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Saturday, 12/28/2013, 11:41 pm

Anderson Silva Rushed to Hospital for Emergency Surgery

Despite suffering a vicious loss against Chris Weidman at UFC 162, Anderson Silva still walked into the octagon as a favorite and was riding a wave of momentum as the crowd cheered him on from the opening seconds.

“The Spider” lost all of that momentum almost immediately when Weidman dropped him in the first with a right hook that landed behind the ear. Weidman capitalized on his ground and pound but Anderson Silva made it to the second round.

Weidman admitted that the only time he felt like Silva had the upperhand at UFC 162 was when he would connect with his distance leg kicks. To improve on his leg kick defense, he brought in world-class kickboxer Ray Sefo.

Tonight, Silva attempted to resume his gameplan by throwing leg kicks, but that’s where things went wrong for him.

Chris Weidman checked Anderson Silva’s leg kick and Silva’s leg broke in half. His shin broke and bent around the leg of Weidman and it was a gruesome image. The records say that the bout ended due to doctor stoppage but Silva let out a scream of pain that nobody in attendance is likely to forget.
After the bout, Anderson Silva was rushed to the hospital for emergency surgery.

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0 Responses to “Anderson Silva Rushed to Hospital for Emergency Surgery”

  1. Danny86 says:

    A phoney? Wow I bet you could fight with a leg snapped in half tough guy

  2. Vincenzo says:

    Fedor#1 Anderson#2 P4P Greatest of all time

  3. James Whitehead says:

    Anyone who watched the fight saw Anderson Silva go to sleep in round 1.. if you deny it, you did not watch the fight. He has lost what he had. He got owned in the 1st round like a BOSS

    • randy says:

      One punch isnt owned man, its a fight, you obviously never been in a cage, other then jail, dumbass

      • Matthew says:

        I agree one punch doesn’t mean you’re “owned”. Also this is the same thing that happened to Fedor in a way, because Fedor won many fights then lost 3 in a row and everyone criticized him for it when it was simply bad timing.I don’t believe they should criticize Silva either, simply because anyone can have a bad night and also the man had built a legacy of dominance that lasted 7 years before he was defeated at UFC 162. Personally I hope he does come back however its probably unlikely considering the circumstances but even if he doesn’t he set records that won’t be beaten for a long to come. Just be happy that we saw one of the greatest athletes in the world compete for so long and for his contribution to MMA.

      • James Whitehead says:

        Dumbass?.. Weidman OWNED the whole 1st round… what fight were you watchin?


      I think Anderson may have left some dick cheese in his can – that’s about what your worth compared to him yah hatin’ prick.

    • Xaninho says:

      That’s why Anderson’s elbows and punches from the bottom were more affective than Weidman’s GnP right? Because he was ‘out’. Go comment on a twirling site you know nothing about martial arts.

  4. jay says:

    Fedor nothing to Anderson silva

  5. bubbagum says:

    I hope he recovers and they do it again…

  6. rd says:

    My prayers to Anderson for an early recovery, this could be a blessing for him to spend more time to his family. This will open the door for him on teaching MMA rather than competing out there. Anderson is one of the greatest MMA fighter ever, he had done a lot for UFC or MMA, he’s not that young anymore, bones become brittle as we gets older. Anderson will always be a Champ!

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