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Tuesday, 11/08/2011, 12:42 pm

Anderson Silva Reacts To Mark Munoz Challenge

“I hadn’t even seen that (Munoz’s challenge). I thought Munoz was a friend, but that’s okay..”

Anderson Silva responds to the challenge dished out by Mark Munoz after his UFC 138 victory over Chris Leben this past weekend via Brazilian media outlet SporTV.

There is about a 40-mile stretch between the Gym Mark owns and operates (Reign Training Center) and the legendary Blackhouse facility that Anderson Silva often occupies. In between those 40 miles is a road often traveled by the two camps to work together as each team tries to improve in the martial arts. For the Silva camp and the guys at the Blackhouse gym, its Mark’s high level wrestling they are interested in and for Munoz, he picks up pieces of everything else.

I have witnessed this partnership of training on numerous occasions. Once the public classes leave, the two fighters get together and trade secrets, spar, grapple and roll in an all out alliance of improvement. Anderson Silva is the best in the business and while Mark is still making his way, the lessons and tutelage of Silva have always been greatly respected and appreciated.

Mark comes from the school of wrestling and in that school they compete amongst friends, however Anderson Silva doesn’t play that game and for that I’m sure he feels betrayed.

I watched this relationship personally with my own eyes grow. The two men work well together, however in the heat of the moment and with desire in his eyes I think Mark may have broken the trust of what is probably one of his most valuable assets in the game.

He isn’t getting the title shot anytime soon. Surely the UFC has other plans for that division at the moment, so while Mark may have ruined the opportunity to continue to train with the worlds best, it was in the best interest of Silva to find out his true intent prior to a possible match up between the two.


93 Responses to “Anderson Silva Reacts To Mark Munoz Challenge”

  1. Anderson is think i’d rather fight Munoz then the Chaelmonster anyday, but it won’t happen just yet. Chael got him first!

    • chaelsatappingbitch says:

      anderson will put that tapping bitch sonnen to rest in the 2nd round. myabe than sonnen will finally shut up. if i were sonnen i would’nt show my face in public after the humiliation by anderson . specially after getting caught taking roids…what a loser…well. no brain no worries.

      • CitizenErased says:

        ^this. The original poster was most likely a Brazilian.

      • Chris says:

        I didnt know attacking people’s intelligence based on their language comprehension was original Kobasky.

        • Peef says:

          Language comprehension is actually the only way to judge someone’s intelligence. Vocabulary is the only proven indicator of intelligence. Which is why reading is the only proven way to increase your intelligence. See… Even you are smarter now.

        • Mayor of Deviance says:

          To the below comment made by Peef, that is not true. In fact many intelligence tests in the past have been marred because of their reliance on verbal skills(because not everyone grows up learning English). IQ tests now try to use as little languange as possible. /rant

      • Team Wanderlei says:

        Wow. I suppose since you do use proper grammar, you would have a better viewpoint other than a “poorly expressed, unoriginal derivative of the same old worn out sentiment”, right? Wrong, instead you’re going to correct people’s grammar like a huge douche. By the way Mr. English professor, there should have been a semicolon between the words “grammar” and “it” not a comma.

        Im a huge Anderson fan but Chael did something no one else could. Chael deserves his rematch and Munoz may have to fight someone else before going for that title.

        • Thurgood Jenkins says:

          Actually, there should not be a semicolon between “grammar” and “it”. Inserting a semicolon makes the first clause an incomplete thought. Before you criticize someone else, make sure that you are in fact correct. As to what you said about Chael and Munoz, I 100% agree.

      • Chris says:

        Peef: that is 100% incorrect.

      • REBEL says:

        Wtf are you smoking homie.??? Hahahahaha

    • rayed says:

      now watch all the anderson nut swingers bash and talk shit.

      look, mark says something and silva answers right back… chael verbally slaps his girl on the ass, call him out in front of the world and how long did it take for him to say something??

      dude, everyone knows that anderson is the sickest fight on the planet, he needs to fight top contenders… mark beats a gate keeper while he was completely gassed out and he thinks hes #1 contender?

      Mark and Chael should fight… and then Mark will find out that he is also just a gate keeper and then Chael/Silva 2. and then a new fucking champion!!
      (in my opinion)

  2. FightClub (my dick) says:

    Don’t worry about it champ. Everyone just wants a piece of what you got, even if they have to stab you in the back. Let him prove he’s worthy like the rest; & if he does make it? then you get to kick his back-stabbing ass.

