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Monday, 11/12/2012, 12:37 pm

Anderson Silva says he will NOT challenge GSP at UFC 154 | UFC News

Last Wednesday, UFC President Dana White claimed that UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva (33-4 MMA, 16-0 UFC) would be heading to Montreal to challenge Georges St. Pierre (22-2 MMA, 16-2 UFC) to a 2013 “Superfight”, if GSP was to defeat Carlos Condit in the evenings main event.

However, contrary to the statements made by the UFC President, Anderson Silva insists that he’s only heading to Montreal for a vacation and that he is not in the business of issuing challenges.

Here is what the long-time UFC middleweight champion had to say to

“I’m on vacation for the fight. I think we just come back at the end of next year … I’m going to Los Angeles and then going to Canada for the fight of St. Pierre. I’m already going to be there to shoot a movie, a feature film that I’ll participate in with Lyoto (Machida). It’s not my character to up and challenge anyone. I think it will not happen. I think not, I’m sure (laughs).”

Without an open challenge from “The Spider”, the “super fight” may never come to fruition.

With the continued growth of the welterweight division, St. Pierre has found new reason to stay at 170-pounds. It seems unlikely that “Rush” would go out of his way to challenge Silva at the conclusion of UFC 154, but you never know.



30 Responses to “Anderson Silva says he will NOT challenge GSP at UFC 154 | UFC News”

  1. Big Daddy says:

    If they get Jon jones a bentley I’d bet he’d challenge Anderson silva.

  2. Dude says:

    Why the hell would Silva go on a vacation in MONTREAL out of all the hot weather places in the world ? Nah this stinks to high heaven. Silva’s never been to montreal just for fun!!!

    • Goku says:

      Read it again. You will notice this sentence(hopefully);

      “I’m already going to be there to shoot a movie, a feature film that I’ll participate in with Lyoto (Machida)”

      I hope u feel retarded,
      Also, GSP would muuuurder AS. Chael got AS down at will, and still Chael has NOTHING on GSP when it comes to transitions to the TD. AS would only stand between rounds, rest will be on his back getting elbowed on the face. Anyone who thinks AS will walk through GSP have no clue what GSP is capable of.

      • Marcus says:

        “Chael got AS down at will”. You forget the 16.9:1 T/E ratio played a vital role in Chaels performance in the first fight & he was aloud to use TRT for the second. Your argument is irrelevant.

        • You're fuckin ignorant says:

          Apparently you don’t know shit about t/e ratios or any ratios for that matter. The amount of Epitestosterone in our bodies is not finite, it can fluctuate, so can testosterone. So even if his ratio was 16.9:1, it doesn’t mean shit, because t/e ratios don’t mean shit, it’s simply a precursor test used to raise red flags, it’s not the end of the process. Second of all, the 16.9:1 test result document, have you seen it? It’s floating around the internet, do you know how easily that could be fake? Yet you and the moronic MMA press ran with it anyways? Thirdly, Chael’s case and suspension was because of the use of TRT. He thought he had disclosed the fact that he was using TRT (just like he had in the past and present), but his ex-manager fucked up and didn’t do it properly. He was suspended for TRT, not suspended for being over the limit. Not to mention, NSAC would not have fuckin reduced his sentence from 12 months to 6 months if he really had 16 times the testosterone of a normal man, and almost triple the limit.

          Next time do your research fucktard. No suspension second fight, and he still easily took Anderson down, if it wasn’t for a dumbass spinning back fist attempt, he could’ve repeated what happened in the first fight, but he always finds a way to make dumb mistakes in championship fights.

          If you still don’t believe Andersons takedown defense is shit, go watch his fights with Lutter, Hendo, or Takase, who by the way beat him easily when Anderson was beginning his prime. The UFC’s middleweight division sucks, as soon as a high level wrestler with great striking comes in, he’s done, but of course, he won’t be done because he’ll duck the fight, just like he ducked Chael, just like he’s ducking Weidman, just like he’s ducking Jon Jones. The guy is a paper champion. He doesn’t care about challenging himself. Not to mention his personality, which is almost as cocky, arrogant, and unbearable as Jon Jones

        • Xaninho says:

          @you’re fuckin ignorant,

          You should replace the ‘you’re’ for ‘I’m’. Simply because that whole essay you wrote there is merely ignorant nonsense. Not a single word you wrote makes sense.

          First of all, Sonnen was suspended by the CSAC, not the NSAC. He did claim he told Kizer from the NSAC, but that turned out to be a lie. It wasn’t triple the limit but over four times the limit since 4:1 is the highest level approved for athletes. He never ducked anyone including Sonnen, he was outspoken about Sonnen deserving a rematch. But he never said no. You say he’s done whenever a high level wrestler with great striking comes in? Dan fukking Henderson chump! He choked him out after taking his H-bomb without blinking an eye. Ducking Weidman? WHO THE FUK is Weidman? Weidman hasn’t proved himself, Weidman hasn’t fought any real contenders yet.

          You are now officially the dumbest commenter on this site ever!

