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Saturday, 02/18/2012, 03:04 pm

Anderson Silva On Sonnen | He Talks Too Much And Respects Nothing

“Chael has good wrestling. The first fight, I broke my ribs, I fought with broken ribs. But that’s okay, I finished the fight and I win. But this time I am ready. I am training hard, this is a different fight. My opinion for Chael is that this guy does not respect nothing. This time in this sport is very important. The people watching the UFC, the people that watch Chael Sonnen talking, they are like ‘What? What is this sport? I don’t like this sport. This guy doesn’t respect nothing.’ I understand sometimes you need to promote the fight but, I don’t know. Chael talks about my people in Brazil, about my wife, about the older fighters. It’s his problem, it’s no good, it’s no good promotion, this is a sport. I love my sport. I love it and I respect the older people and the older fighters of the sport. This is a great time for the sport. But Chael maybe does not understand this, his problem is he talks too much. It is no good.”

Making the media rounds as of late, UFC Middleweight fighter Anderson Silva took to ESPN Radio in LA to discuss his pending matchup with number one contender Chael Sonnen.

Sonnen has made no secret of his desire to rematch Anderson Silva and in doing so has insulted an entire country. But has he bitten off more than he can chew? Will a healthy Anderson Silva shut up the “Oregon Gangster” once and for all?

The two are expected to meet in June of this year, although the bout has not been made official.


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50 Responses to “Anderson Silva On Sonnen | He Talks Too Much And Respects Nothing”

  1. Apollo says:

    And some fighter don’t talk enough, out of the ring Silva is the most boring fighter ever.

    • Apollo's a fag says:

      That’s why their called fighters, fighters fight. Not talk. What matters is what happens inside the ring.

      • Apollo says:

        Eveything is interconnected you just can’t be a fighter apart of the business aspect and the entertainment aspect. He doesn’t act like the world champian that can kick anyones ass.

        • Xaninho says:

          Kicking everyone’s ass is what Silva’s doing. And to people who truly understand martial arts that is enough.

          WWE pretend fighting fans like the dumbass behaviour of Sonnen.

        • Sam says:

          Get out of here with that WWE shit. Really. It’s not Anderson Silva’s job to be a fucking clown for the masses. He’s a fighter. Not a pro wrestler. I hate the average MMA fan.

        • Diego_Brandao says:

          Chael does say disrespectful shit but he also clarifies afterwards that he does it simply to pick a fight with Anderson/Machida/whoever. I don’t think it’s a reason to hate the guy, in reality he’s a true fighter, and I respect that quality more than anything else.

          Also, you Anderson fans really need to wake the fuck up. You praise of the guy like he’s the greatest but clearly you haven’t watched all his fights, and if you have you’re in denial.

          Throughout his entire career, he has had problems with wrestlers. It had nothing to do with the supposed “rib injury”, if that were the case, what was his excuse against hendo? a very exausted and dehydrated travis lutter? and Daiju Takase? None of those guys are close to Chael’s level and they’re part of a pattern. Obviously the pattern isn’t injuries or bad performances, Anderson doesn’t have good wrestling defense. Face it people. the same can be said about Chael’s submission defense but those are 2 different animals, and as long as chael doesn’t get stupid and let his guard down again, it’s pretty hard to submit a guy when he’s beating the shit out of you.

          Also, this “steriods” shit isn’t valid either because Chael undergoes TRT every fight because he’s medically allowed to. This fight won’t be any different, so stop saying “this time chael will have to be clean and that’s why he’ll lose”, that’s totally bogus (If you don’t know why he got in trouble after 117 but not his other fights, look it up)

          This is not going to be a good fight for anderson, even if he really was hurt, the difference will be him losing rounds 10-9 instead of 10-8. The fight really wasn’t even remotely close, so a small injury like that isn’t gonna change it. If his ribs were fully broken there’s no way he would’ve been moving that well at the start of the fight. Anderson is an amazing fighter, but there’s really not much he can do except hope Chael’s BJJ training over the past 2 years hasn’t helped him.

          In MMA, if you can’t win a decision, and can only submit a guy, you’re chances are not good, even against Chael Sonnen. You just can’t count on a finish everytime, it sucks but it’s just a bad way to go into fights. Anything’s possible of course but unless lighting strikes twice, and chael somehow doesn’t finish him, and somehow manages to get lazy at the end of the fight, you’ll be looking at a new champion and looking at the riot that will follow (if it’s in brazil).