    • GutCheck says:

      So what you are saying is that Mark should sit around and fight everyone but the best of the best? He is one of the top in 185, and he isn’t supposed to want the title? That in fucking retarded your argument is void

    • Scotty says:

      How did Munoz Stab him in the back? Munoz gave Anderson all the respect in the world! Munoz is a MW and so isn’t Anderson, Munoz wants to be champ just like everyone else who starts this sport.. What is suppose to do NOT fight Anderson cause they trained together and semi part of the same team? Friends or not they are both middle weights and they would know this time may come where they might have to fight each.. Munoz is now in position to ask for a title shot! I dont see him stabbing Anderson in the bak at all!

    • Your an idiot..period! Back stabbing?

      • FightClub (my dick) says:

        shut it; you all want a shot at the champ? I will just wait for you to prove your worthiness than I’ll give you the fightclub across your face. Especially you Fartmonster…three periods! < &&&& exclamation

        • JayDee says:

          Sounds like whoever interviewed Anderson Silva misconstrued the whole situation. That, or Anderson Silva is mad about being champ and contenders left and right looking for the opportunity to fight the champ. Last time I checked, this sport wasn’t a Red vs Blue nation. You train with those better than you to want to be better than them. And if it comes to fighting one of your friends, it shouldn’t be personal. It’s business. That’s how you excel in the fight game. Munoz feels like he’s at the peek of his career where he can win against the champ. Or at least a shot against the best in the world. Maybe he is. All it takes is one good punch.

        • Shut up dick! Your an idiot..period!

        • mmaislandjunkie says:

          chartmonster talking to himself? lol

        • FightClub (my dick) says:

          Farrrrtmonsterrrrr…,three periods and a comma lol

  3. Fortyb4five says:

    I thought Munoz called out Bisping. (Didn’t catch the fights)

    • Ethan says:

      right after the fight Munoz called out Silva, but it wasn’t on TV… Spike apparently cut it off to get on to the next show… Munoz did later call out Bisping, realizing that calling out Silva was premature.

  4. MrGrooveSD says:

    I wouldn’t take offense to it, it’s just competition. He’s the champ and Mark feels he’s ready for a title fight. He even said that he is a friend and as the utmost respect for him and he would like a title fight. Doesn’t hurt to ask for one.

  5. jboy says:

    He’s not backstabbing ..everybody is in the sport for one goal and that’s the belt ,eventually if you train together and u both are good ur gonna have to fight .jus like bj and nick

  6. lol says:

    Mark Munoz will get demolished by Silva.. Munoz has tons of work before he asks for a title shot. They should have Munoz vs Stan and let Silva fight Chael.

  7. Ninjaman says:

    Munoz did not come across as one ending a frienship. Munoz was polite and respectful in wanting to issue a match up with Silva. Silva’s reaction is as if Munoz insulted him.

  8. Ninjaman says:

    Munoz vs Sonnen would be more appropriate because of the wrestling backgrounds.

  9. P R O D I G Y says:

    Silva will go down as the biggest pussy in MMA. seriously who does this can not want to fight?

  10. KingGareth says:

    Silva would knock him out. Chael is the only challenge for Silva.

  11. Xaninho says:

    They’re in the same weight-class, Silva is the champ and Munoz is pretty good, so eventually it’s bound to happen. There was no hostility or disrespecting from Munoz, so no reason to have hurt feelings.

    Munoz is what? 33? So he doesn’t have time to wait till Silva retires, Silva should understand that it has nothing to do with friendship, although I do know it’s weird having to fight one of your friends for the title….or in the final of a tournament.

  12. Wes says:

    With (apparently) only 4 fights left on his contract Silva shouldn’t fight Munoz, if he wants to be the best fighter EVER… heres the people he must beat, and then respectfully retire: Chael Sonnen(although he already proved he can beat this cheater), Jon Jones, Lyoto Machida,and GSP. Now those are some fights paying customers wanna see… What do ya think>?

    • Raymond says:

      Silva wouldn’t fight machida because they are too good of friends. He would probably beat GSP. Imo Jones vs Silva as Silvas last fight would top it all off.

