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Friday, 10/05/2012, 12:00 pm

Anderson Silva Says He Will Not Fight Jon Jones | UFC NEWS

“There’s always been a lot of talks about me moving up to 205, I know Dana has talked about it a lot, all the fans have talked a lot about me moving up and facing Jon Jones, but it’s something I’ve never wanted. I won’t be pretentious to say that I want to move up, especially because there’s other guys in that weight class on our team like Rafael Feijao (Cavalcante), (Antonio Rogerio) Minotoro Nogueira, there’s other guys that could potentially face Jon Jones in the future. I’m 37-years old and I feel like I need to be honest and to continue what I’ve built which is keep defending my belt at 185.”

Many fans of the sport of Mixed Martial Arts, including the UFC bosses behind the scenes, have been clamoring for UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva to jump around and put on super fights.

They want to see Silva move up, move down and fight anyone and everyone who poses a threat to him and his legendary unbeaten streak.

Silva however, has no desire in changing divisions it would seem, outside of one off fights to help the UFC brass when needed.

To check out the full audio from his interview with the media yesterday hop to page 2.


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57 Responses to “Anderson Silva Says He Will Not Fight Jon Jones | UFC NEWS”

  1. Keep Fitch (Forever) says:

    In other words he is scared of jones.

    • Keep Fitch (Forever) says:

      Scared? You sir are retarded. Im the real
      Keep fitch. I love how yall always post under my name. I gaurentee no one on this site sucks nigger dicks the way i do

    • Quinn says:

      ^ yeah right. if only if it was that simple.

    • Shatta says:

      so if he’s scared of jones who is jones scared of ? jones is very well capable of fighting at HW …silva is fighting 3 times at LHW… so lets c jones fight atleast one guy at HW and we’ll know what they are rele scared of . there is already lyoto, minatoro and more guys from silva’s camp who is competing at LHW .. plus shogun … if ur good in ur weight class stay the fuck there… y u think edgar never moved he was happy there… gsp never moved .. so y pick on silva alone …

  2. Justen says:

    That’s the only fight for either that makes sense. I’ll say it a million times. If they don’t fight we will never know who’s the best. Period.

    • Adam says:

      Thats try but I have to stick by my favorite fighter in Silva. Just going off of the fact that both of them faced Belfort. Anderson handled him with much more efficiency (1 kick) as Jones almost got his arm broken. Jones show the poise of a champion and ended Belfort in dramatic fashion but I don’t think he could catch Silva before getting his face bashed in.

  3. Hates lay and pray says:

    yeah and who the fuck is this why does this keep happening with accounts already signed in?

  4. Pancho says:

    Silvas scared, he knows he’d lose.

  5. stevo the great says:

    Bottom line is Silva is scared….if he honestly thought he was the best P4P fighter he would fight anyone at any weight class. Jones would keep Silva at a distance the way Silva does to the middleweights. Jones is too long for Silva and he knows it……they are both dominant at fighting smaller fighters. End of story…..make them fight at their natural weight class…..and you would see some losses. That’s a fact!

    • allmightysandman says:


      he will move down to fight a smaller guy in a ‘super-fight’ but won’t move up…where’s all the guys that hate on GSP for not moving up to fight a heavier champ?

      he fights to keep a perfect record just like gsp does….and doesn’t get ripped for it….just sayin. (and he greases, holds the fence, and grabs shorts.)

    • Hey dummy says:

      Silva himself said many times that he is NOT THE P4P best fighter. He doesn’t give a rat’s ass who is. Jones doesn’t want to fight Silva. Silva doesn’t want to fight Jones. Move on to the next fight then. There are so many fights to be had.

      Us fans don’t know shit. We all sit here at our computer spouting outta our asses like we know what it takes to be a champion. We don’t know jack. Tell whomever wants to fight Silva to get to the 185lb limit, build a record, and work your way to Silva. And hurry up. He’s not getting any younger.

      Vote for Barack Obama (D) for a second term, PRESIDENT OF THE USA.

      • brandon says:

        to hell with obama, please for the sake of america get rid of this socialist, muslim, worst president we’ve ever had loser.

        • lol? says:

          Rly !? the worse ? u have 0 knowledge my friend.

