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Wednesday, 08/21/2013, 10:07 am

Anderson Silva Shuts Down Potential Vitor Belfort Rematch From Ever Happening

Former UFC middleweight champion, Anderson ‘The Spider’ Silva has long been the target of many middleweight fighters.

None so much so as top contender Vitor Belfort, who often takes to social media and interviews to proclaim he desire for a rematch.

The two originally squared off for the UFC’s middleweight title at UFC 126 back in 2011 and Anderson Silva was able to put his fellow Brazilian away in the very first round with a brutal front kick to the face that sent Belfort down to the canvas.

Since the loss Belfort has gone undefeated at middleweight but for Silva that’s not enough to convince him that a rematch is the right step to make.

“I don’t think so,” Silva told Combate about the possibility of fighting Belfort again. “What was supposed to be done was done. Of course, we are employees of the UFC, but I don’t like to fight against Brazilians. I don’t see that possibility.”

Anderson Silva is currently set to rematch Chris Weidman for the UFC’s middleweight title and Vitor Belfort was just confirmed to be facing Dan Henderson.

Will the two men ever face each other  again? Who knows…



0 Responses to “Anderson Silva Shuts Down Potential Vitor Belfort Rematch From Ever Happening”

  1. zack says:

    Even tho he did everyone a huge favor KOing bisping, i dont think he desrves another shot. For one youre on trt. For two you had your shot with silva and failed. For three you got handed a shot against jones and performed well but still failed. Three strikes your out buddy. I really like vitor hes very exciting to watch, i like his style, seems like a nice guy. But dont think he will hold a title in the ufc again.

    • 36thdisciple says:

      You realize your only relevant point is #2? Even then, it is not that relevant. There is no policy negatively affecting a rematch for the title, providing the contender has earned it. Hell in the UFC, oftentimes the contender doesn’t even have to earn it…

    • 757 says:

      Im sorry did you say for 1 you are on TRT? For 2 you had your shot at Silva and lost? 3 You got handed a shot at JBJ and did well and lost? Hey Bro that sounds allot like Sonnen. The only difference is that Chael was embarrassed in the 1st against JBJ. Don’t hate brother ……You know he ain’t getting a shot because DW plays favorites…period. BTW TRT is legal and it isn’t steroids…do some homework

      • zack says:

        do you guys realize u had zero relevant points? literally everyone who uses trt has been popped for roids before. it gives cheaters a pass to cheat some more. look at vitor belfort since hes been allowed to use trt. he looks like hes 21 again. trt is a ped end of story. performance enhancing drug. why would they take it if it wasnt performance enhancing dumbshits? Vitor is a cheater which is why he got ktfo and will never hold a title. Just like chael. No reason to waste andersons fights on people who cheat and hes already highlight reeled.

  2. real ninja says:

    anyone chiming about TRT being ok because its considered legal could never under the heart or mind of a true athlete and competitor !!
    Everyone whos uses TRT claims they’re levels have dropped naturally….okkk, so what makes it ok to restore those levels un-narutally… TRT is doctor prescribed.. its not like going to get some creatine hahahah… theres nothing natural about putting a needle in your left butt cheek to “make the fight fair” or to “get an edge”
    bj penn=real … spider=real cause they go to war with they’re natural body levels

    • Sean says:

      Nice to know I’m not the only one who feels this way about TRT. They’re juicing up on unnatural testosterone. Its not the same as taking a multivitamin or some other supplement like some ppl have tried to suggest. When you take TRT you get obvious strong results. Ask Rampage, he actually answered honestly about the effects of his TRT use.

    • 757 says:

      Ok Mr Miyogi thanks for the speech on morality. We are all real impressed. You stupid fucker you think that there are not actually tons of fighters using TRT. Go break a board in kung fu practice you unrealistic bitch. Take Machida with you. Thanks for the clinical class on TRT ha ha fool

  3. GRT 3000 says:

    I’d like to see that fight again…but first he’s got a belt to reclaim from the ‘fluke’ champ.

  4. Dddddddd says:

    I give Silva shit but one thing I’ll say is I believe he’s clean.
    Vitor got his face kicked in by Silva but I think is still one of the biggest threats for another high light reel ko. I’m not sayin Vitor would beat him but I’m sure he’s got easier options for money matches without being threatened by TRT induced high light reel concussions. If I worked my as$ off for fifteen years diligently and was humble enough to respect my trainers and take care of my body well enough to meet my grandchildren without having Parkinson’s or testicular cancer. What would make it worth while to put all that on the line for someone who simply didn’t? They’d have to make me and maybe they’ll make him. If they do and he beats that mutant again I’ll have much respect.

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