      • ryu says:

        yea if silva fought jones for his last fight before retiring it would b epic; i dnt think silva and gsp will ever fight, they both have too much to lose. i dnt think theyd risk it. also i dont think jones wants to fight silva cuz if he won hed have to defend the 185 pound title, and i dnt think he wants to keep cutting weight and all that…. but who knows

  13. andyboy says:

    rolling, sparring, and training with someone is 100% nothing like fighting someone…you’d think a professional fighter(Munoz) would know that. I’m sure he handles Anderson in the gym all the time, BUT Anderson is learning and going thru the motions, he got dominated by Chael and still pulled out a Triangle….Munoz would get armbared or triangled with the way he throws “bombs” in guard or top position. Chael throw baby pillow fists to score major points, an “ass whooping” Anderson certainly did not suffer, Munoz would do the same thing Chael did but his over zealous striking GnP would get him sub’d in the 2nd, maybe 1st, but then again i doubt Anderson would let him get close and KO Munoz in the first.

    • RCS says:

      Munoz is intense in his GnP which has never seen him submitted. I think the intensity would serve him well against Anderson. Staying more active is a better defense some times.His GnP does sacrifice “top Control” which would give Anderson more chances to escape but that only invites another takedown. Can Anderson catch him? ask lutter, Chael, Henderson. all of which weren’t as active in Gnp.

  14. ryan says:

    what the hell is it with u guys yes sonnen did i very good performance against a injured silva and sonnen boosted himself up for that fight wen sonnen is a normal guy and silva is 100% fit he will get destroyed if u hit i guy on the head over 300 times and u cant beat him when will u beat him lmao u punch like a girl chael

    • steven] says:

      doesnt matter how much octagon control you have if you tap out you lost last time i checked.

    • Bobby Larson says:

      Which also led to a tap. As dominating as he was he couldn’t execute. What exactly are you trying to prove? That 300 strikes to the head is more than a W? It is domination indeed, but history will always remember who won, and that was Anderson Silva my friend. You could have all the octagon control in the world but if you tapped there’s not much more to be discussed other than what could have happened, should have happened, would have happened but in the end didn’t happen. Which is what you continuously do in all of your posts while covering it up saying how dominating he was. Not to mention your vocabulary that you take so much pride in. It’s nice to think about but that’s all it is really, a thought. Regardless of what happened that night. Correct me all you want on how my English is horrible and all the grammatical errors blah, blah, blah. I said what I had to say, and you my friend seem to have some serious trouble coming to grips with reality. Get over it, the rematch will have the same outcome.

  15. Ed says:

    Backstab?! C’mon that is a strong statement. At this point Mark has proved himself to be one of the best in that weight class. To get to that point takes a lot of hard work. Competition is competition and when you feel that you have a chance at a lifelong dream to get a championship why not ask for it? He has the most utmost respect for Silva as a person and a friend and I don’t see any backstab just a chance for him to allow him to achieve his dream.

  16. EffLay&PrayFighters says:

    i really hate how Anderson and his camp don’t fight each other, and if you do.. itsdisrespectful.. well what the hell is Munoz supposed to do when & if he gets to the top, just fricken wait?? its a business, and if you can’t fight without having beef, that really unprofessional!

    • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

      Yeah I agree. Anderson can’t separate business and private life. Anderson must be the worst friend ever. Basically what I got from this is that he’s arrogant enough to think he is better than his friends and is insulted when they want to challenge him for the belt. This isn’t life or death, whup your friends ass if you can and get over it. If you can’t or won’t defend your title, get off the top of the mountain because your going to have to prove yourself for the duration of your career.

      On a side note, Munoz has been looking extremely impressive and I believe he could ground and pound his way to victory if he controls the pace. So lets see this fight or Sonnen vs Silva!

  17. joe2 says:

    lets see munoz vs sonnen

    • andyboy says:

      exactly, Munoz suffered no injury or suspension let him fight Chael on Superbowl Weekend! Let Mayhem or Bisbing have an unfair shot at Anderson hahaha really tho! think about it, if Chael and Anderson rematch right now, we see Chael pull out a boring 5 rounds decision or Anderson KO’s him, but likely the former. So atleast with Mayhem or bisbing we get to see a stand up battle…well a one sided ass beating, but c’mon it’s fighting, lets see someone who will fight with Anderson and not someone who’s gonna lay on him and land 200 “damaging” punches for 5 rounds en route to a 5 rd decision. Atleast let Anderson have another highlight reel KO to satisfy us until he loses a boring decision to Chael.