        • SHUT YO ASS UP brandon says:

          SHUT YO ASS UP brandon!!! We gave that jackass Bush 8 fckn years to fck up everything!!! President Barack Obama deserves 8 years to fix it!!! Fck the Republicans… Fck Romney and his mormon agenda… and Fck you DUMBASS!!! Let me guess… you want Obama out because… he’s black. That’s the real reason why everyone wants him out… racist fck ass!

      • Dezperu says:

        Very well said Hey Dummy best reply I’ve seen on here for some time!!!
        And yes most of the idiots on here have no idea period and should comment on what they know not what they think they know..

      • child says:

        Effing trolllllllll wtf do you bring politics into this shit?

  6. 123 says:

    well dont move to light heavyweight to fight bums.. fight the actual contenders in ur own division

  7. ya herd says:

    silva is a fool if he dosent fight jones.. all this hard work over the years silva has done to be called the best ever mma fighter will mean nothing because jones is that young and has done that much already hes probly beat bigger named guys already than silva has, jones is going to break all the records silva has done.. the only way silva can claim he is better is by fighting jones and proving it i know 100% silva would beat him.. if he dosent and retires undefeated without fighting jones people will always say he would of beat silva look at the people he has beat and so on… if i beat up guys bad like silva does and most people think your the best fighter on the planet without a dout i would want to fight another guy that was claimed to be the best also, if the fight doesnt happen hes afraid.. weres his fighting spirit seriously same goes for GSP

    • Not You says:

      Hey, since you can see into the future and you know Jones will never lose a fight ever, can you tell me the lottery numbers for the next 10 years?

    • Shatta says:

      silva fought hard all those years to become the best MW ever and he’s successful at that to the point where he’s considered the best fighter in the world..u dont have to beat ever fuckin one to become the best fighter u just gotta do what u do in such a style like he does … jones is good but can never be as elusive and entertaining as silva…beflort took jones 4 rounds..silva finished him in styleeee … silva is just a phenomenal athlete … y dont u ask for jones to fight HW to c if he’s that good …he wont ..he’ll get his ass wh0opp

  8. 123 says:

    obviously he fights contenders u tit, but he only goes up a division to fight bums.. id love to see him fight dan henderson again, lyoto machida or even rampage jackson.

  9. mp says:

    In short who ever wants to go up or down to 185 can be a legend if they beat him.

  10. FightPsych says:

    It’s interesting that some MMA fans give legends of the sport derogatory labels if they choose not to fight anyone in any weight division. It doesn’t happen in boxing!

  11. Glen says:

    Legendary fights that never were:
    Chuck Liddell vs. Wanderlei Silva (When they were both in their prime)
    Randy Couture vs. Fedor
    Manny Pacquiao vs. Floyd Mayweather
    Jon Jones vs. Anderson Silva

    Come on fighters, give fans what we want to see. I can’t imagine this in any other sport. Can you imagine if the Packers said “We don’t really want to play the Bears. It’s just not good for us. We’ll just go ahead and play the Buccaneers and have the NFL hype it up as a great football game that everyone wants to see.”???

    UFC has the potential to be the biggest sport in the world if they do it right.

    • Keyboard Warriors... *Sigh* says:

      This fight makes absolutely no sense when looked at next to the ones you are mentioning. Unlike those, Silva and Jones are VERY different sizes. Jones could very well fight heavyweight. Really not much more that can be said here…

  12. Ryan prieur says:

    Silva started as a welter weight, he stepped up to middle weight! Jones is way bigger then silva! Silva since day one has always stated the guys at 205 are to big for him and he has no interest in fighting in that weight class, yet he has still stepped up twice and now a third time. To say the best p4p fighter should fight anyone at any weight is retarded and an oxy moron because It’s P4P not best fighter in any weight class dumb ass! No one has done the things silva has in the UFC, he could retire as champ right now and still be the greatest of all time in my eyes!

  13. Jake says:

    Hey 123 you dumbass machida is his training partner and as he calls him “my brother” why would he fight him at 205

  14. asespc says:

    Anyone?Anywhere?Any Weight? SIKE!!!!!! LMFAO

  15. CHECK IT says:

    Ryo Chonin or Daiju Takase could do it all over again baby! You think Sonnen has arm triangle issues, Mr Silva got submitted VIA triangle and not even a year later He lost AGAIN due to one of the best fucking flying scissor heel hooks ive ever seen in my entire fucking life and I bet you they could do it again. Just because they arnt in the UFC doesnt mean they could make a big come back and re-beat Silva

  16. 123 says:

    oi jake.. i said id like to see them fight & i know their friends.. theese sites are full of retarded idiots.

