishment. Brazil was placed where it really should be. Other athletes who are supposedly thinking about speaking ill of Brazilians and our culture, our people, will think twice. I think Chael has learned his lesson.”

The pound-for-pound king, Anderson Silva, tells Brazilian media outlet, that he believes his longtime rival Chael Sonnen has learned his lesson and will refrain from badmouthing Brazil (and Brazilians) from now on.

Sonnen certainly has seemed to take a liking to his newest target Jon Jones, but will his 205 pound distractions keep him off of Silva’s back for good?


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  1. Bitch ass Greg J says:

    Chael is a businessman, a marketing genius. He’ll know when and who to badmouth. Any real MMA follower knows that Jones will crush Chael but we still would love to see that fight because we know Chael can build it up to a point wherein we can’t wait what happens inside the octagon after all the trashtalking and badmouthing.

    • TheWholeTruth says:

      There’s nothing genius about being a racist. He mouths off in attempt to get title shots, but he never delivers and his UFC record is horrible. Chael belongs in WWE.

      • Shadleigh says:

        I agree with Bitch ass greg j completely. U talk shit on Chael’s record, but he could beat any middleweight not named Anderson silva who is prob the GOAT. So there is no shame in that. Your ass should STFU cause u r not in the UFC and u would get mopped by Chael. So before u make another ignorant comment that Chael belongs in WWE u should realize he is a very good fighter.

        • Sugar says:

          Well then, I’m glad Chael doesn’t get paid to fight random commenters on this website or TWT would seriously be fucked. The point of this website and these threads is to voice our opinion, which is what he did. I happen to agree with him too. Dan Miller? Yushin Okami? The only high quality opponent he’s faced really he’s lost to. Michael Bisping many thought actually won that fight and he has yet to prove himself elite by any standards. Chael is a roided up criminal who can’t get fights the traditional way so he talks shit in hopes to attract people attention. I will admit though, I am intrigued to see what he has to say about Jones. (His shit talking is elite, his fighting, not so much.)

        • mrkenpo says:

          He didn’t lose to Okami dumbass… Stop taking away from his abilities. He isn’t a racist, all he did was unite the American patriots and the Brazilian patriots to have something to root for in a sporting event.

        • mrkenpo says:

          Not to mention, he isn’t “roided up”, he uses TRT, which is nowhere near the same thing. He has underdeveloped testicles (ha, I said testicles) which effects his testosterone levels. That isn’t even mentioning that getting hit repeatedly lowers it as well, or the fact that he isn’t exactly young. So many stupid things said that I must debunk… *Keyboard warrior mode deactivated*

        • TheWholeTruth says:

          I forgive you shadleigh, because you have idea who you’re talking to, but everyone has the right to voice their opinion. Even illiterate, rude, retarded bastards like yourself.

          I completely agree with [sugars] comment.

        • Come at me bro says:

          You haven’t idea who your talking to lol trying to sound tuff on the internet.

        • Dan Lucien says:

          Demian Maia, Jeremy Horn , Renato Sobral…

        • B says:

          Vitor would murder sonnen.sonne should be in the wwe…

      • sidekix says:

        Your dumb lol chael sonnen is the top paid fighter in the ufc because he’s a smart business man who puts asses in seats. Shit talking to promote a fight is nothing new, dont be so sensitive.

      • Me says:

        In his last 7 UFC fights he has won 5 of them and loosing twice to Anderson. Not that bad if you ask me and let’s be honest here for his first title shot he ran through Okami, Nate & Dan Miller. For his second UFC titlefight he sumbits Brian Stann, and had a close fight with Bisping (Which was for a number 1 contender fight so if Bisping won he would of got the shot) Let’s be honest here you don’t know what you are talking about.

      • Ric says:

        What’s race have to do with anything he said??? But a brown pride tattoo is ok i guess??? What if a white guy had a white pride tattoo??? Now thats racist

        • TheWholeTruth says:


          Because white pride usually comes with murder, destruction, inslavement and damn near genocide of other cultures. Brown pride is the complete opposite. Mexicans and Latinos that consider themselves brown don’t have those attributes in their history. They were building pyramids, not traveling the world murdering people.

        • Xaninho says:

          The Spanish and Portuguese conquistadores are known for their bloodthirsty hunger to conquor the world though…They were the ones killing Incas and Aztecs for their gold and trading slaves from Africa.

        • Andrew says:

          First of all I’ve never seen pyramids on mexico. Yea I agree that the white race in the past were murderers before everyone became civilized. Whites could’ve just left you alone and allowed all of your people (slaves) to build “pyramids”. But now in the present what race do you see most of the time killing people blacks or Latinos

        • riDICKulous says:

          @Andrew who is seen killing people? are you blind or stupid. the whites are still around killing thousands maybe millions in the middle east. and they are doing it the easy way. without balls. just like your white-boy Sonnen.

          some of you actually believed that he has under-derveloped testicles… as you get older your testosterones level naturally dropped no matter who the f* you are. read. dun just read

        • banks says:

          lol nobody cares if you tattoo white pride on yourself bro go for it. and cheal talked all kinds of stuff about brazilians being poor and what not. not that i care im just sayin

  2. Bitch ass Greg J says:

    I said “marketing genuis”. He’s losing fights but still getting booked for high profile events. Still making more money than majority of the UFC fighters., And racist?, dude i think you’re in the wrong site. This is actually an MMA site.

  3. ed says:

    chael has a black cornerman in every fight – not racist

  4. Bob'O says:

    This won’t go unanswered. We will be hearing from Chael very soon. I look forward to Chael ripping on Anderson 24/7 again. Well, in between his Bones Jones rants. LMAO! Anderson should have just shut up. Now it all starts again. ~Bob’O

  5. Shatta says:

    Who the hell wants to fight Chael Sonnen ? Silva served him twice..bisbing whooped him… he’s a nobody with a big mouth and i think jones would be the smart one n not give in to his talks ..he cant mouth his way up to a 205 title fight ..get da hell outa here.. thats one fight i hope never happens

  6. fuck this says:

    Seriously (to the writer) if u think thats just a distraction, your fucking stupid, Chael is done with Silva, it will never happen again, there will never be a triple grudge match like with Tito Ortiz and Ken Shamrock, shit like that doesnt exist anymore.

  7. jimmy russell says:

    Chael learnt his leasson after being caught in real estate scam and money laundering.

  8. Bob says:

    Well I would never talk crap on brazil Because they dont attack us like other countries!!!! I think they will always go for there race but not hate us or attack us like Libya!

  9. Clay says:

    Before long chael will be pathetic and no one will like him. You guys are just bandwagon bitches. “Oh everyone hates bones? Well I do too” please. Shit talking only gets you so far and chael can’t deliver. After a couple more losses all you fag boys will forget his name. Chael is a mediocre fighter at best

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