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Tuesday, 08/14/2012, 10:31 am

Anderson Silva Not Expected To Return Until 2013 | UFC NEWS

“We haven’t done anything yet. Anderson said he wants to take some time off until after the end of this year, [then] we’ll start talking to him. [Chris Weidman] is in a great spot. The kid looked fantastic, demolished the number three guy. Demolished in spectacular fashion. He’s got the right to call out whoever he wants [but] he’s gonna have to wait, or fight, because Anderson’s gonna fight after the end of the year.”

UFC president Dana White announced during last weekends media event that his middleweight champion, Anderson Silva, will not be returning to Mixed Martial Arts action until 2013. This bit of news leaves potential title challenger Chris Weidman without his shot at the strap until next year.



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  1. Bob says:

    He has nothing to prove to anyone anymore and been a champ for a while. If he wants to take time off until next year he can. Hes done it all already.

    • Kay Oss says:

      I was going to say almost exactly the same thing. He does have a responsibility as Champion to defend the belt within a given time, especially given that he’s been at the top for so long. That said, you’re absolutely right he has nothing whatsoever to prove; he’s the best there’s ever been.

      Disappointing we won’t get to see him do his thing again sooner, but sometimes that’s how the cookie crumbles. Hope he enjoys himself with the time

  2. Jonny Smith says:

    He might be a phenomenol fighter but he wants to take “some” time off till’ after next year, ducking bitch, you’re supposed to be a champion and an idol, get a grip Silva.

    • 808 says:

      2013 is less than 4 months away my friend. You’ll be watching Anderson fighting a top contender before you know it.

    • Me says:

      He’s meant to be a champion? Please elaborate on what that means? He’s done everything he’s been asked to by the UFC, he’s taken fights he didn’t want to take, He fought in Vegas when he wanted to fight in Brazil, He takes part in commercials,Promos for the UFC, Photo shoots for the UFC magazin, all he is asking for is 4 months off? GSP has been out since April of 2011. He is being a great champion and deserves as much time off as he wants & as for ducking Weidman? He isn’t the match maker he dosent pick and choose his fights if the UFC wants the Weidman/Silva fight to happen I assure you it will happen

    • Xaninho says:

      The man is 38 years old! He’s not ducking anyone, he wants fights that matter, not a fucking nobody like Weidman, who by the way DUCKED Belfort!

      He wants to fight after the end of this year, that’s just a few months away.

    • Reality says:

      There’s no reason to duck anybody. He’s beaten the majority of the division already. When he comes back he’ll fight whoever is the top contender. Let these guys like Weidman and company build up their names in the meantime so the fight can be more lucrative.

      • KCWalksabout says:

        Actually that’s an excellent point. It’d be better for the UFC and thus the sport at it’s highest level to have Weidman or whoever be established more properly by the time they get a title shot. Weidman is probably the best candidate in the division but people have already been questioning his legitimacy for the spot. It’d be good to set him up against someone, the question I guess is whom? Bisping? Boetsch? That’s more interesting to me than debating when Silva SHOULD fight next.

  3. danielrchargers says:

    I agree that Silva should Fight again this year, but he is not DUCKING Weidman.
    Its a fact that there is NO money in a Silva V Wiedman fight.
    Did anyone watch the UFC 150? they showed him on the big screen and NO ONE, and i stress NO ONE cheered or applauded him… BECUASE THEY DONT KNOW WHO HE IS.
    and aside from that, he would get Knocked out! 😀
    Chael visibly has better wrestling and pressure, Weidman’s got nothing on Silva.
    maybe the rest of the division…Maybe. But not Anderson.

  4. Jonny Smith says:

    Well he obviously is ducking… That’s his forte.

  5. The Outlaw says:

    Weidman doesn’t deserve a title shot. He should fight vitor or wait for the loser of bisping vs stann and see how he does against those guys.. Fuck this pussy

    • KCWalksabout says:

      Hector Lombard or Tim Boetsch would be interesting in the mean time… Be fair to Weidman he’s an impressive fighter, but I agree he needs more momentum first.

  6. drew says:

    Agree with -the outlaw- on that for sure…dont beat munoz and say oh i should get a title shot…the only reason why ur saying that is because arguable two of the top 5 middleweights are already squaring off to fight the champion…bisping vs stann…even tho anderson has every right to basicly pick his fights now he really wants to make boatload of money and face gsp…id love to see anderson beat gsp even tho gsp will try and wrestle him the whole time because he wont stand with him…but stann or bisping would engage him on all levels

  7. derp says:

    when youre the greatest fighter in the world you can do whatever the fuck you want. nobody cares about weeeedman anyways. big deal you beat munoz whoop de doo. you beat maia in what looked like a drunken bar fight. FUCKIN IMPRESSIVE

  8. harris170 says:

    Must be wonder to fight once maybe twice a year. andersons a bitch hes already a month removed from the fight with Sonnen and probably won’t fight till what march of next year perhaps later than that. He’s just waiting for GSP, yeah GSP wants to fight him but you know GSP wants to fight Condit and Diaz first.

  9. T.J. says:

    I say you have to defend every 6-9 months or you have to vacate the title.

  10. DMAC says:

    He’s waiting on the GSP fight, big money fights only!

  11. Jonny Smithh says:

    Hahaha fair enough, you’re right it’s just what his coaches said about not wanting to fight Jones and Weidman but thinking Nick Diaz was a good idea, seemed like the easier option. But we’ll see when he fights, I’m guessing round about March or April.

  12. Yo papi says:

    Hop off that black dick.

  13. GRT 3000 says:

    These fuckin’ post are getting old in here. Peeps say the same shit over and over – yawn.

  14. Dan Jenkins says:

    Anderson has been champ for years now faced contenders every time wiped them like a dirty arse every time (yes Chael Sonnen too) taking it to the champ while on roids and still losing is laughable in the second meeting Chael broke. Weidman beats Maia who’s now a ww and Munoz who just came back from injury and looked very out of shape I thought and he’s trying to skip to the front of the line off those two fights if you think Weidman would beat Anderson at this point then your a goose watch them both fight and be honest with yourself at least (how would Weidman go against Dan Henderson) not very well I’d imagine come on wheres your respect for a man whos given us all years of his blood sweat and tears we shouldn’t bash any fighter let alone a man considered more than any other fighter to be the goat

  15. Dan Jenkins says:

    Sonnen vs griffin at UFC 155

  16. John Foster says:

    He’s 38, but he didn’t get beat up enough to need six months between fights. He got hit for one round and he negated most of the damage and then destroyed Sonnen in the 2nd. The only conclusion is that he thinks it’s too risky to fight someone with no name and if he weights either that guy will lose the top spot or he’ll be someone else who is a top fighter to solidify his claim at a title shot.

    • MMAKnowitall says:

      He’s probably also not on TRT and middle age is closing in. Can’t be easy at 38 to endure 2-3 training camps a year and still perform at peak level.

  17. BigBossMalaka says:

    I think he should wait until February and fight Nick Diaz

  18. karl says:

    Him being the best ever is a good argument for being allowed some time off, but I think the more valid argument is that he has 5 kids who rarely get to see their dad when he’s training for a fight. Let the man spend some time with his family, he’s earned it.

  19. O'Brian says:

    Let someone take up and interim title.

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