        • B-rad says:

          @your fuckin ignorant.. Look at you defending pin cushions so passionately, are you injecting testosterone in your ass or wherever they receive their “therapy”? You make a somewhat valid arguement when you say your T/e levels can fluctuate, but there is no way in a billion years can your levels naturally increase that much, unless your a damn bull shark maybe. It can maybe get up to 2/1 or 2.5/1 but you really think that a mans T/E levels can naturally get to 16.9/1 then your a major tard case my friend

      • JDS says:

        when was the last time GSP murdered anyone? Hasn’t finished anyone at WW in years, what makes you think he could even hurt Silva? Silva let Bonnar tee off on him and still knocked him out.

      • krafty11 says:

        Anderson will have the height,size, and power advantage, and most likely the speed advantage. GSP is not going to “muuuurder” AS. That is just a ludicrous statement at best.. AS will embarrass GSP just like he did to Chael in the 2nd fight. People might not like Anderson’s personality, but he is the best fighter in MMA today.

        • Dopey says:

          He the best middleweight… But he ain’t the best in mma. Until he gets his hand raised after he fights gsp and jones and I really don’t see that happening

      • thats dumb says:

        gsp would win rnd1 against silva and get tkoed in rnd2 like every other great wrestler

        • your dumb says:

          clearly dont know shit if you think that. IF he did KO him sure as hell wudnt be 2nd round. Obviously GSP is number 2 for a reason he wont be beat easily. Silva aint the best he refuses to fight Jones bkuz thats murder on its own. Im sure Silva wudnt fight Micheal Page

      • Brett says:

        Rumor has it GSP stubbed his toe and is out for 2 more years! Tuff Break!

  3. ravi says:

    this is all part of the game to build up suspense and hype around the fight.

  4. Brooksy says:

    Goku you have no idea at all you fuckwit Anderson Silva is the greatest fighter of all time and would knock GSP out just like any other person you put in front of him end of story.

    • MellowFellow says:

      Greastest fighter? He waited till GSP got a potential career ending surgery to challenge him this fight should of happend years ago. He wont even fight Jones. Best my ass prolly wudnt fight MVP

  5. Mike b says:

    I knew this shit was to good to be true.Silva still might challenge gsp tho.Who knows what the fuck is going on????

  6. Josiah says:

    i think silva realized that he cannot handle GSP’s riddum….lol

  7. tehehe says:

    god damn,would have been so epic if Anderson said “GSP,I am not impressed by your performance”…

  8. Not You says:

    How about you all let the 38 year old who is 16-0 in his UFC career decide what’s best for him at the moment?

  9. CombatRusse says:

    Big up to the Anderson. He is a true champ and a real martial artist. He doesn’t need to play those fucking WWE moves. He isn’t a Chael Sonnen, he doesn’t need to be a Chael Sonnen. He respects other fighters and doesn’t want to embarass GSP after a hard fighting night. If GSP wants the fight, he’ll take it.
    Big up again to the real warrior Anderson Silva who is a good man!

  10. Xaninho says:

    Anderson Silva is a true martial artist. He doesn’t want to take away GSP’s moment.

  11. KIDD433 says:

    Now that Anderson said this,maybe GSP can get some sleep and piece of mind for the Condit fight.

  12. dave says:

    i cant believe all the fools on here thinking gsp would win…or saying anderson is duking jones(a guy who will be at hw i 2 years max) also the fuktard sayig anderson waited until gsp was injured to chalenge him..i dont remember whick prime time show it was (i think the fight befor terrible packie land fight) but anderson said he wanted fight gsp yearrs ago…he has ask for that fight many times an gsp coward said he wont fight he will haVE NOTHNG gaiin an will retire if he beats anderson,,just trying get dana to side with him,,yutube it fukheads,,,and if andersn is now ducking jones ,who has not even challanged him, that means gsp is real coward cuz anderson ben calling his name out for long long time.. gsp is coward all this talk about adjusting the body to fight near mw lol plsss fuk biy you huge ww and walk around at cut less weight,,,gsp the coward…remembr gsp got ko by a lw matt serra..and has not finished anyone since empty gas tank bj penn

    • Sasquatch says:

      Hey dave, GSP would win… Anderson is ducking JBJ… Anderson waited till GSP was at his weakest to challenge him… GSP is not a coward he’s a warrior. Hopefully your head blows up from anger reading this and we don’t have to try and read your sh!t again.

  13. slacker says:

    Sounds like Silva is taunting him. It doesn’t matter if Silva comes into the cage or not anyways, because you know, if GSP wins, Rogan is going to ask him about fighting Silva. And the cheers from the home crowd will put more pressure on him to do it. Then they will put the camera on Silva and he will be nodding in agreement and throwing his arms up in the air, saying, “Yes, yes!”

  14. Mars the Avenger says:

    All these people saying Anderson Silva is ducking anyone and refusing to fight has obviously never fought in this sport. Silva not fighting Jones is mutual. Risking a loss against anyone not in your weight division is ridiculous, specially as an undefeated champ. Guarantee if GSP were to challenge Silva he’d accept. Silva is the P4P King, hands down. You can say what you want but it’d be easier to just accept it.

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