  17. Xaninho says:

    ok, i’ve read some comments such as “he’s scared”, he fights only smaller guys”, “unless they fight we don’t know who is the best”.

    Well, Silva is obviously not scared of any fighter.

    Only smaller guys? He just beat Sonnen twice and Sonnen is moving up without any difficulty. He demolished Belfort in one round. And he’s not that much bigger as his usual 185 opponents, the difference between Jones and his 205 opponents is much bigger, so you guys want a 185-er move up to 205 to fight a huge 205-er. Not fair at all.

    They are both great fighters especially Silva, but Silva is not in his prime anymore. So even if they fight right now, it won’t determine who is the best. That would only be the case if Silva was at least ten years younger.

  18. Anderson Silva says:

    Yes im scared.

  19. ya herd says:

    ovioulsy silva is not afraid of jon jones he has beat more scary dangerous guys than jones, but i can tell u one thing if silva dosent fight jones before he retires his is afraid of losing the fight not afraid of jones!!! within 5 years jones is going to break all of silvas records he needs to fight him.. and all this stuff oh hes to big weres the fighting spirit if your clamied to be the biggest badASS on the planet well what is stoping u im very confused why the best ever mma fighter dosent want to fight a guy thats been doing mma for half the time silva has hes worried about jones enough said!!!!!!

  20. Get Jones to Hw (forever) says:

    Let me hit you retards with some knowledge. Jones isn’t even on the same field as Silva. And this is coming from a guy who has never really liked Silva. Jones has never kod some one with a punch, or a kick. He uses cheap tactics and stupidly long reach and over use of elbows to beat up guys half his size and twice his age. I would say Jones vs dos santos is the real superfight, but its not because Jones would never do it. I know if Silva was Jones’ size he’d do it. But Jones is no randy coutoure, no Chuck liddel, hell, even no chael sonnen! And CERTAINLY no anderderson Silva. So get off the grass. Jones doesn’t deserve to fight Silva. End of story.

  21. Ryan prieur says:

    Those submition losses in pride that you speak of happenes before silva started training with the nog brothers, and are part of the reason why he started to! He saw a hole in his game a closed it. If those guys were to fight silva now, they wouldn’t make it out of the second round, silvas bjj and take down defense have become 10x better then the days he faught in pride

  22. Thumb Wrestling Champion says:

    If you’re a title holder you shouldn’t be allowed to say “I won’t fight that person”. If you’re a title holder you should be obligated to fight all challengers within reason. AS and JJ are only one weight class apart so neither one of them should not be allowed to pass on this fight. They are under contract with the UFC and should fight whoever the UFC wants to match them up with. If was more than one weight class apart I can see the discrepancy but c’mon.

  23. Ryan prieur says:

    He’s the 185lb champ, contract or not it’s his choice what weight class he fights in. He does the UFC a huge fav everyone he steps up in weight to fight. If the UFC wanted to treat their #1 fighter like a pieces of shit and try to force him to fight a fight in a bigger weight class, he would tell them to fuck off! And rightfully so. As a boss, you have to take care of your investments. His contract does not say he has to fight anyone at any weight class, I garentie it! All you part time fans who think these fighters should do everything you want just because your a fan dont understand MMA at all! All the things silva has done for this sport and the work he’s put in and your suggesting they force him to fight In A diff weight class, get real!

  24. Bob'O says:

    This guy has become a complete joke. Other than Okami and Sonnen, he fights bums. Scared of Bones, won’t fight his buddy Machida. My god think of all the great match ups at 205 for him. He’s even too scared to fight Nick Diaz.

    He is NOT the pound for pound best. Look at all the former champions that Jones has beaten. It only takes half a brain to figure it out. ~Bob’O

  25. 123 says:

    i agree with Bob’O 100%

  26. EP says:

    what a bunch of jokes on here. Silva is the best P4P in the world. hands down not even up for discussion. the guy is 18-0 in UFC, defended his belt more than fighter in any weight class in history, FINISHED MOST of his opponents (other than long time p4p champs like GreaSP), been MW Champ for 7 years now i believe, moved up to LWH just for the f*ck of it to fight and KO’d both Opponents (1 of them being former LHW Champ). TO be honest , i strongly feel Silva would take out Jones. He is a Horrible match up stylistically for Jones. HE is best Striker in MMA and has lazer pin point precision, BJJ Blackbelt out take out Jones on ground EASILY… i mean WAKE THE FUCK UP PEOPLE… SILVA > JONES ALL DAY. And im a real mma fan for 12 years, i train, i know the sport and fighters i dont just post up bullshit comments like a lot of other peeps on here and many blogs… SILVA would take out Bones. I have no clue why he wouldnt want to fight him, but in his defense, BOnes has said many times he DOES NOT want to fight Silva either.

