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Saturday, 09/01/2012, 01:41 pm

Anderson Silva Pulling For Belfort Over Jones | UFC NEWS

Anderson Silva is rooting for his hometown guy, and he is doing so admittedly against someone he calls a friend.

In a recent interview with Brazil’s SportTV, the UFC’s middleweight champion proclaimed that against all odds, he will be rooting for Vitor Belfort to upset Jon jones at UFC 152 later this month.

Check out what Anderson had to say:

“It’s difficult, because Jon Jones has a larger-than-normal wingspan and he’s still very young. He’s still in the phase where he’s playing during the fight, really, but he doesn’t have the responsibility of a champion. He fights with delight, jokingly, striking like I did back in 1930, when I started. Vitor has a great chance to defeat him. The biggest factor for Vitor is to use his explosiveness and his jiu-jitsu, where he is very good. But I think when one of them makes a mistake, the other will end up striking. As a Brazilian, I’ll be rooting for the Brazilian, even though I have a very good friendship with Jon Jones. Whenever I’m with him, I ask him to conduct his career in a different way, because he is very young and is always asking me something. But I’ll be rooting for Brazil, yes. May the best man win, but I’m rooting for Brazil.”


22 Responses to “Anderson Silva Pulling For Belfort Over Jones | UFC NEWS”

  1. Bjj BB says:

    So let me get this str8! Silva started mma in 1930? No wonder he’s so great! Lmmfao!!

  2. Michael hamlin says:

    Who cares

  3. Me says:

    1930? Damn he’s been competing at a such a high level for 82 years now. I do love how Brazilians are always rooting for the home guy, Total opposite here in the UK.

  4. You sir,are a moron says:

    Jones should take silvas advice and listen when he said conduct his career in a different way.

  5. 1930 ? says:


  6. Blake1865 says:

    Could he have been attempting humor by saying 1930? He has been around awhile. #sarcasm?

  7. Daniel Cook says:

    r u dizzy u mugs its called humor … he is no spring chicken and been a t highest levels of fighting for may years , get a sense of humor , and silvas a true patriot which i respect , hope vitor can do the so called impossible cos be great to c the old lion on top again

  8. Gabi says:

    Maybe ck you think he’s rootin for Belfort is because he wants an easy shot at the 205 title, he has cleaned out his division and does
    It over and over I’m aware there are some new guys, but they dont have the time in. That way he doesn’t have to fight his friend Jones. Does that sounld like something to far off. I’m sure Andy would love a chance to have 2 titles. hell maybe 3 of he does get the GSP fight and they do put titles on the line. If Vitor won the fight I’m sure Silva would fight him for the belt at 205. IDK kind of the feeling in getting of this.

  9. Michael hamlin says:

    Hey Anderson grown some nuts and stop calling out the smaller 170lbs champ GSP and call jones out at 205 punk you have a history at 205 don’t you but let’s think about that for a second you are scared cause you know jones will smash you !!!

  10. derp says:

    STFU Michael Hamlin. Obviously you dont know anything otherwise youd know BOTH silva and jones said they will not fight eachother.

    Youre right tho, silva needs to grow nuts and forget about the fact of having the most consecutive title defenses, most wins in UFC title fights, Most finishes in UFC title fights, Most consecutive wins in the UFC, Longest UFC title reign. Yeah damn that silva sure needs to grow some nuts!

  11. Hollard says:

    Silva is right, Belfort has a great chance of beating Jones. Jones is still an amateur in my opinion. Yea he beat big name guys, but fuck that he beat a rusty Shogun who came off surgery, a Rampage that don’t really give a damn and just wanted to knock Jones out, a bitter Rashad who is half his size.. Let’s not forget how Lyoto Machida clearly out-struck Jones, Jones just used to his when he get in close (I think he got lucky as hell). Now to Belfort, the killer, the shark, regardless of the loss to Anderson and how, that move had never been seen in the UFC until then and Belfort for damn sure wasn’t looking for it, lucky kick, but still good shit Silva. Belfort is a calculated killer, he is not scared of Jones, he will not back down. I gauran-DAMN-tee you Jones will RESPECT the standup of Belfort regardless of his reach advantage, lmao. Belfort ran through Tank Abbot and Tank was at 270 something….. …… Jones might be facing someone from a lower weight division, but I bet you he knows he is facing a fuckin head hunter… Fuck Rampage, Fuck Rashad.. Vitor will put the FEAR of GOD in Jones ; ) HOLLARD!

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