      • joe2 says:

        andyboy you are off base. chael should fight munoz because it would be a great wrestling match and sonnen should have to get a couple more wins before he should even be considered for number one contender. he had his chance, came close and lost. back of the line sucka! eveybody talks about chaels wrestling skills but silvas’ bjj is just as effective. who tapped who last time? that fight ended on the mat.

        • Joe2slow.. GTFO w that horse shit! Yeh keep trying to keep Chael away from Andy! Why u guys protecting the spida monkey? One 2 guys going to give silva a fight Chael n Vitor!

        • da smurf says:

          Dude…..anderson won that fight ….chael lost …seems like back of the line would be appropriate especially if you get caught for doping.
          Vitor stands no chance against silva …it was already proven…I think munoz has a great chance and would definitely mess up chael …I would like to see munoz and vitor that seems exciting!

        • FightClub (my dick) says:

          ahahaha. Fart…no one agrees with your dumb ass. ahahaha

  18. ZC says:

    Anderson “The Duck” Silva.

    • AMEN! How come his fans can’t see it..

      • mmaislandjunkie says:

        everyone who lost to him wants another crack. tell chael to get in line behind hendo, forrest, and vitor.

        • Forrest.. Hendo and Vitor.. Forrest got dropped in the first against Shogun is he dropping to 185..Hendo won’t dropped to 185 unless he wants to lose again, and Vitor? You put Vitor before Chael.. c’mon junkie my bradduh Chael is next and IF Andy wins he can fight cans until he retires. Hendo would be the only one head of Chael that’s if he beats Shogun.

        • FightClub (my dick) says:

          oh Fart. your such an idiot, AND people CAN see that. Your just jealous of Silva stinky.

        • J C says:

          Chael should get a crack. If for no other reason, so all his haters can spend that sweet PPV money to watch him get shut up or follow through.

          Vitor needs to go back to the drawing boards, because Andy’s foot will find the mark again. He has no chance against Silva.

          Forrest…..he needs to pull a BGay Penn and just get the fuck out.

        • mmaislandjunkie says:

          is jc for just cock? pretty sure thats what you order for breakfast lunch and dinner.

  19. get real says:

    These comments are outlandish. Silva is the p4p king until he gets beat. He beat Sonnen, Belfort, Franklin, Hendo, Okami, Griffin, the list goes on. Taking shots at Silva right now is like taking shots at Michael Jordan. Talking about the best ever like he is a scrub just makes you look stupid. Continue.

  20. GFK says:

    I don’t know what the big deal is. Yes, they train together but if the title is on the line, it’s a whole different story. If they are the two best fighters in the division, then why shouldn’t they fight? At the end of the day it’s a business. If you are a UFC fighter, then you are in the business of fighting, not friendship. Munoz should want to fight for the title and he should want to fight Silva. And vice versa.

  21. Johnny Bond says:

    Its just a job. Grass grows, birds fly, waves pound the sand. I beat people up. — Muhammad Ali. Fighters fight, it is a competition to see who is the best. Sometimes you have to compete against friends. Do your job please.

  22. Jacob G says:

    Give Munoz Okami and Sonnen. Then set up the fight.

  23. HubCityBear says:

    I can fucking care less if anyone hate Silva. Silva came in cocky in his first fight with Sonnen. Silva will beat Sonnen or Munoz at any point of his career. There is a reason Silva is Champ he does what a true champion does win his fight, weather it be by ko, tko, submission, or decision. He has nothing to prove anyone why he is a champion, the belt along with his title defenses say, and show it all.

  24. mmajo says:

    i just happen to realize that Sonnen was right about what he said after his win over Stan, “Anderson Silva you absolutely SUCK!” you hate challenges, then quit. I admire the skills but not the personality, you resembled someone then, it’s Gayweather.. tsk tsk, even on Belfort fight you have said a lot of hating words against Vitor but then he was your friend, what a douche.. you want that belt around your effing waste like forever? then defend it or ask Dana to make you one after you quit.

