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Thursday, 09/13/2012, 10:31 am

Anderson Silva Opens As Huge Betting Favorite Over Bonnar | UFC NEWS

With the recent news that Anderson Silva is stepping up to face Stephan Bonnar to save the UFC 153 pay-per-view in Brazil, Oddsmakers have made their choice on a victor.

It should never come as a surprise that Anderson Silva is chosen as the odds makers favorite, even when he is moving up in weight and fighting a legit opponent like Stephan Bonnar.

The betting line is nuts, its nearly as lopsided as the Jones vs. Belfort line.

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27 Responses to “Anderson Silva Opens As Huge Betting Favorite Over Bonnar | UFC NEWS”

  1. pc says:

    Is bonnar really the best ufc can do? Bullshit

    • Ethan Saboe says:

      Bonnar was the one guy to step up on short notice and you know he’s gonna go in there and put on a good fight. I’m personally really excited for this fight.

      • mmafanboy says:

        Does it make sense? No, not at all. Am I surprisingly intrugued by this match-up? Yes! Ive been wondering when Silva was going to fight again at light heavy and Bonnar is always ready to go out and bang. Should be an exciting fight…

  2. Xaninho says:

    I guess Bonnar wants to go out with a bang.

  3. Sr.stinson says:

    You don’t say…

  4. Bobby says:

    Dana changed the Shogun Vera title shot last time people bitched, I have a hunch this will be changed as well. This isnt even a match, its a slaughter.

  5. A.James says:

    I want to see Bonnar get thrashed. I’m down for this fight.

  6. Trade Bonnar for Jones and we got a real fight!Id love to see Jones vs the master….

  7. Pepper says:

    Who has bonner even fought lately?

  8. Sean says:

    Can we at least challenge silva? silva vs cain? lol

  9. Bonnar is a tough opponent. Will he beat Silva?? Not a chance in hell, but give him credit for being willing to give it a go against the best. He is on a bit of a win streak, and he does have some skill. Please do not forget, Jones could not finish Bonnar, and it has been a long time since anyone has legitimately finished him, not counting the doctor stoppage against Krystof, who he ko’ed in the rematch. Bonnar will give it his best, and it should at least be better than Griffin VS Silva was

  10. Danaturnedtoamoron says:

    Dana White’s a moron, lost his head. Get a new president in there.

  11. Macca says:

    I know it means pulling out but he should try give it to bisping I think
    He deserves it seeing as silva as stepped up so soon and I think bisping has waited
    Long enough for a shot and would be a better main event than bonnar

  12. Let Allan Belcher fight him! I think he deserves a shot!

  13. Drew says:

    A fight with Anderson kinda payday is hey grand kids u can thank pop pop for payn for ur college tuition and a car for each of u to get around on campus

  14. Seedy says:

    All u cu%ts Are f€£ked…. Bonnar is the man… I can’t wait for this fight… Bisping don’t deserve shit… I do like belcher but I still think he needs to fight a big head… BONNAR 4 LIFE… Never been finished and the man just droped Bertista… Silver is next…

  15. Brend0magic says:

    Oh man, imagine if Bonnar actually somehow pulls this off. The world would explode.

  16. 123 says:

    i hope stephan bonnar lies on him the whole fucking fight.

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