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Thursday, 09/27/2012, 10:53 am

Anderson Silva Says GSP Fight Will Happen: ‘It’s Dana White’s Wish” | UFC NEWS

“I hope this is my next fight. We want to do a super-fight. I drop a little weight and he goes up a little. It is going to happen anyway, it is Dana White’s wish. I think fighting him makes all the sense as well because he is a great name of the sport. As a UFC athlete I want to fight the best and St-Pierre is one of them. Then we try to put on a good show for the fans.”

In a recent interview with ESPN, UFC middleweight champion, Anderson Silva discussed the potential match up between himself and welterweight champion GSP.

But will Dana get his ‘wish’ or will GSP stick to his guns and stay at 170?


22 Responses to “Anderson Silva Says GSP Fight Will Happen: ‘It’s Dana White’s Wish” | UFC NEWS”

  1. Borg says:

    There’s something wrong with this site… I am not Borg and this is not my email… it was already filled in.

  2. Bitch ass Greg J says:

    8ones vs The Spider would make more sense. Anderson is too big for GSP. I think if Bendo beats Nick Diaz, he should move up in weight to try to hold the lightweight and welterweight belt simultaneously. Bendo’s a big lightweight anyways.

  3. tuff gong says:

    I guess he’s really gunna dodge jbj his whole career. The g.o.a.t but still a Fuckn coward. Easy to drop for a smaller man. Let’s see u go up and actually fight someone that can give him a fight.

  4. Mike b says:

    Gsp will never fight silva and silva will never fight jones.its just not gonna happen.

  5. ry3guy09 says:

    For all of you bashing on him for not taking a fight with Jon Jones yet, you guys are ignorant. Anderson has already moved up and fought heavier guys and dominated and this GSP fight has been in the works for years now. In the next couple years we will se a JBJ vs the G.O.A.T fight, but this fight has been a long time coming

  6. GSP has the same chance vs Spider that Spider has vs Bones…..

    Take that how you will………..

  7. Aj says:

    Georges St who? This would have been the bomb maybe 3-4 years ago but if I wanted to see a grandad fight a man who rarely does his job I’d queue at my local job centre.

  8. magoo says:

    Really? What weight class is Bonnar in?….Oh yea it’s LHW,too small for Jones what ev!

  9. Noah says:

    As DW said if you don’t like the fight that Zuffa put, don’t buy it please! And uncle dana states fans are moron! I’m not buying!

  10. Jimmyjoe says:

    Hey pick on someone your own size silva

  11. Jimmyjoe says:

    Hey ,pick on someone you own size, silva.

  12. Hey Anderson stop calling out the smaller GSP you punk and call out jones you scared hoe cake

  13. Eo says:

    Silvas striking is so much better than jbjs. Even machida had better striking than jbj. And Belford already exposed jbjs weakness, which silvais pretty great at too

    • CombatRusse says:

      I think that Dana While will wait the outcome of BJ Penn vs Rory McDonald before putting on the GSP Silva superfight.
      If Rory wins (I hope he wont), then he’ll be the next big draw for the Canadian Market. And White will be OK to sacrifice GSP

  14. Shaolin_Guard says:

    SERIOUSLY THIS IS A STUPID MATCHUP. it makes no sense at all. anderson silva covers all areas of GSP and has a huge advantage. Gsp’s weakness the stiff jab which silva excels at. it makes better sense for silva to face JBJ!!!

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