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Friday, 10/05/2012, 11:33 am

Anderson Silva Refuses To Take "Dangerous" Stephan Bonnar Lightly | UFC NEWS

“I’ve got that responsibility on my back and I’m part of the UFC family. Everyone can do what they can to help. It was a case where the event might have been cancelled and I’m just doing my part. If my team said I wasn’t in the condition to do that, I wouldn’t do it. In this situation I felt like I could step up and save the show. In my opinion, Stephan Bonnar is a great athlete and a part of the history of the UFC. He has a ton of value in the UFC. He is a very dangerous guy. He’s good on his feet, a good wrestler, has good groundwork and has good takedown defense. You can’t take anyone lightly in there because anything can happen. You can get submitted or knocked out at any time.”

UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva addressed the media on yesterday’s UFC 153 pre-fight tele-conference to discuss next weeks main event between himself and Stephan Bonnar.

Is the champ accurate with his depiction of his next opponent?


6 Responses to “Anderson Silva Refuses To Take "Dangerous" Stephan Bonnar Lightly | UFC NEWS”

  1. Dominic says:

    Damn the UFC is trying real hard to make us think this isn’t going to suck

    • MMACRAVER says:

      How much convincing does anyone really need?

      Call yourself a fight fan? But you don’t want to see Anderson Silva fight a tough mother fucker who John Jones couldn’t finish?

      Maybe you should switch to soccer.

  2. Caio says:

    Man, this is disgusting. Bonnar absolutely sucks, he lost to washed up mega-old Mark Coleman

    • Bonnar comes to fight. So many people who fight Silva look like they are afraid to lose, which is why I think he had so many problems with Sonnen. Sonnen took it right to him and didn’t just sit outside waiting for something bad to happen. Bonnar will come to fight. He isn’t going to get intimidated and give it up. He’s never been knocked out or submitted. He will fight until he his face is raw hamburger.

      There is no way that Bonnar wins this, but it won’t suck nearly as badly as people think.

    • truemmafan says:

      Yet he went all rounds wiith jon jones and didnt get knocked out… Bonnar is one tough s.o.b and could win this fight. Is it a long shot .. yes but anything can happen…

      I mean hell Matt Serra beat GSP once lmao….

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