  27. Ryan prieur says:

    Yup, that’s it, the guy the locks him self in a cage to fight for a living and has never lost in the cage is scared. Hes terrified! Yup, he only fights bums like Henderson, belfort, franlyne, chael, leben, cote, griffen, nate, and manny more! Yup, you figured silva out, what a bitch eh?! If you haven’t figured it out I’m making fun of the retards on this site!

    • Bob'O says:

      Ryan, You forgot Franklin too, but my point is there are better fights right NOW for Silva at 205. And no Silva doesn’t just fight bums, that was unfair of me to say, I just want to see him fight Bones, Machida or even Evans and it frustrates me.

      Silva is a great fighter without a doubt though. ~Bob’O

  28. Ryan prieur says:

    I tried to put Franklin by my phone wrote failyn for some reason, and those fights would be awesome to see no doubt. I’m a huge MMA fan in general and the amount of disrespectful Coments I see all the time really piss me off. Everyone is deff intittled to there opinion, but show a little class you know? There’s saying I wish he would fight bones, and there’s ah what a pussy! And unfortunately there are so manny people who come on here and trash these amazing athletes. I train MMA, no where near the level of these guys, an it’s hard as hell! I’m sore for a couple days after a good day of training and sparing! I couldn’t imagine doing it everyday all day, getting into a cage and fighting my ass off, then jumping on the net and seeing a bunch of part time fans talk about what a bitch I am you know. I’m not calling anyone out in particular but just show a little class you know? Or go in there your self and show the world how it’s done!

    • Bob'O says:

      You’re not the only one around here who trains and competes bro. 😉

      If Silva wants to be known as the best, then he needs to fight the best NOW, and those are 205’s and up. That’s the simple truth.

      Grow some thicker skin man, opinions vary on planet Earth. ~Bob’O

      • Yeahrightman says:

        maybe you do train and compete. But that does not change the fact you know absolutely nothing. Jones needs to go up in weight, not down! Get a brain.

      • Xaninho says:

        Silva has fought the best in his era. Don’t forget he’s 38. If Silva was ten years younger this fight against a huge 25 year old 205er in the prime of his life could make sense to see who’s the best, but right now not so much.

  29. Ryan prieur says:

    If John jones can get to 205lb with his size and reach and clean house like he is, then it’s up to some one to go into his weight class and dethrone him! Same goes for silva in my eyes. Not everyone is as amazing and gutsie as BJ Penn and Randy couture lol jones still has a lot more to do in his devision in my eyes before he moves up, and hes still young. One day I’m sure we’ll see him in heavy weight. As for my skin bob’O, it’s plenty thick, but I will always stand up for my beliefs, and my fav fighters. And if you truly are a fighter your self, then I’m sure you know what these guys go through, so give them the credit they have earned.

  30. Keyboard Warriors... *Sigh* says:

    There are a couple of things that I would just like to take a second to say. First, this is my first post on the site and would like to get this off of my chest (after months of reading responses here), most of the people who post – I’d like to hazard a guess and say that 95%+ do not have a clue about fighting and should honestly take a step back, learn something about it, and then come back to commenting. The second, Anderson vs Jones is a fight that I would very much like to see, but at the same time, Jones is considerably bigger and as a result, it honestly makes no sense for Silva to come out and say that he wants this fight. I’m assuming that he walks around at something close to 205 whereas Jones is probably about 230-235 lbs (Forrest is about 230 lbs). Lastly, when talking about superfights, the weight classes that are divided by 10 or so pounds make more sense due to a smaller difference in “natural” weights. Also, the fight between Silva and GSP does not really make much sense in my mind (I would love to see it though) as GSP is giving up about 15-20 lbs as is and would likely have to put on muscle mass making it more difficult to return to 170 lbs.

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