          Anderson’s not gonna just destroy chael like you people think, the contrary, if anything, Chael will destroy Silva again and either get submitted or win in dominating fashion. Open your eyes people, Anderson’s wrestling defense always has and always will suck, face facts you nutthuggers

        • Matt says:

          you are the average mma fan

        • Dan says:

          diego_brandao…100% agree. chael will dominate…just a case of if he can keep focused and avoid submission attempts…and either get the tko victory or decision!

    • Sweet game plan says:

      Well i didn’t here silva say shit…while sonnen was going off on his ass, until he seen sonnen look like shit against bisbing..

    • jc1 says:

      you make is sound like you’ve hung out with the guy. i’m only on this site occasionally and rarely comment, but that’s gotta be the dumbest thing i’ve ever read. would you prefer everyone to act like egocentric idiots just to entertain you? martial arts is all about humility and the last time i checked, nike liked it. burger king liked it. i think anderson is doing okay in the “business aspect.”

  2. EdSoares says:

    Andy is still a pussy. Quit ducking Jon Jones. That is the fight of the century.

    • Xaninho says:

      You should tell him that to his face wearing fight gear in the octagon….Then we’ll see who’s the pussy here…

    • Ben Sriaroon says:

      The weight class isn’t empty yet. Bones got a hell of a lot of fights in his class too. WTH is wrong with you.

      • brad says:

        I think Hendo will actually take him to tell you the truth. Hendo beat Fedor so why not. People ride Fedor’s dick harder then Jones. and I think Hendo is tougher then anyone that he has fought yet. most of his opponents where elusive bastards who didn’t get hit much to land shots. Hendo is the kinda guy who will take shots to land one shot that will hurts bad.

    • Twatty Mc.Twatface says:

      hes a pussy? really? i mean how long has he been champion and beat anyone who goes against him? went up a weight class and ruined a career then went back to his current weigh class.
      yeah hes a pussy obviously

  3. Nick "Mount Everest" Diaz says:

    chael looks like the american hero who is going to war in brazil against sum thug in the picture lol

  4. Whonk says:

    After that sloppy performance against Bisping, whatever mystique Chael had is gone. He will be no match for a healthy Anderson Silva in Brasil.

  5. DVO says:

    Get Chaels balls out of your mouth, people. Anderson beat a steroid Phael Sonnen with broken ribs and finished the fight. Sonnen will disappoint his fans like he did his dead father. SIlva will be remembered as one of the greatest of all time. That is what history will remember. Chael is known for his mouth rather than fighting which is sad for a fighter.

  6. mma is my religion. says:

    The fighters that talk all the shit before the fight are the ones that get their ass kicked. Let your fighting do the talking.

  7. 209 says:

    Chael P Sonnen true MW Champ

  8. Chartmonster says:

    Andy is feeling brave and trying to rally his people and the older mma fighters to support the spider. Chael don’t need shitt but a cage. Be ready Andy and no more injury excuses ..rib..shoulder?

    • DVO says:

      Excuses? He won the fight and Chael Tested Positive for PED’s…

      • ScottC says:

        Yeah because he has a hormonal imbalance einstein. Do your research before assuming it was steriods.

        • Xaninho says:

          That’s what his bogus doctor said. But he really needs it to get his testosterone levels back to normal due to steroid using.

          If you really knew anything about testosterone and steroids you would have known steroid use causes the body to either slow down testosterone production or even come to a complete halt producing testosterone…..Einstein.

        • Sam says:

          Scott C. just got served.

        • Breakthru420 says:

          Hahahahaha, hormonal imbalance he said!!!! What a dumb ass!!!! Tons of bodybuilders have the same hormonal imbalance you shit talking cunt face. The fact that you are supporting a piece of shit like Sonen just shows what type of person you are. That little bitch tapped and lied about it. Only he forgot that it was taped 😉

        • Diego_Brandao says:

          If the hormonal imbalance reason is bogus than why did CSAC cut Chael’s sentence in half? Chael does TRT. He does it before every fight so it’s not like he had an additional advantage in that fight. He got in trouble because CSAC claimed he didn’t disclose that he was undergoing TRT treatment. If you’re going to call Chael a “roidhead” or whatever, you have to call Dan Henderson a roids head, Randy Couture, and anyone else who does TRT, because chael is not the only one. So both of you can go fuck yourselves because ScottC is right, you didn’t do your research because you were way too busy sucking Anderson Silva’s balls. So next time shut the fuck up while the MMA fans talk you casual fan fucktards

        • Xaninho says:

          @ Diego_Brandao….