  25. mike says:

    silva said he would fight for another 4-6 years

  26. io31 says:

    Silva is a vain, disrespectful douchebag towards his opponents and his fans. If you forgot how he treated Maia in the cage (not talking about the showboating but the insults from him and his corner) and his bosses who were debuting in a new market and the fans who payed to see that fight, go watch it again.Not only that, he went on to make a mockery of the martial arts philosophy by bowing to his opponents and the spectators in the end after that performance.He is the best fighter in the world but he deserves almost all the verbal abuse that comes his way from Sonnen.

    • mmaislandjunkie says:

      have you seen gsps performances vs shields, koscheck, and hardy? now those performances is what i consider very disrespectful to his opponents and his fans. he fought like a pansy and couldnt even finish guys who have all been finished by lesser competition. u know why dana didnt just schedule gsp instead of silva for his new business partners? cuz he knew gsp wouldnt have put on a good performance because he hardly ever does these days. unfortunately for him it was one of only two bad performances put on by silva. thats the risk you take and shitt just didnt pan out like he hoped.

      • io31 says:

        Dude, do you have a GSP fetish? you know, are you one of those “he is everywhere I turn, sending messages” guys? I didn’t say anything about GSP or finishing fights. Silva was literally hiding behind the ref in that fight.He got warned by the ref (who was disgusted like everyone else at the end of the fight and he made it known). Did that happen in any other title fight? Forget about fighting conservatively, stalling, running the clock, Silva was actively trying to mock Maia in that fight.

        • mmaislandjunkie says:

          it was a shameful performance and anderson hasnt had one since then. out of all of his performances hes had two sub par fights. gsp on the other hand has as much shitty performances as good ones. hes the only champ i see saying sorry and apologizing before and after every fight for putting on such pathetic performances. and yes i am “that guy”.

        • io31 says:

          It is a very unfortunate to be fixated on one guy who wouldn’t give a shit about your existance, let alone what you think and keep rambling on and on and on….

  27. riDICKulous says:

    you guys are all shallow and stupid. especially the ones who think that you need to know English well in order to be able to communicate intelligently. that is plain stupid.

  28. Long-Strong says:

    he is your friend… but he also wants to be champion.

  29. Ezyride says:

    All you anderson haters eat a dick! The guy doesn’t dodge fights its all up to the UFC on who his opponents are. And for the record anderson has every reason to be pissed at Moniz. If your friends who train together you should discuss it, Not, get called out the way he did on PPV. Similar to as Jones and Rashad soap opera..

    As for greatest fighters.. Who has destroyed more opponents then “The Spider”.. And Chael I still believe he was toying with you.. You gave him the opportunity the whole fight to go for that triangle choke.. He just decided to take in the 5th round. to make it an exciting fight because of the last two previous fights.

    I would love to see Sonnen Vs Anderson 2 So anderson can shut his mouth up for good.

    • daniel says:

      ok thats the dumbest thing i ever heard. that a pro mma fight let another pro mma fighter take him down . ground and pound and get punch in the face to make the fight good. im not an anderson hater but i see it how it is. sonnen had his number for four rounds and silva got sonnen when he saw the opening. it was a great fight but NO SILVA DIDNT LET SONNEN DO ANYTHING.

      • Ezyride says:

        Explain why he wouldn’t.. He toys with fighters all the time.. And Chaels GnP is week.. He’s never TKO’d any buddy.. Trust me watch previous Andersons fights when hes on the ground against Lutter and Hendo and see how go he is in his guard.. He handle Hendo a whole round which i believe is a stronger westler than chael.. He had no intensions in knocking out chael he wanted to honor the nogeria’s with a submission win.. (HE Walked into the ring with a Gi on when has he ever done that).

        Watch previous fights and educate yourself.. Stop hating on Anderson “The best there was, the best there is, and the best there every will be.” Let see a rematch to shut chael up and all his loving worshipers

    • FightClub (my dick) says:

      he will win a roid contest yes. and a douchebag contest. But the fight…well he lost that. 5-4 in the UFC, Sonnen wins a little better than half the time….immmmpresive.

  30. dumb ass filipino says:

    Mark Munoz is from the province, punch drunk, all filipinos know what i mean…what a dumb fuck for challenging silva when they train together.

    I would fell pissed too sharing secrets

  31. daniel says:

    silva has a match up with sonnen in the near future. dana white said it on jim rome over the radio today. so mark munoz has more work to do. he needs to fight vitor if he beats rumble or fight okami again and see if he can beat him. i dont think he is ready for silva. plus ufc wants to make money and sonnen / silva 2 is the money match

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