          I never said he was the only one. You believe he needs TRT at an age of just 34? Anderson Silva is 37 and doesn’t even need it!

          Randy Couture and Dan Henderson are in their 40’s you unbelievable dumb fucknut. Go back to watching WWE suckass bitch. You have no clue about real fighting.

  9. Xaninho says:

    RIP Chael Prick Sonnen.

    The Spider will retire this bum.

  10. every mma fan says:

    No more excuses Andy.

  11. Xaninho says:

    Good thing Sonnen likes steaks, cause his face will look like a rare one after the fight.

  12. Chartmonster says:

    Don’t be surprised when Chael kicked his ass again and takes that belt and brings home to Oregon!

    • Xaninho says:

      He won’t, but if he does win fair and square (I know he cheats with TRT, but at least with normal testosterone levels this time) I will give him the props he deserves for beating an unbeatable champ.

  13. Chaels Mom says:

    Chael is and Always has been a failure. That little bitch of a Brit beat him but the judges want to see Silva beat him so they gave him the win. I think Chael will end up like Randy Couture (who I respect as a person and a fighter) after his fight with Machida, in other words he’s going to be missing a tooth or two. Without his roids or TRT against a HEALTHY Silva Chael stands no chance he’ll get knocked out or maybe even tapped out again since Chael has no submission defense

  14. natural born runner says:

    Let’s not forget that Chael broke his fucking ribs that’s why he had broken ribs those knees were viscious but after that sloppy performance against bisping I’m off the Chael bandwagon Anderson will smash him

  15. drew says:

    im not gonna lie but to hear chael believe in himself so much was inspring to some extent for sure, but at the end anderson had cracked ribs, anderson didnt use TRT at alll, chael sonnen will not be able to catch anderson, if he thinks he can stand with anderson again just to get him down, i dunno its dangerous to stand with anderson for 10 seconds dude, im looking at anderson winning this regardless, im gonna probably gonna come home from work or the bar or from smoking weed, search anderson silva in google at 2 or 3 in the morning, and im going to read “Anderson Silva retains his middleweight belt”. It’s funny how people say you dont know your future, but i know my future on at that night in 2-3 in the mroning.
    and brasilians have the most beautiful women in the world, chael wishes he could get one.

  16. onanz says:

    Silva’s a great fighter but he is also disrespectful himself. remember the maia fight? the leites fight? could have finished those to but chose to play with them to disrespect them.

  17. e says:

    chael rockin tapout. extremely ironic.

  18. cody says:

    dude he is sooo going to ko chael and i think all his fans know it there talking big like him to reasure themselves but yall know what it is hes going to lose and look like a fucking idiot a god damn fucking idiot god i cant fucking wait

  19. chael sucks says:

    diego brando wants chaels tiny little nutsack smacked all over his lips

  20. Chaels Nuts says:

    Point BLANK – Ultimate FIGHTING Championship – Chael ONLY has 1 way to bear Anderson and that is by a 25min decision. Anderson can KO, TKO, Submit, or get his own decision. Now I do respect Chael as a fighter because if he had layed on Silva for the final 2 minutes he would have been champ. So I respect the fact that he is a wrestler that actually fights until the end…unlike others like Fitch…but how can you go against a Champ that either brutally finishes all of his opponents or toys with them(think about that) toying with another high level PRO fighter…c’mon how good do you have to be to do that…Mark Hominick made 1 mistake against a worse caliber fighter and go KTFO. Anderson Silva made a former LHW Champ (Forrest) look like he just started practicing MMA. Chael says he’s fought the best but rank for rank @ the time of the fights Silva blows everyone except for GSP out of the water

  21. Magoo says:

    Enough of the idle chit chat, I just wanna see these 2 fight again,let’s see if AS injury played a factor lets see if Chael can do it naturally without any enhancers….may the best FIGHTER win!!

  22. GreenTeaBagger says:

    Anderson Silva on Sonnen: “lets look at all the other interviews I have done about Sonnen and we can just pull quotes from there since I have nothing new to say.”

    Why don’t you shut up and train Silva? You have no hope of talking smack as well as Sonnen, so quit trying.

  23. Pijan says:

    How many times are we going to have to sit through this crap. Hopefully Silva can finish the fight before RD. 2 this time and we won’t have to hear from Chael again.

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